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Photography Spotlight: Yannis Guibinga 

Being from a part of Africa not necessarily known by the general public, it is really important for me to represent not just my country and my people, but also the whole African continent through my work. - Yannis Guibinga

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In so many ways, the story of Dylann Roof, the shooting suspect who allegedly killed nine people in an historic South Carolina black church, is a parallel to the story of America itself. Who, at this point, can feign surprise at this latest massacre when it sits at the nexus of so much that is familiar and perfectly in line with the U.S. that we know? We are a country where mass shootings are weekly news, where gun violence is a fact of daily life, where there is a legacy of terror against black people and communities, where white racists have long targeted black churches, where African-American life is so devalued it can be taken with impunity.

Questioning the motivations of the Charleston shooter is worse than obtuse. It is itself an act of violence

Africa my origin and many without bias …. I love my people incomparable, I do not know that civilizations you come from. But also know that you have your wisdom of the original cradle of humanity of Africa where it is hiding the mystery of the genetics of the seed of all, transported by the wind,and oceans to the world and the universe full of vivid colors of its energy to the highest of the center of the earth