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Hausa–Fulani girl - Nigeria

The Hausa- Fulani people are on of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria, a country with over 300 ethnic groups. The group is a fusion of the Hausa and Fulani people, whose cultures have become intertwined. 


The meaning behind these beads?

This year I’ve been learning a lot about my roots. I’ve learned a lot about different African cultures and I’ve come to be unapologetically proud of who I am; of my skin, and of my culture. I’ve dealt with a good bit of both racism and colorism and for a while I was flat out uncomfortable with being well… black. I was embarrassed by my African roots because according to society black wasn’t beautiful. Black was dirty, black was ghetto, black was unwanted. But the more I saw black women around me loving themselves and the rise of black men and women on media I realised that who I am is what God made me to be.I am no longer ashamed of my skin and heritage.

These are traditional African waist beads. They have many meanings to them from being as a waist trainer to representing a young girl transitioning into womanhood. For me these represent the new chapter of my life of finally being happily black 💖 I made my first bead set all by myself and I’m very happy with outcome~ I love my culture! I love myself!

Woman’s Hat, c. 1885

Silk faille, velvet, cord, jet beads and African starling

“This toque–or small woman’s hat with a narrow brim–is decorated with tiny, shimmering beads and a real African starling carcass. The starling features iridescent plumage in a range of blue, green, and violet. Starlings were well-known for their beautiful feathers, and imported to Paris from France’s African colonies, particularly Senegal and the French Congo (now the Republic of the Congo, Gabon, and the Central African Republic), for use in the millinery trade.

Degas, Impressionism, and the Paris Millinery Trade

St. Louis Art Museum

I’ll Make You Whole Again

Request: “newt and reader who are best friends, become friends with benefits after both of them recently got out of relationships?”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1459

Warnings: SMUT 

A/n: this had a pretty fluffy ending, so if u guys would prefer I could totally do another fic where the reader n newt stay just friends and stuff :)

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Your body was cold. Your face like ice, in both temperature and appearance. The tears that ran down your face were the only form of movement that surrounded you. You sat, staring at the still framed picture of you, and who you thought was your “one true love”. The smiling faces that stared back tore through your soul, a deep anguish gripping you as you remembered the last conversation you had.

“You’re too close to that Scamander guy, have you not seen the way he looks at you?”

“What are you talking about? He’s my best friend!”

“Then go be with your best friend.”

The shouting had ended abruptly with a slammed door, and then the room fell so silent that you swore you could hear your heart snapping in two. The small hope that you would get a phone call someday had diminished, along with your positive attitude towards the word “love”.

“(Y/n)?” a soft calling made you turn your head, but not without great difficulty. You had no idea how long you’d been just sitting there, completely still while silently crying, but you knew it was for at least an hour.

Newt came beside you, sitting on your bed. Something about his normally comforting demeanour had changed, as he trembled slightly. You turned your gaze to land on his face now, and you saw an almost mirror like image of yourself.

His normally pink lips had lost all their colour, eyes drained to a weary grey version of his usually bright green irises. His face was white as snow, eyelashes wet with sorrow.

“Are you alright?” You asked, voice barely audible as it cracked from its lack of use.

He just shook his head a bit, trying to contain himself. “She… she said she could never love me.”

There was the word again. You almost recoiled as it was spoken, the single syllable ripping into you like a bullet. As Newt had vocalized his pain, the veil of constraint had been torn, and he collapsed, throwing his arms around you as his body was racked with sobs. His sudden breakdown then affected you like a domino, and now you were crying loudly into his shoulder.

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If “Sister Power” were in the encyclopedia, a photograph of tennis gods Serena and Venus Williams would surely be right beside the definition. That’s why we’re featuring them in this week’s #HairBattleThursday: “Sister Duo” Edition.

Straight outta Compton, these two superstars launched into the big leagues, bringing their bright energy and bedazzled hairstyles along with them, ensuring that the professional game of tennis would never be the same. Between the two of them, they’ve won over 20 Grand Slam titles and four Olympic gold medals. 

On top of that, Venus and Serena have continuously taught us how to become champions and remain atop one’s throne, while simultaneously sticking to their own (often controversial and debated) standards of beauty, style and grace. Bow down, indeed.

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