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It’s BlackOut!! I know I’m late but here are some picture of myself and my beautiful family ❤ Happy Black Out Ya’ll.

The 1st picture: is of myself I am 21 and currently after being too sick to work I am going to school, working, playing a major role in a movie, and working on a new book series as well as selling and making new jewelry and clothing. A link to My poetry book is available on my page. 😘

The 2nd photo: is of myself, my sister and My mother at a Womens March in Des Moines Iowa.

The 3rd photo: is of myself, my mother, and an african comedian who name I can’t recalled right now.

The 5th and 6th photos: Were Taken at My brother Max () 7th grade metro meet! They include myself, my mother, and Max. He came in 1st and 2nd and all his meets!

The 8th photo: Is of me and my Grandmother around Christmas time.

The 10th photo: is of my sister Hailey before her first prom. She was going as part of journalism class she is only a sophomore, but she is also only 15 and have the potential to graduate next year. Trust me y'all her prom pictures had me shook. This is so out of the box for her!

But yea shout out to all the black excellence!

Sometimes I really hate tumblr. I really hate this website. Like the way people on here go on witch hunts to prove that a person is horrible or something by digging up posts from like 8 years ago. I discovered Trevor Noah, the South African comedian last week and I fell in love with him because he is so poignant in the way he educates people about racism, politics, homophobia, sexism and other current events with comedy. I love the fact that an American prime time late night show named a person of color as a host, promoting visibility and diversity. And all tumblr has done is dig up some problematic sexist and anti Semitic tweets from 2009 to paint him as this horrible man who deserves to be hated and brought down. Do you remember what you were like 8 years ago? Were you this perfect little informed child? Were you fucking unproblematic? I wasn’t. Nobody is. People learn and change and grow and develop, and the fact is that Trevor is fantastic for people who struggle with fitting in like he did. He increases awareness about the African continent, real issues the world ignores from there, politics, racism, xenophobia, and stereotypes through his comedy. His message resonates with all people from 3rd world country backgrounds, who are disregarded by most westerners as being “unimportant” or “backwards”. He is an amazing voice that can bring about change and one small problem from YEARS ago doesn’t make someone instantly disappointing and horrid. Like. Go outside into the real world. Grow the fuck up yeah? You’re not perfect, your friends aren’t perfect, your family isn’t and you don’t condemn real people to a bonfire immediately do you? Give people benefit of the doubt please. Let them learn, and make sure you even understand what they’re saying. Comedians like Trevor usually like to bring attention to bad stereotypes and problematic values by using irony/sarcasm, and maybe in 2009 he didn’t realize he was making a mistake but that doesn’t mean he isn’t fit to be the host of The Daily Show in twenty fucking fifteen. Stop destroying people for a couple of problematic things they used to think or say, like god knows the world is full of prejudice that ends up ingrained in us, and unlearning that takes a hella effort.

On why the witchhunt of Trevor Noah is kinda problematic

I am extremely disappointed that Trevor Noah, the South African stand up comedian who is to replace John Stewart on The Daily Show, upon some digging tweeted a couple antisemitic and sexist jokes and agree he should apologize.

But the way these tweets have become a scandal is perplexing.

While the tweets are offensive they are quite tame in the scheme of offensive jokes. As well as they were a handful found mostly 2+ years ago. Many of us made much more offensive jokes, I know I followed y’all 2 years ago!

But there’s also an inconsistency.

Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) said the n word for a comedic song.

Steven Colbert regularly uses transphobic slurs.

Misha Collins has made homophobic and transphobic jokes.

Amy Poehler did brown face in UCB.

Eminem regularly makes “jokes” about abusing women.

Louis Tomlinson made sexist jokes publicly to his girlfriend.

Chris Colfer has made many ableist jokes.

Chelsea Handlers has made racist jokes.

John Green has made sexist jokes.

Lena Dunham has made racist jokes.

Seth McFarland has made every jokes.

Daniel Tosh has made sexist, racist and rape jokes.

Steven Moffat has made sexist and homophobic jokes.

Tyler Oakley has made many racist jokes.

Jenna Marbles has made sexist jokes and did blackface.

Yet none of these white western comedians/celebs have risked losing their jobs or really even gotten backlash for it.


South African comedian Trevor Noah on black Americans

"Daily Show” gets new host

Comedy Central has chosen 31-year-old South African comedian Trevor Noah to replace Jon Stewart when he ends his 16-year run on “The Daily Show.” Reached on tour, Noah, who has only appeared on the show three times, said “You don’t believe it for the first few hours.” - The New York Times

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Comedy Central has found a new host for The Daily Show: Trevor Noah, a South African comedian who has appeared as a contributor to the show three times over the past year. According to The New York Times, Noah will be announced as the replacement today. Noah may be a surprising choice, given that Comedy Central is passing over a wealth of talent that’s been on The Daily Show for decades, but as a standup comedian and as a contributor, Noah has proven to bring a thoughtful perspective to international news stories. He’s also quite funny.

A date has not yet been set for Stewart’s departure or Noah’s debut as host. “I’m thrilled for the show and for Trevor,” Stewart says in a statement, according to the Times. “He’s a tremendous comic and talent that we’ve loved working with.” [X]