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Bummah: Queer Cameroonian (USA)

Q. How do you think your style incorporates/blends elements of your African and LGBTQ identity?

Well I didn’t have a lot of attire from Africa until recently, because I always thought it was relatively expensive to get them custom made, and I guess I never really made it a priority. However, I think the fact that I do try to play around with colors and some patterns is very african and queer. Beyond red, I love yellows, and greens, and blues.”

- Bummah (Queer Cameroonian, He/Him, FB: IG: @budotma Soundcloud: @budotma)

Listen to Bummah’s cover of Lianne La Havas’ “Green & Gold”, Produced by Stello Clark:

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Limit(less) is a photography project by Mikael Owunna (@owning-my-truth) documenting the fashion and style of LGBTQ African Immigrants (1st and 2nd generation) in diaspora. The project seeks to visually deconstruct the colonial binary which states that one cannot be both LGBTQ and African. #LimitlessAfricans

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The works in Disguise: Masks and Global African Art are organized around the idea that masquerade is always an art of becoming.

Leonce Raphael Agbodjélou has developed his own unique aesthetic, experimenting with a variety of camera formats and printing processes. His compositions are at once evocative of ethnographic or museological “types” and reflections of everyday Beninois life, but always with a heightened, almost surrealistic edge—much like the experience of masquerade itself.

Posted by Kevin D. Dumouchelle and Meghan Bill
Leonce Raphael Agbodjélou (Beninese, born 1965). Untitled, Egungun Series, 2011. Courtesy of the artist and Jack Bell Gallery, London. © Leonce Agbodjélou. Photo: Courtesy of Jack Bell Gallery, London

Women Artists Masterpost

Hello, all. I’m trying to compile a list of notable women artists, from all countries and time periods, to conclude women’s history month (in the US, anyway!). I think the tumblr community does a great job of highlighting women’s contribution to the STEM fields, literature, history, etc. but I would love to see some more women in the visual arts on this website. I was hoping to do some more posts for women artists in March but time kind of got away from me and this month has been a bit of a mess. Without any further ado, here is my master list of women artists (far from complete, but the most comprehensive one yet!)

Assorted essays and lists: Latin American women artists; American Women Sculptors, Women in Classical Greece;  Providing a Space of Freedom: Women Artists from Africa ; Women Artists in 19th Century France; Women China Decorators; West Asia: Postmodernism, the Diaspora, and Women Artists; A Brief History of Women in Art; Feminist Art Movement in the United States; Identity, the body, and the subversion of Modernism; Women Artists Encyclopedia; Archives of Women Artists.

Videos: Unlock Art: Where are the Women?; Women Art Revolution

Women artists by last names.


  • Abakanowicz, Magdalena (Polish, 20th century)
  • Abramović, Marina (Serbian, 20th century)
  • Albizu, Olga (Puerto Rican, 20th-21st centuries)
  • Alexander, Jane (South African, 20th century)
  • Almeida, Helena (Portuguese, 20th century)
  • do Amaral, Tarsila (Brazilian, 20th century)
  • Amer, Ghada (Egyptian, 20th-21st centuries)
  • Ancher, Anna (Danish, 19th-20th centuries)
  • Anguissola, Lucia (Italian, 16th century)
  • Anguissola, Sofonisba (Italian, 16th-17th centuries)
  • Antoni, Janine (Bahaman/American, 20th century)
  • Applebroog, Ida (American, 20th century)
  • Arastu, Salma (Indian, 20th-21st centuries)
  • Ayres, Gillian (British, 20th century)
  • Baber, Alice (American, 20th century)
  • Baes, Rachel (Belgian, 20th century)
  • Baron, Hannelore (German/American, 20th century)
  • Bashkirtseff, Marie (Ukrainian/French, 19th century)
  • Beale, Mary (British, 17th century)
  • Beaux, Cecilia (American, 19th century)
  • Bochořáková-Dittrichová, Helena (Czech, 20th century)
  • Booker, Chakaia (American, 20th-21st centuries)
  • Bourgeois, Louise (French, 20th century)
  • Bonheur, Rosa (French, 19th century)
  • Boznańska, Olga (Polish, 20th century)
  • Brigwater, Emmy (British, 20th century)
  • le Brun, Élisabeth Vigée (French, 18th-19th centuries)
  • Carrington, Leonora (British/Mexican, 20th century)
  • Cahun, Claude (French, 20th century)
  • Call, Sophie (French, 20th-21st centuries)
  • Cameron, Julia Margaret (British, 19th century)
  • Camp, Sokari Douglas (Nigerian, 20th century)
  • Capet, Marie-Gabrielle (French, 18th-19th centuries)
  • Carriera, Rosalba Zuanna (Venetian, 18th century)
  • Cassatt, Mary (American, 19th century)
  • St. Catherine of Bologna (Italian, 15th century)
  • Čermínová, Marie “Toyen” (Czech, 20th century)
  • Chéron, Élisabeth Sophie (French, 17th-18th centuries)
  • Claricia (German, 13th century)
  • Clark, Lygia (Brazilian, 20th century)
  • Claudel, Camille (French, 19th-20th centuries)
  • Colquhuon, Ithell (British, 20th century)
  • Costa, Olga (German/Mexican, 20th century)
  • Cosway, Maria (Italian/British, 18th-19th centuries)
  • Delaunay, Sonia (French, 19th-20th centuries)
  • Diedmus (Bavarian or Swabian, 10th-11th centuries)


  • Eirene (ancient Greek, 1st century)
  • Ellenrieder, Marie (German, 19th century)
  • Emin, Tracey (British, 20th-21st centuries)
  • da Fonseca, Maria (Portuguese, 20th century)
  • Fini, Leonor (Argentinian, 20th century)
  • Fontana, Lavinia (Italian, 16th-17th centuries)
  • Fortescue-Brickdale, Eleanor (British, 19th-20th centuries)
  • Frankenthaler, Helen (American, 20th century)
  • Galizia, Fede (Italian, 16th-17th centuries)
  • Gardner, Elizabeth Jane (American, 18th-19th centuries)
  • Gentileschi, Artemisia (Italian, 17th century)
  • Gérard, Marguerite (French, 19th-20th centuries)
  • Goldin, Nan (American, 20th-21st centuries)
  • Goncharova, Natalia (Russian, 20th century)
  • Gonzalès, Eva (French, 19th century)
  • Guda (German(?), 12th century)
  • Hadid, Zaha (Iraqi/British, 20th-21st centuries)
  • Helena of Egypt (5th century B.C.E.)
  • van Hemessen, Catharina (Flemish, 16th century)
  • Herrad of Landsberg (Alsatian, 12th century)
  • Hesse, Eva (German, 20th century)
  • St. Hildegard of Bingen (German, 12th century)
  • Höch, Hannah (German, 20th century)
  • Holzer, Jenny (American, 20th-21st centuries)
  • Horna, Kati (Hungarian/Mexican, 20th century)
  • Hugo, Valentine (French, 20th century)


  • Iaia of Cyzicus (Roman, 1st century B.C.E.)
  • Inglis, Esther (British, 16th-17th centuries)
  • Izquierdo, María (Mexican, 20th century)
  • Kahlo, Frida (Mexican, 20th century)
  • Käsebier, Gertrude (American, 20th century)
  • Kauffman, Angelica (Swiss/Austrian, 18th century)
  • Kihara, Shigeyuki (Samoan, 21st century)
  • Knight, Laura (British, 19th-20th centuries)
  • Kobilca, Ivana (Slovenian, 19th-20th centuries)
  • Kollwitz, Käthe (German, 20th century)
  • de Kooning, Elaine (American, 20th century)
  • Kouelani, Bill (Congolese, 20th century)
  • Krasner, Lee (American, 20th century)
  • Krøyer, Marie (Danish, 19th-20th centuries)
  • Kruger, Barbara (American, 20th century)
  • Labille-Guiard, Adélaïde (French, 18th century)
  • Lange, Dorothea (American, 20th century)
  • de Lempicka, Tamara (Polish, 20th century)
  • Lewis, Edmonia (Haitian/American, 19th century)
  • Leyster, Judith (Dutch, 17th century)
  • Lin, Maya (American, 20th century)
  • Longhi, Barbara (Italian, 16th-17th centuries)
  • Louis,  Séraphine (French, 19th-20th centuries)
  • Lyall, Laura Muntz (Canadian, 19th century)


  • Maar, Dora (Argentinian, 20th century)
  • Mahlangu, Esther (South African, 20th century)
  • Maier, Vivian (American, 20th century)
  • Malfatti, Anita (Brazilian, 20th century)
  • Mann, Sally (American, 20th century)
  • Martin, Agnes (Canadian/American, 20th-21st centuries)
  • Mehretu, Julie (Ethiopian, 20th-21st centuries)
  • Mendieta, Ana (Cuban, 20th century)
  • Milhazes, Beatriz (Brazilian, 20th century-21st centuries)
  • Miller, Lee (American, 20th century)
  • Mitchell, Joan (American, 20th century)
  • de Morgan, Evelyn (British, 19th century)
  • Mohamedi, Nasreen (Indian, 20th century)
  • Morisot, Berthe (French, 19th century)
  • Moses, Grandma (American, 19th-20th centuries)
  • von Motesiczky, Marie Louise (Austrian, 20th century)
  • Mukhina, Vera (Latvian, 20th century)
  • Münter, Gabriele (German, 20th century)
  • Mutu, Wangechi (Kenyan, 20th-21st centuries)
  • Nance, Marilyn (American, 20th century)
  • Neel, Alice (American, 20th century)
  • Neshat, Shirin (Iranian, 20th century)
  • Nevelson, Louise (Ukrainian/American, 20th century
  • Ney, Elisabet (German/American, 19th century)
  • de Óbidos, Josefa (Portuguese/Spanish, 17th century)
  • Ogura, Yuki (Japanese, 19th century)
  • O’Keeffe, Georgia (American, 20th century)
  • Onur, Füsun (Turkish, 20th century)
  • Oppenheim, Meret (Swiss/German, 20th century)
  • Orloff, Chana (Ukrainian/Israeli, 20th century)
  • Pape, Lygia (Brazilian, 20th-21st centuries)
  • Parent, Mimi (Canadian, 20th century)
  • Pasch, Ulrika (Swedish, 18th century)
  • Peláez, Amelia (Cuban, 20th century)
  • Petrović, Nadežda (Serbian, 19th-20th centuries)
  • Piper, Adrian (American, 20th century)
  • Popova, Lyubov (Russian, 20th century)
  • Powers, Harriet (American, 19th century)


  • Reyes, Aurora (Mexican, 20th century)
  • Richier, Germaine (French, 20th century)
  • Riley, Bridget (British, 20th century)
  • Ringgold, Faith (American, 20th century)
  • Robusti, Marietta (Venetian, 16th century)
  • Rojc, Nasta (Croatian, 20th century)
  • Roldán, Luisa (Spanish, 17th century)
  • Rose, Tracey (South African, 20th-21st centuries)
  • Ruysch, Rachel (Dutch, 17th-18th centuries)
  • Sage, Kay (American, 20th century)
  • Sandys, Emma (British, 19th century)
  • Sarptürk, Leyla Gamsız (Turkish, 20th century)
  • Schapiro, Miriam (Canadian, 20th century)
  • Schendel, Mira (Swiss/Brazilian, 20th century)
  • Serebriakova, Zinaida (Russian/Ukrainian, 20th century)
  • Sher-Gil, Amrita (Indian, 20th century)
  • Sherman, Cindy (American, 20th century)
  • Simpson, Lorna (American, 20th century)
  • Sirani, Elisabetta (Italian, 17th century)
  • Smith, Kiki (German/American, 20th century)
  • von Steinbeck, Sabina (Alsatian, 13th century)
  • Stern, Hedda (Romanian/American, 20th century)
  • Szapocznikow, Alina (Polish, 20th century)
  • Tanning, Dorothea (American, 20th century)
  • Tauber-Arp, Sophie (Swiss, 20th century
  • Thamyris (Ancient Greek, 5th century B.C.E.)
  • Therbusch , Anna Dorothea (Polish, 18th century)
  • Thesleff, Ellen (Finnish, 19th-20th centuries)
  • Tichenor, Bridget Bate (French/Mexican, 20th century)


  • Valadon, Suzanne (French, 19th-20th centuries)
  • Vallayer-Coster, Anne (French, 18th century)
  • Varo, Remedios (Spanish/Mexican, 20th century)
  • de Velasco, Verónica Ruiz (Mexican, 20th-21st centuries)
  • Vorobieff, Maria (Russian, 20th century)
  • Walker, Kara (American, 20th century)
  • Walker, Nellie (American, 20th century)
  • Wegman, Bertha (Danish, 19th-20th centuries)
  • Wilke, Hannah (American, 20th century)
  • Williamson, Sue (South African, 20th century)
  • Woodman, Francesca (American, 20th century)
  • Wuttke, Jagoda Buic (Croatian, 20th century)
  • Yayoi, Kusama (Japanese, 20th century)
  • Zorach, Marguerite (American, 20th century)

We’re saddened by the loss of artist Malick Sidibé, a chronicler of life in post-independence Mali. His photograph Look at Me! is on view now on the fourth floor as part of From the Collection: 1960–1969.

[Malick Sidibé. Look at Me! 1962. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. © 2016 Malick Sidibé]