african kanga


So, my mother is seriously contemplating sending me to Tanzania for the rest of my college career and then for the rest of my life. She is also willing to help finance the entire adventure. I am literally trying not to cry tears of joy and yet tears of sadness…

Can this seriously be happening?  Could I possibly have my dream come true!?

I would miss all my friends, because let’s be honest- they are my family and I have created an entire life with them that I call “home.” I would miss Walk it Out for sure because it is something I am definitely passionate about but I have to look at the future- the big picture. I want to go to Tanzania and work with an NGO with the AIDS Epidemic or just teach English.  I would be fluent in Swahili quickly since I am picking it up at an incredible pace now.  Either way, I am more than willing to just work at odd jobs to survive because I know that once I set my mind to something I shall conquer it.  

I would miss my Grandfather since he has acted like my father for most of my life.  That man has been guidance for me; always pointing me to follow my heart. I would miss my mother but I wouldn’t miss the life that entails her. Let’s not take any of this out of proportion- you don’t know the story, so don’t make any assumptions considering it makes an ass outta you and me.  I just don’t deal with the stress, end of story. 

Back to the point, Tanzania. Spending my life there sounds scary, I know it is gonna be hard but if I am given a chance I think I am gonna take it and run. 

Today, “Mama” (my Swahili professor) gave me my first kanga. It has “ushinde ubaya kwa wema” which translates in English roughly to “you defeated evil to do good”. I shall upload a photo of it later, but it is gorgeous and reminds me of my grandmother & great-grandmother.  

Goodbye Iowa, Hello Tanzania ♥~