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Reblog/Like if you're a "Great Gardener" but have killed many plants in your hobby/career

Don’t lie. I can’t be the only one with innumerable numbers of dead plants behind my belt despite my “green thumb” reputation. As one Horticulture Tech professor once said: “It takes killing it at least 5 times to really know/understand a plant”.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Language of Flowers

The language of flowers is not a complicated code, and it isn’t intended to be a cryptograph. While composing sentence-long messages with floriography is possible, it is not particularly complex. For ease of reference, this guide is organized by meaning, not by flower. It includes bloom cycles, taxonomic names, pictures, and any other facts of interest such as typical clime or edible/medicinal uses.

This guide contains only European, North African and Eurasian flora (at least, I’m pretty sure. I may have fudged it up in some places).

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