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March 21st 1960: Sharpeville massacre

On this day in 1960, police opened fire on peaceful anti-apartheid protestors in the South African township of Sharpeville, killing 69. The over 5,000 strong crowd gathered at Sharpeville police station to protest the discriminatory pass laws, which they claimed were designed to limit their movement in designated white only areas. The laws required all black men and women to carry reference books with their name, tax code and employer details; those found without their book could be arrested and detained. The protest encouraged black South Africans to deliberately leave their pass books at home and present themselves at police stations for arrest, which would crowd prisons and lead to a labour shortage. Despite the protestors’ peaceful and non-violent intentions, police opened fire on the crowd. By the day’s end, 69 people were dead and 180 were wounded. A further 77 were arrested and questioned, though no police officer involved in the massacre was ever convicted as the government relieved all officials of any responsibility. The apartheid government responded to the massacre by banning public meetings, outlawing the African National Congress (ANC) and declaring a state of emergency. The incident convinced anti-apartheid leader and ANC member Nelson Mandela to abandon non-violence and organise paramilitary groups to fight the racist system of apartheid. In 1996, 36 years later, then President Mandela chose Sharpeville as the site at which he signed into law the country’s new post-apartheid constitution.

“People were running in all directions, some couldn’t believe that people had been shot, they thought they had heard firecrackers. Only when they saw the blood and dead people, did they see that the police meant business”
- Tom Petrus, eyewitness to the Sharpeville massacre

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One of the things people go about is “Hitler was the worst”. And I go “OK, but why was he the worst in your world?” And they say “Because he killed 6 million Jews.” We all still grapple with that today. It’s horrendous. Then I ask the question “How many people did Cecil John Rhodes kill? How many Africans did Leopold kill?” And the answer is always “Scores. Many”. And that is one of the most painful things. The Black lives weren’t even counted. There were mass graves, they were never counted even in death. The only time Black people were counted in death was when they were traded as slaves, and that was because they were seen as a commodity.
—  Trevor Noah

Jeffrey Dahmer was an extremely unique serial killer, and there are many reasons why:

•Studies show that most serial killers only kill people of their own skin color/race. Jeffrey crossed these boundaries, killing both African Americans and Hispanics when he was white himself.

•Most serial killers start off abusing/killing animals. Jeffrey wasn’t like this. He performed dissections, but he never directly killed animals. He picked up animals that were already dead. He was an animal lover, and when he saw a dog being run over, he felt bad for it. He had a dog himself too.

•A common trait of killers is the ability to not feel any remorse or guilt for any atrocious acts they commit. Psychological reports prove that he did, in fact, show remorse. He was driven by his compulsions, and he couldn’t stop himself.

•While most killers are narcissistic and show off in court, Jeffrey wasn’t like this. During his trials, he sat emotionless, and didn’t wear his glasses because he didn’t want to associate himself with what was happening.

•Serial killers such as Ted Bundy showed that they didn’t want to die. Jeffrey, however, said he was ready to die. Whenever his mother called him in prison and asked him if he was fine, he would tell her that he didn’t care what happened to him. When he was killed, he didn’t make a noise, not even a scream.

•Some serial killers came from abusive homes. Other than the fact that his parents were always arguing with each other, Jeffrey was never abused.


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On February 26th 2012, George Zimmerman stalked 17-year-old Trayvon Martin through a gated community in Sanford, Florida, and then shot him through the heart. Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Justice declined to file civil rights charges against the killer, two years after a state court acquitted him of murder. These are the lessons we learned in between.

Something I find funny...

Is when White People™ say shit, like, “If it wasn’t for Colonialism the africans would still be killing each other because one has a slightly darker skin than the other” as if they weren’t killing each other for believing in slightly different versions of the same fairy tale???
As if they weren’t burning innocent people alive because they liked to pick weeds in the night? As if they weren’t doing The Most to fuck each other up???
I think is hilarious.