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Conor had told you when your relationship first started getting serious that he wanted to have children. He had also expressed that he wanted to wait until he had released a few more albums, so he could really focus on being a father instead of working all the time. You understood that, and you were in no rush either. You and Conor were enjoying married life, as your two year wedding anniversary had just passed. The two of you loved to go on spontaneous vacations, Conor would often surprise you with weekend getaways to beautiful places.

With how busy your lives were, it took you a few weeks to realize that you had missed your period that month. It was two weeks late, and your cycle was fairly regular. It made you nervous, but maybe it was just because you were so stressed from work.

When you told your best friend that you had also been getting sick the last few days, she suggested a pregnancy test, just to rule it out. You didn’t take her advice right away, insistent that you couldn’t be pregnant. Even though there was a high chance, you and Conor had sex quite often, and didn’t use protection every single time.

After a few days you took your friends advice, you made your way into the convenience store near work to buy a test and a bottle of water. You quickly made your way back to the house to take the test.

It was the longest five minutes of your life. When it was time to look at the results you had to make sure your mind wasn’t playing tricks on you. It read positive.

You remembered reading somewhere that these tests could give false positives, so you quickly went to the drug store at the end of the road. After buying multiple brands, and ten tests, you returned back home to take them.

Twenty minutes and multiple glasses of water later, all tests were back positive. Conor was due home at any moment and you didn’t know how to break the news. You were kind of freaking out, you and Conor hadn’t planned on having children for years.

You threw all the tests into the paper bag from the store as you heard Conor arriving home.

You stood in the hallway near the door where Conor would be coming in through shortly.

“Y/N, babe, you scared me,” Conor laughed, as he walked in the door. He noticed the look on your face and the bag clutched in your hands and his laughing stopped. “Is everything alright babe?”

You gulped, looking to the ground, “Uh, I’m not sure,” your voice shaky.

“You’re scaring me now, Y/N. What’s in the bag? Is it a spider? You know I don’t like spiders!” He tried to joke.

You didn’t laugh, instead you shoved the bag in his direction. He took it out of your hands and peeked inside. Picking up one of the tests he read the results, then another, and another, and one last one.

“Do these lines mean what I think they mean?” He questioned.

You nodded, fearing his reaction.

He dropped the bag, grinning, “Babe, this is great news! We’re going to have a baby!” Conor threw his arms around you and hugged you tight.

“You mean you’re not mad?”

“Mad? Why would I be mad?” He said pulling away to look at your face.

“Well, because we said we wanted to wait a few years, you have your career.”

“Babe, it doesn’t matter the timing, we created a life,” he placed his hands on your flat stomach, “there’s a child in there right now.”

You smiled at him, he always knew what to say to cheer you up. “I love you so much,” you said, placing a kiss on his lips.

“I love you too, but just letting you know, if it’s a boy we’re naming him Conor Junior, and if it’s a girl we’re going to name her Conorina.”

You laughed, “In your dreams!”


About a month after you and Conor had found out you were expecting, you had managed to keep it a secret from the guys. You still went out with them and hung out, but they were getting suspicious why you had stopped drinking alcohol.

Before you usually had a glass of wine or two, and maybe a cocktail on a night out, but now you and Conor were coming up with excuses left and right for your sudden alcohol detox.

Tonight the all of the guys were all at your house to watch some football match, and they were all wondering why you wouldn’t try the special South African cocktail Josh had mixed up.

“Come on Y/N, it’s like you’re pregnant or something you never drink anymore,” Joe joked.

The room went silent and everyone glanced around at each other, you and Conor sharing a panicked look.

“Wait, are you pregnant?” Oli asked, finally the one to break the silence.

“Well, I guess you guys were going to find out sometime,” Conor said.

Congratulations were thrown out each of the guys took turns hugging you two.

“I call God father!” Jack shouted.


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