african clutch

Three million years ago two hominids, our direct ancestors, sat perched in an acacia tree on the edge of a vast African savannah. They clutched each other in fear. Fear of imminent death. Fear of literally being eaten alive for beneath them on the ground lay a leopard. Too heavy to climb the tree, it waits. They wait. This experience is encoded in your genes. It is part of you.

Not in some mystical way. Not in some symbolic way. Encoded. Written. In lines of code on your DNA strand. This and a million, million other experiences. You will die and add yours to this great story.

Does your life matter? Yes. It does. You see the idea that a king is greater than a peasant or a president greater than a fast food worker only makes sense in one aspect of our existence. The social. In truth, each of us is a window of experience feeding raw data into a great machine, a fractal clockwork of being.

It would be nice if people respected our history and struggles instead of derailing and minimalizing. That disrespect doesn’t come from hearing about Liberia or some idiots insulting Soca. That comes from the same antiblackness that makes some AA turn their noses up at Africans.

We should be able to talk about our specific marginalization as African Americans without someone clutching their pearls, jumping in with things they read about, or things a few rude people said as if that is supposed to be a counter argument. No one cares that some black people weren’t nice to you in grade school, what does that have to do with why you act like being descended from enslaved people means we aren’t African?

Last time I checked Africa is a freaking continent, black people from different countries can clash so dont act like its just some unique flaw that AA have. If that disqualifies us from our African ancestry than half of Africans and Carribeans should be as well. And I don’t see people volunteering to give up the benefits of what our “perpetual victimhood” has accomplished in this country. Black kids can’t even get justice for themselves in the country, but can force non American black kids into our cultures? People who reduce our cultures down to stereotypes that racists came up with are being forcibly assimilated? Into what? I’m so tired of people projecting negative stereotypes on to other groups of black people and using that as an excuse to distance themselves. Own up to the fact that your knowledge of us is informed by the same racist media that regularly insults you and stop trying to use that as evidence against us. And the lack of actual knowledge about African Americans is staggering, most can’t even explain what an AA is, let alone actually recount our history. And screw people who are AA and are also from the African continent or the Caribbean, right?

But folks are experts when it’s time to attack us. I dont care what sob story you tell. There is no reason why ANY person should weaponize ANY genocide for the purpose of gatekeeping, and there is no reason why ANY person should reduce any struggle down to hurt feelings, or blame us for institutions we didn’t benefit from or introduce to you. That goes for both AA and non American black people. I’m tired of this shit.

And the fact that people would equate teasing to having your people killed and enslaved by the millions and seeing your diverse cultures forcibly ripped from you, underpain of death, for hundreds of years?! How disrespectful!


Here’s a video I made on how to make an envelope clutch using African print accents