african inspired party dress

Monday Melanin

The weather has been changing so rapidly, and It’s almost hard to keep up. However, this happens to be of or my favorite times of the year for fashion. As spring transitions into summer, I like to label this period as “skin showing season”. By incorporating off the shoulder shirts, high slit skirts, and a crop top or two, this is the time to enjoy the sun before things really heat up.

Pictured above is one of my fashion favorites, the beautiful Kelly Rowland. Here she’s dressed for Beyonce’s African inspired Push Party. Embodying the immaculate Nubian Queen she is, Kelly delivered a simple slay perfect for the occasion.

With her braids pulled up in a beautiful bun, her bamboo earrings are on full display drawing our attention to her delectable, chocolate, neckline and shoulders. This outfit paired with a firm, wooden styled platform makes her legs look outstanding in this high slit skirt. I have grown to love matching top & bottom pieces. Sometimes they can deliver the illusion of a dress, and other times the cropped middle provides the perfect break to show some skin.

Dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, Kelly sets the tone with a royally refreshing look. I have definite plans to duplicate this look this summer.

Happy Monday!