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this is not a war of the fair skinned and the colored, this is not a war of the rich and the poor, this is a war of the human decency, our deepest instinct to love blindly and indiscriminately. this is a war upon you, to stand up for another human boundless of race, gender,or sexuality.

My dear beautiful friends and all the friends I do not know

Every Muslim, African American, Native American, people of the LGBTQ community, each culture, woman, minority, child. Every single one of you:

This is…a sad day in history. We are all asking why, how, and what next? Unfortunately only one of those questions matters now. What next? We are feeling defeated, hopeless, discouraged, and disappointed. Yet we must remember over half of America voted against this. The younger generations voted against this.

My friends, this means there is hope. There is room, determination, and potential for change. We cannot bow our heads. We cannot raise our fists in hatred. No. We must raise our voices, open our arms, support every single amazing person hurt by these events. We cannot. Cannot. Let hatred win.

As a bi woman, I feel so violated. I went to my yoga mat, spilling my heart for our future, spent a sleepless night riddled with anxiety, waves of nausea and dizziness, I can’t eat. I know so many of us feel this today.

There is much to be done. Now is the time to break down barriers in our communities and do as much as possible to let our people know they are supported and will be fought for, peacefully. Shout your love until it echoes across this pained world.

I am here for you. I open my heart, my arms, my home to you. I love each and every one of you.

Have courage and be kind.



Slave trade in Dubai

People from Africa, India and Pakistan are being recruited to Dubai under false promises of a fair paying job. However once the get there all travel documents are taken away, and are forced to work 12 to 18 hours no breaks, no pay and no means of going home.

“I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven… No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to hell… I would not worship a God who is homophobic and that is how deeply I feel about this.”

-Desmond Tutu

CAPE TOWN - As South Africa heads for nail-biting 2014 general elections Archbishop Desmond Tutu has pulled up a surprise by announcing the formation of a Gay political party called Democratic Religious Alliance Against Minority Antagonism (DRAAMA)

South African general election will be held on a date in April–July 2014 to elect a new National Assembly, as well as new provincial legislatures in each province. It will be the fifth quinquennial election held under conditions of universal adult suffrage since the end of the apartheid era in 1994.

“I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven… No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to hell… I would not worship a God who is homophobic and that is how deeply I feel about this.”

This is a statement from Nobel Peace Prize laureate and South African archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu, who added that he does not believe religion provides justification for homophobia. His passion on the issue has led him to form the world’s first gay political party affectionately named ‘DRAAMA’, an acronym for Democratic Religious Alliance Against Minority Antagonism [D.R.A.A.M.A].

Tutu, who is one of the Western World’s most respected men and Christians, says the formation of his new political party was to redress the issue which he feels president Jacob Zuma ‘tiptoes’ around.

“The first and last time we ever heard president Jacob Zuma addressing issues around anti-homophobia was when he had to make a public apology regarding a damaging statement he made about this minority group,” Desmond Tutu told reporters.

In a media statement released this morning, DRAAMA is set to be at the forefront of minority human-rights issues the current ruling party has dragged its feet in addressing. True to its name, this is certainly not going to be your ordinary political party famous for making false promises. With gay socialite and choreographer Somizi Mhlongo being poached as the party’s spin doctor, South Africans should brace themselves for a lot of DRAAMA!!!

“I was pleasantly surprised upon receiving a call from the honorable Archbishop Desmond Tutu informing me of his intentions and his request for my involvement thereof… I was expecting the party to approach the likes of Aunty Eusebius McKaizer…” explained Somizi Mhlongo.

Read the entire article here:

“I did my undergrad in law in Australia, focusing on domestic criminal work. Then I moved to the Hague in The Netherlands to work for the office of the prosecutor in the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. Then I worked for an NGO in Johannesburg that uses the South African constitution to enforce human rights. Then I went back to Australia to clerk for a justice of the supreme court. Now I’m here studying international criminal prosecution, though I’m considering switching to transitional justice.”
“What’s the biggest crime you’ve ever committed?”
“I’ve never been a constant in anyone’s life.”

 - Google Doodle- Celebrating Frederick Douglass- Famed 19th-century author and orator Frederick Douglass was an eminent human rights leader in the anti-slavery movement and the first African-American citizen to hold a high U.S. government rank.

This the 198th birthday of one of American history’s most important thinkers. Above is Richie Pope’s illustration and design for Frederick Douglass. 

Google Play Books is offering a free download of Douglass’s seminal autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: an American Slave, which is available starting today, February 1, 2016.


Reenactment of the Berlin Conference (1884-85) also known as the Congo or West African Conference. The colonial powers scramble for Africa lead by Portugal and Germany. The global community is still paying an unprecedented price for this rarely spoken of event. The stunted organic development of democratic governance and progressive economics can be traced back to this abnormal historical event. #Nasher #Museum #Duke #University (September 2013)

Perhaps it is easy for those who have never felt the stinging darts of segregation to say, ‘Wait.’ But…when you suddenly find your tongue twisted and your speech stammering as you seek to explain to your six-year-old daughter why she can’t go to the public amusement park that has just been advertised on television, and see tears welling up in her eyes when she is told that Funtown is closed to colored children…Then you will understand why we find it difficult to wait.
—  Martin Luther King, Jr., “Letter From Birmingham Jail,” 1963