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The land is so powerful here .:. The Aboriginal people say we don’t own the land, the land owns us:.:.:.:.: #Sydney #Australia 🌏 


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Drawing heavy inspiration from African culture and ethnic prints deriving from the Masaai tribe, the Amsterdam based label brings to life a range of upscaled streetwear staples such as button downs, varsity jackets, sweatshirts and tees. 

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Out of curiosity, do you consider Kida (Kidagakash) from Atlantis: The Lost Empire to be a PoC? I thought so but people never seem to include her.

She is of a mythical race which is why she is never included. It’s difficult to apply race to non-humans. But that doesn’t mean that characters aren’t to be interpreted by their consumers. 

There are plenty of sources inside and outside the film that prove that she and her people are coded as people of color. 

  • Disney is often, but not always deliberate about choosing their voice actors (or at least they were in the 90’s and early 2000’s) and they usually cast actors that are generally of the same race of the character i.e. Mulan, Lion King (animals, I know but it says something that young Nala, young Simba, Mufasa and Sarabi were played by black actors), Lilo and Stitch, Pocahontas, the brothers in Big Hero 6 and Princess and the Frog (excluding Naveen who is ofc racially ambiguous, but that doesn’t invalidate that he’s coded as a MOC). For Kida, they cast a black actress most famous for voicing black animated characters. That says a lot.
  • Historians cite atlantis as being off the coast of Africa with Mediterranean ties.
  • The masks used in the film are blatantly African inspired along with their clothing.
  • It’s been scientifically proven that human origins started in Africa and in the film, they establish this society as being as hundreds of thousand years old.
  • It’s also been proven that all languages are rooted in Africa which is addressed in the film
  • Not all people of the African diaspora have textured hair and brown eyes
  • Kida has African features such as: brown skin, full lips, broad nose (I dare someone to look at her father’s nose especially and try to say otherwise), bone structure and hips wider than any previous European princess. Disney also tries to incorporate features of the voice actor into the design, meaning that to divorce Kida of her blackness would be to divorce Cree from her ethnicity as well.

So yes, I do interpret her as a WOC, but I do condemn Disney for not explicitly stating so and relying on magic and white hair to distance her from people of color. (Not that I don’t like magic in my Disney films, but none of the other films use magic as a crutch for racial ambiguity)

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C: This is something that has been bothering me for the longest time. I honestly cannot stand non black women copying black girl aesthetics (ex: cornrows, lip and butt injections, big hoop earrings that were once considered “ghetto”, wearing black/African inspired clothing, the whole “insta baddie” aesthetic in general). Its so frustrating to me because its just like if you turn in your homework and you get a C- while the person who copied off of you somehow gets an A+ ?? Non black women are LITERALLY profiting off of our looks, from the Kardashians + Kylie Jenner, to instafamous girls (aka Instagram “hoes” ) and black guys go CRAZY over these girls because they’re like black girls without being actually black. I don’t mean to come off as jealous but I am just tired of feeling like we are constantly being ripped off then thrown in the garbage.

Confession Facebook

Confession:  I really need to get off Facebook! I was reading a silly article about an older black gentleman who noted that while he was wearing African inspired clothing at a function, (I don’t know if he’s Afro conscious or just Hotep) he did not receive any positive compliments from black women however he received positive comments from white people, particularly white women based on his looks. He also mentioned that black women should smile more and give a black man a compliment based on his nice looks.  But here’s the good part!  He mentioned that don’t be surprised that black men go out with white women based on positive compliments.  Oh really?! Dude if you really felt the need to be validated by compliments you really need to re-evaluate yourself.  Black women don’t have to smile and compliment you just because you look good in clothing, we have better things to do. We’ve been dogged by black men as it is.  Damn if you do and damn if you don’t.  Frankly a black men can go with a white woman for all I care, they’re gonna do it anyway whether we compliment them or not.