african corn

be african corn farmer

>try hard to make food for village

>americans suddenly drop food in charity box

>thousands of bushels of corn

>no need to farm corn anymore

>never pass on corn farming techniques to children since have corn

>be too old to farm

>one day corn stops dropping

>entire village starves because no corn and no more charity

american charities making a difference


Garden update, memorial day edition: The pea jungle rises, but no pods yet, so you get some lovely pictures of pretty flowers. I got some african daisies on sale for a dollar each, the daffodils, scabiosa, and forget me nots are still growing strong, the irises have finally come out to play, jalapeno flowers are startlingly lovely (and look at my first tiny baby jalapeno!) and my Cherry Falls tomato plant was the first this year to put out flowers.

anonymous asked:

you do realize that no one is saying all braids are off limits die to appropriation, only the ones that are unique to African cultures: corn rows and box braids. every other braid is fair game.

I’ve seen all kinds of braiding or dreads being criticised as cultural appropriation - if you follow your own logic, only Greek people would be allowed to wear dreadlocks since they have been earliest recorded in art on the sculptures of Ancient Greece (from around 600-400 BC the majority of the sculptures are wearing dreads). Yet I don’t see any crusade against black people wearing dreads who aren’t Greek. 

“Off limits”? Seriously? Just chill and let people do what they want. There are more effective ways to influence the world, it’s fucking hair and people should do whatever they want with it. You own no one’s hair but your own.