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Watch ‘100 Years Of Korean Beauty’ Unfold In One Minute

Cut just released the fourth episode in its “100 Years of Beauty” series and the video is just as moving as the ones that came before. The one-minute episode looks at Korean beauty trends over the past 100 years. Previous topics included African American beauty and Iranian makeup and hair trends.

See the final look for the 2010′s here. 


Miles Morales Fan Cast

  • Caleb McLaughlin (15, African American, Stranger Things) *
  • Cameron Boyce (18, African American and White, Jessie and Descendants 1&2)
  • Roshon Fegan (25, African American and Filipino, Camp Rock 1&2, Shake It Up)
  • Sayeed Shahidi (14, African American, Choctaw, Iranian American, Uncle Buck, Switched at Birth) *
  • Ashton Sanders (21, African American, Moonlight)
  • Jharrel Jerome (19, African American, Moonlight) *

(note: these are just my fancastings for a possible Miles Morales. I know Cameron Boyce is white passing, but he is still a POC. Also, these are in no particular order)

* = my favorites

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any multiracial black/asian females that could pass as college students?

Any of the following should work for you!

❥ ❛ — abaixo do ❝ read more ❞ vocês vão encontrar uma lista com [ 100 ] atrizes/cantoras/modelos femininas, e todas POCespero que gostem!! em breve, irei fazer uma segunda parte apenas com face claims masculinos e, caso tenham interesse em alguma masterlist em especial, chega na minha ask <3

❥ ❛ — under the read more ❞  you will find a masterlist with [ 100 ] female actresses/models/singers and all of them are POC! hope you enjoy! I will do a second part with male POC face claims but my ask is always open for requests!

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The loss of humanity and over abundance of violence has propelled society into a dystopia I had hoped would remain in an Orwell novel.

As a African American and Iranian girl, what is happening in our nation and our world has created a noise so deafening that I’m numb. Unable to process. Whether you are a POC or from a protected class or the most privileged person to have walked this earth, you should understand that pains and aches of existing.

Growing is a difficult task in it of itself. To have to worry about the safety of yourself and your family… truly heartbreaking. Whether you are in Flint or Aleppo, or are dealing with one of the millions of travesties that aren’t covered by the “24 minute news cycle” that is social media, I care for you. My soul breaks for you. My activism motivates for you. If you are in a position to do so, help educate: me, my peers, society. I want to help. I will help.
I can’t imagine what you are going through and you shouldn’t have to either.


Famous Afro-Iranian soccer players

Top left : Mehrab Shahrokhi 

Bottom : Abdolreza Barzegari 

There is a considerable population of Iranians of African ancestry who mostly live in the southern Iranian provinces of Hormozgan, Bushehr and Khouzestan.

I have a question

A customers randomly out the blue said “ya know man i really hate Americans”

This wqs unprovoked and we were talking about his chocolate milk right before he said this. I brought it up to my coworker and they were like yeah it’s understandable i hate Americans too. (Note he was from nepal and my coworker is a basic white girl)

So my question is why is it ok to say you hate Americans or the English but if you dare say “i hate Africans or iranians ect..” both seem equally racist and stupid to me

Tl;dr why is it ok to be racist against Americans