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As part of the Diversity is the New Luxury series #DITNL, Joy Donnell sat down with entrepreneur Chekwas Okafor to discuss how his e-commerce space, positions African luxury brands. This podcast interview is presented by VanichiMagazine, for which Joy serves as Editor-in-Chief. Hear the podcast with Chekwas and discover more about this unique retailer.
Nigerian Animators Look to Put African Brand on World Stage
By Christopher Vourlias

The challenges in Nigeria are daunting. Production costs are high for companies on shoestring budgets, and the studios that are developing IP can generally afford just a handful of full-time animators — enough to create an attractive product, but not necessarily at a breakneck pace.

“In terms of doing a full animated series, it’s something we can do, flawlessly,” says Ola Oyo of Lagos-based Spore-dust Media, which has five in-house animators. “We just need to have additional manpower.”

In order to finance development of its flagship property, animated series “Chicken Core,” Sporedust has been creating mobile games and ads for corporate clients. At EVCL, international DVD sales have provided a steady flow of foreign exchange that the company repatriates back into Nigeria.

But visibility remains a problem in a country with rampant piracy, while pay TV channels are crammed with U.S. imports. Worse, Nigerian broadcasters expect content creators to pay for airtime — an expensive proposition. Waziri notes that one reason his characters are virtually unknown in their home country is that they’ve never appeared on local networks. (Episodes of the show can be downloaded from the company’s website; some 20,000 DVDs have been sold worldwide, while YouTube views have hit roughly half a million.)

“The only way you finance this kind of content is by partnering with brands,” says Michael Akindele, producer of the animated series “The O Twins.”


There’s an exciting brand that I’ve been seeing all over these social media streets that has me excited and they go by the name of Bantu Wax. Founded in 2009 by Yodit Eklund, Bantu Wax is an African surf and lifestyle brand that’s main goal is to “make people aware that there are amazing beaches and great surf in Africa.

Yodit found a void and quickly filled it. I admire her motivation behind creating the brand. 

“Inspired by Africa’s transition from dark continent bearer of light, tales of the mermaid goddess of oceans Mami Wata, and a passion for surfing, Bantu was created by merging the rich history of African art and textiles with Africa’s deeply rooted surf culture.”

Africa is growing, and with multiple companies eyes on the continent, Bantu Wax is doing an awesome job of preserving African culture not only through the use of Africa’s textiles but also creating jobs and helping local communities while changing the outside view of the continent.

Honestly, shut the fuck up. If you’ve been following my blog for  ‘a long time’ you would know that this shit has always been about me. My first pictures I posted about up for months? My face. My interests. My work. My face. My interests. My work. Oh wait a fucking minute … my name. On my blog. And you know what my fucking brand is? Me, asshole. All the jobs and opportunities that have ever come my way has been because of  all the shit I have ever posted on here, predominately my youtube.

Times change, Mr. ConfidentThatYouCanContributeSomethingOfMeaningButYouTurnOutToBeAFuckingShit. At a time, I posted a shit ton about fashion. At another time, me. Another time? Photography and you know why allllll that shit is less now online? Because I do it in fucking real life. I spend my days working with art galleries, photographers, collectors, African fashion brands just to actively contribute to the preservation of our work. I’ve spent years on this platform to remain just here? Doing the same thing? WHAT THE FUCK AM I BUILDING? 

And BTW posting more about me? As a Nigerian woman? How does that stray from the African aesthetic?  



of here. 

anonymous asked:

The DNC is a joke. This convention is literally cringe worthy. How can anyone take liberals seriously?

That’s what I’m thinking. Like, Let’s get real here. The Democratic party is the biggest con in the history of the United States of America. 

Andrew Jackson founded the party to keep slavery and spread it through the states. He beat his slaves mercilessly; one woman got 50 lashes with a horse whip for washing a poor neighboring white family’s clothes without permission. He used his female slaves in sexual acts that they could not say “no” to. The democratic party was the only party responsible for the Native American Trail of Tears which, along with slavery, was vehemently fought by republicans. The democratic party started the KKK and from The Women of The KKK came abortions, specifically for the black population as a different form of genocide from the lynching of black men by the democrats, which republicans put an end to. By the way, Hillary has openly claimed she is inspired by those same Women of the KKK and endorsed their reasons behind the Planned Parenthood. The Nazis and the Fascists looked at the democrats and said “they’re one of us” and approved of the Democratic party. The democrats are also responsible for the Internment of Japanese Americans in camps during WWII.

The great party change included less than 1% of democratic party office holders switched to republican side. The poor southern democratic states were taken over by republican representatives which encouraged growth and when the southern states became successful the liberal people became conservative. The only platform change that occurred was when the the republicans finally got the Democrats to not vote against the measure to stop lynchings of the black man.

Democrats then voted against women’s suffrage, because the liberals didn’t think women had brains enough to vote, but republicans thought the women should have equal rights.

The democrats then decided they’d change their approach. So they met immigrants as soon at they arrived at the American docks and give them a place to live and work, but only if the immigrants voted for them. This is where the slums ghettos, or as Obama calls them, city plantations for minorities and blacks. The democratic party also took over the unions and forced the members to vote for the democratic ticket.

The last presidential election the democratic party belittled women by using the motto, “vote with your vagina” as if we check our brains at the door when we go to vote instead of using our brains. This election the Democrat party refers to Hispanic outreach as ‪#‎TacoBowlEngagement‬. What does the DNC call Asian voters? ‪#‎ChopstickEngagement‬?‪#‎RiceBowlEngagement‬? Is their African American outreach branded ‪#‎FriedChickenWatermelonEngagement‬?‪This is clear ‎liberal racism.

Any minority that claims to be a democrat is completely stupid and uninformed. There is no part of history that the democratic party has ever cared for the little guy without demanding something back. If some of the African Americans, women, Japanese Americans, Latino Americans, or LGBTQ+ are too stupid to realize this, they shouldn’t vote. A country cannot be great without the people being informed before voting.

~A conservative minority.


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