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Worked up this illustration of a couple I saw on the train a few weeks back… I embellished a little on the design; the guy didn’t have this body frame, & neither wore gold, but both carried a powerful sense of Afrikan pride about them, which I loved… People couldn’t take their eyes off them… I loved that too.

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Photography Spotlight: Yannis Guibinga 

Being from a part of Africa not necessarily known by the general public, it is really important for me to represent not just my country and my people, but also the whole African continent through my work. - Yannis Guibinga

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why is culture appropriation such a problem ?

Cultural appropriation is a  the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture as a largely negative occurrence. cultural borrowings are a problem for a variety of reasons, from group identity, religious reasons, traditions, etc. a lot of the times, things taken from a culture can be misrepresented, just seen as a fashion statement or mocked and stolen. also, when a person from the original culture tried to celebrate or represent their culture, it can be criticized or even looked down on, but when others do it (Miley Cyrus was praised for her “dreads” when Zendaya was criticized and said that her hair might smell of weed and other substances) it is praised or “cute”. we can be very protective over our culture because we identify with it and connect with the background of it, when other do it, we see that as a form of discrimination and disrespect. for example, black women have always been criticized by our hair and the styles we create, unusually being called unprofessional(people being denied of jobs because of their customs) or “you need a perm” because it defies or doesnt fit the european standard. Now, it is seen as a “trend” for people of other races to get these big fro, braids, and “mini twist”(really macro jacobs? they are called bantu knots) and create it for their own or finally appreciate it because everyone want to do it now.

in my opinion, with looking deeper into it,  I agree and understand. I love bindis but east indians may find it offensive(some may not) if I choose to wear it because its cute or because I like their culture, but since I see the significance of the bindis to their culture, I respect them enough to not wear them. because Im A black women and I see others copping our cultre daily and it can be offensive. emulating a cultures food, clothing, etc, especially not done right, is extremely offensive; especially when you cannot understand the significants. its not assimilation nor is it cultural exchange, or showing appreciation, it can be offensive, especially when others are doing it to mock a group of people or just do it because its a trend. lastly, tones of people will love a persons culture but hate the people. on article says, you take without wanting to associate with where the it came from. which is true. if you don’t go through it personally(even some who are apart of different cultures don’t see the problem with culture appropriation because one doesn’t look deeper than just the idea of doing it because it looks nice to you) it could be hard to understand why for most people. people love speaking from the outside in without caring about what that person who actually are accustomed to the traditions and etc. are on a regular bases, actually feel about people mimicking their beliefs and traditions.

p.s.  its so easy to say get over it when you don’t go through this because you can t seem to understand the significant to someones culture. minorities act “sensitive” about this stiff because other mock or freely take from other cultures without knowing the significance of the things they like about the culture and try to interpret  just because it looks nice or its  trend.if its a problem to the minorities in these cultures, its a problem. its deeper than it may seem, do your research.

some articles below they will give you more reasoning and other point of views thats my opinion, check it out: