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Fish Food: Why feed frozen?

Our fish are our pets, and this means that they rely on us to take care of their daily needs. As responsible pet parents, we need to make sure we give them the best, which is why I feed frozen.

New aquarium owners may not know about frozen foods for fish. I didn’t when I first started out. But since I started feeding frozen, I’ve come to swear by it. My fish are happier, my tanks are healthier, and there ends up being less waste to deal with later.

Which brands should I buy?

San Francisco Bay Brand Fish Gum Drops

I feed this brand of frozen food. I like the variety pack because it includes bloodworm, vegetable, and brine shrimp cubes, but they also sell packs of each type of food I just listed. I found these at my local Petco for $13.99 (120 ct.). All directions and observations in this post will be based off of my experiences with this food.

Hikari Bio-Pure Frozen Fish Food

Hikari is another good brand of frozen fish food. They sell bloodworms, brine shrimp, daphnia, and others. The problem with this brand is that it can be harder to find. I’ve never seen it in my area, only online.

What should I expect?

Expect happier and healthier fish! Almost immediately after I started feeding frozen foods, I saw and overall increase in the health of my fish. Their colors are much brighter, they are much more alert, and I haven’t had a fish get sick since I started feeding frozen foods. The fish are also much more eager to eat, and they will usually eat all that I give them. Anything that they miss, my ghost shrimp eat. My African Dwarf Frog also has a much easier time finding and eating the frozen bloodworms, and they’re much healthier than the freeze-dried ones.

How should I feed frozen food to my fish?

When just starting to feed frozen, I would feed alongside any flaked, freeze-dried, or pelleted food that you were already feeding. Then, gradually move your fish over to a completely frozen diet. I feed my fish ¼ of a cube a day. I feed my bettas brine shrimp and bloodworms on alternating days, and I feed my guppies all three. The gum drops float but thaw quickly, making it easy for the fish to eat the food.

To feed my frog, I take a cup of tank water and thaw ¼ of a bloodworm cube in it. I either pour it directly into the jetstream or use a turkey baster to deposit the food right in front of him, depending on where he is in the tank.

I hope this was helpful! Of course there are different ways to feed and different brands to buy, but this is what I recommend. I’m always here to answer questions. Happy feeding!

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I’m just gonna throw this out here again 

Don’t put african dwarf frogs with fish

just don’t do it 

stop recommending them in betta tanks, stop putting them with small fish, stop putting them with shrimp, stop putting them with snails

put the dwarf frogs with dwarf frogs

I’ve been kinda left and right on this issue and taken it on a case to case basis but no it really just needs to stop 

I’ve seen frogs get their front legs get torn off by bettas, I’ve seen frogs nip the crap out of betta fins, I’ve heard of shrimp eating the webbing off their toes, I’ve heard of frogs swallowing and choking on snails, frogs in community tanks are often malnourished and reclusive, I’ve seen many infections take place in our tanks at work from the guppies nipping their legs 

And that is not to mention that the frogs prefer cooler temperatures than most tropical fish 

The only benefit to putting frogs in a community tank is *yay* you get a frog

I used to take a stance of “I guess it’s okay on a case to case basis” but I’m putting my foot down as calling it negligent to mix dwarf frogs with fish 

Imagine if I popped out and said something like “Yeah it should be fine to put a betta and a goldfish together as long as the tank is big enough, the betta shouldn’t pick on the goldfish at all”

Or what if I said “Yeah you can put a 3 spot gourami and an axolotl together, the gourami will probably be too big for the axolotl to eat, and if the gourami nips off its gills or legs they should grow back” 

You’d be all over my ass about it with good reason, yeah? 

This is the same situation. There is a huge host of possible issues that can arise from mixing the frogs with fish, and people seem to tip toe around them. I understand that it’s not easy to find good sources on ADF care, but after talking to enough frog keepers and hearing their stories, the evidence is there

That’s one thing I’ve noticed with a lot of pet keepers, for lack of better word, can be pretty heartless toward the types of animals they personally do not keep, and while that’s kind of mean to say, look at it like this

I’ve heard of a lot of people asking if it’s okay to throw a red earred slider in with their large cichlids, and a lot of fish keepers will say “you can try, but sometimes the turtle will attack the cichlids” without addressing the personal needs of the turtle 

I’ve read turtle care sheets online which talk about mixing fish with them, and some care sheets will recommend african cichlids like yellow labs because they’re too fast for the turtle to catch, without addressing the needs of the african cichlids 

When I got my 30 halfmoon and was asking for recommendations for fish to put in it, somebody recommended doing half water and half land and putting white clouds or rasboras in the water area and putting a chameleon on the land because the chameleon wouldnt hurt the fish, not addressing the needs of the chameleon 

Once you start treating other animals as a side show or a decoration to add to the animals you already have, you really need to reconsider how you keep your pets 

from now on any comments I get of “I put/have a frog with my betta and it worked fine” comments will now be taken as seriously as people who say their betta did fine in a bowl, don’t even go there with me, I’ve heard it a hundred times 

Ultimately it’s just a dangerous idea and it’s putting the animals at risk, that’s negligent and unfair, I’m just going to say it as it is/

It’s like people who keep crayfish with fish in aquariums, the fish are not only at risk of being torn apart once the cray gets lucky, but the cray is at risk of getting nipped when it molts, which can ultimately kill it, that’s putting the animals at risk and it’s a bad idea, I’ve seen people keep crayfish in community tanks many times, and it’s a risk that I never recommend people take 

It’s like how nobody recommends setting up sorority betta tanks on this website due to the risk of the balance breaking and the fish killing each other, and sometimes that never happens, but we don’t take that chance, do we? 

I’ve seen people tell others not to mix two types of fish due to temperature differences or different temperaments and activity levels, so why is it any different for the dwarf frogs? It really isn’t. 


These are my African Dwarf Frogs, Dwight and Mose! I’ve had them about a month now and they’re such funny little kiddos. Very good and very smol


they are very handsome and they’re doing SUCH!!! a good job at being frogs. I love them very much. very good frogs


Today was water change day! Everybody needed it so bad omg.

1. Axolotl tank. Poe has stopped pooping into the filter intake, and Queenie is very happy about this.

2. Dwarf puffer tank. Holy shit on a shingle. 80% water change and scrub. Sifting through gravel by hand to fish out snail shells. Penny tried very hard to make her tank ocean themed but I don’t think she understands that algae =\= kelp.

3. Frog colony tank. The babies are on a trial run with the big kids. If they can’t get enough food by themselves then it’s back into the breeder box.

4. Kuhli loach tank. With bonus ghost shrimp. Rescaped it. I can’t remove the huge wood because the kuhlis hide in it and I can’t get them out. So I put it in the far corner of the tank and moved their plants around.

5. Betta tank. Turns out Poppy’s ammonia spike and algae was due to Jerry the snail passing away. 75% water change and scrub for her.

6. Triops tank. I lost one in the time it took to get them into this tank so now I have four. I need to go out and buy some batteries for the air pump. Battery powered, yo!

Hey, fishblr!

My mom is /finally/ starting to take steps to take proper care of her ten gallon tank after many, many years of pleading, educating and coaxing.
However, she has two African dwarf frogs that I know nothing about! ( I didn’t even know she had them! )
I have never kept ADF before so any information on them would be wonderful!
My mom used to keep goldfish in the ten gallon with the frogs ( I know, I’ve been trying to educate her for years ) and since her goldfish recently died, she wants to get something smaller for the tank, but I have no idea what would do well with the frogs, if anything.
The research I’ve done has been pretty conflicting, so I could use some assistance :)

Hey fishblr!

Im upgrading my tank to a 20 long and want to move to a finer grade gravel
Problem is i have 2 african dwarf frogs and they’ve been known to swallow small rocks so i dont know what the smallest i can go without them getting stuck in their system is

I was considering sand but im worried it might irritate my bottom feeders gills