african american women chemists

Black Female Scientists - Black History Month

Beebe Steven Lynk (born October 24, 1872 - died November 11, 1948)

[Unfortunately, I was unable to find a photo of her. But here is a link to a photo of her husband, Dr. Miles Vandahurst Lynk, known both as the founder, editor and publisher of Medical and Surgical Observer (the first medical journal issued by a black man in the United States) and as the founder of the now defunct University of West Tennessee (1900-1924), a black university in Jackson that taught medicine, dentistry, and law but was forced to close its door in 1924 for financial reasons.] 

(Transcribed from African American Women Chemists and all credit to its author, Jeannette E. Brown)

“Beebe Steven Lynk was a pioneer in chemistry, but little is known about her. She is one of the women for whom more research could be done.

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