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I get a little emotional when I see black kids and black celebrities with their hair dyed unnatural colors because that shit was so unacceptable when I was growing up. The only color I ever saw on black hair when I was a kid was dark red and that was still seen as a ghetto thing, especially if it wasn’t straight and long. And black boys definitely couldn’t dye their hair any color, ever. Now I see black men and women and boys and girls with hair in all different styles and colors and I’m just so happy that this is what our culture has become. 

Meet the [Bat]Family

A/N: This is the sequel to “You Never Told Them.” I actually really like how it turned out. I would like to point out that I also used some characters that I have never written before so be gentle if I got them wrong lol

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Jason quietly entered his apartment. He wasn’t surprised to find that Y/N was curled up in their bed. He got on his side and gently stroked the side of her face until she woke up.

“I know you said you don’t want to hear my voice or to see me right now, but I want to make things right. And in order to do that, I need you to get up and get ready and trust me.” Jason whispered as soon as her eyes opened. Y/N sat up and rubbed her face.

“What exactly do you have planned?” She asked in a slightly hoarse voice.

Jason’s heart melted at the sight of her. “It’s a surprise.” He said before kissing her cheek. “But you should be ready to meet some new people.” He knew that even though he wanted to surprise her, she wouldn’t be happy to show up anywhere looking like she had crawled out of bed.  He watched as she got up and got ready. “Thank you for trusting me. Even after what happened.”

“Well, I do love you and you are important to me so I figure I can this much.” Y/N said as she grabbed her purse.

“You won’t regret it.” He promised her as he led the way to their car. She got in and sat back as he drove them out of the city. She was a little surprised when they left the tall buildings behind, but she didn’t say anything. She sent him a questioning glance when he pulled into the drive of a large house. She was remained silent as they drove up the long driveway.

“Are you ready?” Jason asked as he parked the car.

“Ready for what?” Y/N asked. She had no idea what they were doing at this mansion. Almost a palace really. It was the biggest home Y/N had seen in her entire life.

“You’ll see.” Jason chuckled as he led her to the door. He knocked once and they were met by the man Y/N had met earlier.

“Miss Y/N. It is a pleasure to see you again so soon.” Alfred said as he welcomed them in. “The others are in the living room.”

“Others?” Y/N whispered to Jason as he led her down the hallway. He could tell she was nervous, so he wrapped an arm around her waist as they entered the room.

Y/N was almost overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people in the room. They all looked up when Jason and Y/N walked in. “Y/N, I would like you to meet my family.”

He pointed to a man with dark hair sitting in an armchair. “That is Bruce. He adopted me.” The man smiled at Y/N when she waved.

“That is Dick and the redhead sitting next to him is Barbara. Sometimes they date and sometimes they don’t. If I remember correctly, this is one of those off periods, right?” Jason pointed to a tan man with dark hair who stuck his tongue out when Jason mentioned the dating part. The redhead laughed and smacked his arm.

“Next is Timberly and his munchkin friend, Stephanie. She is the second spunkiest person I know.” Jason pointed to a young man also with dark hair. God, did everyone in his family have dark hair?

“Second? Who have you met that has more sass than me, Jaybae?” The blonde looked legitimately irritated at her imaginary slight.

“My girlfriend.” Jason smirked when Y/N rolled her eyes and nudged him. Snickers echoed through the room.

“That small one over there is Damian. He is literally the spawn of Satan.” Jason pointed to a boy who had found a spot on the floor next to his father. He glared at Jason, but sent a nod to Y/N.

Jason pointed next to a girl of obvious Asian descent. “This is Cass. She doesn’t speak much, but she has attitude so watch out. She’ll probably love you forever though.” Cass smiled widely and waved enthusiastically at Y/N. “The one with the bright ass hair next to her is Harper.” A girl with teal and purple hair saluted Y/N with a wink.

“And last, but not least. The only person in this family besides Alfred that I actually like, Duke.” Jason pointed to an African american teen sitting on the couch next to Cass.

“Pleased to meet you.” The boy greeted. Everyone in the room said various other greetings, some of them in different languages.

Y/N just smiled and greeted them back. She was a little overwhelmed with all the names and faces, but she couldn’t be happier to finally have met all of Jason’s family.

“Aren’t you forgetting someone?” A new voice said from the doorway. A woman who looked to be around Bruce’s age with close cropped dark hair was leaning against the wall. She hadn’t been there earlier and Y/N wasn’t sure just when she had come in.

“Oh, right.” Jason said with a gleam in his eyes. “Y/N, this is Selena. She’s our step mother.”

Bruce choked as Damian let out a loud “Father?” Y/N could hear the rest of the kids all laughing loudly.

“Sorry, Bruce. We couldn’t resist.” Jason chuckled.

The rest of the afternoon passed seamlessly. Y/N got to know his brothers and became really good friends with the girls. All too soon, Jason made their excuses so they could leave.

“Did you have fun?” He asked as they got into the car. Y/N leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“Yes,” She sighed happily. “I am sorry that I made such a big deal out of this.”

“No, I understand. Family is important to you.” Jason said, “And I want you to be a part of mine which means introducing you to my family.”

“You want me to be a part of your family?” Y/N asked quietly. They had talked before, but Jason had never said anything quite so serious about it.

Jason smiled and dug a box out of his pocket. “I was planning on making this special, but things don’t always go according to plan anyways. So, Y/N L/N, do you want to be a part of my family?”

Y/N smiled and nodded. She threw her arms around Jason’s neck and kissed him hard. She felt him smirk and kiss her back. All of a sudden they heard clapping and cheering. Y/N and Jason broke apart to find that his siblings were celebrating in front of his car.

“I’m never going to hear the end of this.” Jason groaned as he started the car and honked the horn. His siblings jumped and cartwheeled out of the way, squealing and laughing. “Welcome to the family, Y/N.”

Y/N smiled as she watched the house and it’s silly occupants disappear from sight. She looked over at her boyfriend. No, fiance, and felt her heart melt a bit. This was going to be a fun rest of her life.

Introducing New LGBT YA Novel, Miranda and Jaelin!

My YA lgbt romance novel Miranda and Jaelin! Based on a comic book I created in college.

“For years, shy and awkward Miranda Taylor has been struggling to fit in at one of the most selective public high schools in NYC. Then in her junior year, she meets a new student, the androgynous Jaelin Kim, a confident basketball star who quickly becomes popular with the other school athletes. When the two are paired up for an assignment in AP English, Miranda‘s infatuation with her new classmate becomes more than just a crush. Suddenly, Miranda learns a lot about herself as she grapples with the bigotry that surrounds them both at school and with their friends and families.”

Available here in E-book and paperback!


Concept for a series I thought up back in high school with an art club buddy. 

Jerry The Magical Boy is/will be a series about a young African American teen living in the city, who ends up becoming the leader of magical girls. The series would follow in the team’s adventures, most following anime and american cartoon tropes while also tackling social issues in modern day society. 

I’ll post the rest of his team designs tomorrow. 

Review - The Letter Q: Queer Writers' Notes to Their Younger Selves edited by Sarah Moon

This is a book made by queer book lovers for queer book lovers.  

The pitch is that prominent queer authors write inspirational letters to their youthful selves, but really it just makes the reader all wibbly with emotion.   Since the authors are all professional and respected writers, it’s one of the better anthologies I’ve read.   Many of them are able to evoke their own youthful fear, longing, and confusion with grace and beauty, essentially providing messages of hope that are tailored for the youth of today who may be experiencing the same struggles.  

It also includes a LOT of notable queer authors, and reading about the young inner lives of some of my favorite queer writers was fascinating.  This was the book that made me realize that Bruce Coville, author of several of my favorite books as a kid, was bisexual.   His essay was the best to me, an absolute stand-out encouraging and informing his younger self in a way that was touching and humorous.  For example:

“I mean, seriously, you already know you don’t quite fit in.  You’re just not aware, yet, how fully that is true.  So, let’s get it on the table: You’re bisexual.  Not straight.  Not gay.  Bisexual.   (Come on, just think about how much you like looking at the underwear ads in the Sears catalog… no matter which page you’re on!)

My other favorites came from Amy Bloom and Jewelle Gomez.  Both were able to evoke beautiful images of love and family that went beyond the surface-level ‘it gets better’ message.  

There were also several authors who imply that they are queer in a non-monosexual fashion without using the actual word bisexual.  This includes Carol DeSanti’s heartbreaking account of sexual assault.   The collection also includes several comics on the same theme, including one from Erica Moen.   

My biggest disappointment is that I’d hoped for more out bisexuals in an anthology containing 66 authors.  As it is, the word bisexual only appears in two essays – Coville’s brilliant bi coming out, and as a brief shitty biphobic jab in Stacy D'Erasmo’s piece.  Basically D'Erasmo reassures frightened gay and lesbian queers by saying "no one quite gets the bisexuals”.   It was a completely unnecessary jab and I’m disappointed in Moon for including it.  It could have been removed completely without compromising anything in D'Erasmo’s essay and made this whole collection safer for bi teens who don’t need to be the butt of her quips.   

But despite it’s flaws, I think it is overall a beautiful anthology, especially for bisexual fans of Bruce Coville who are joyfully discovering that he is one of us.  

- Sarah 

Trigger warnings for: sexual assault, descriptions of racism

(lol “tomorrow”)

Jerry’s Magical Girl team member,Charlotte Carpenter.

Jerry The Magical Boy is/will be a series about a young African American teen living in the city, who ends up becoming the leader of magical girls. The series would follow in the team’s adventures, most following anime and american cartoon tropes while also tackling social issues in modern day society.

I’ll post the rest of his team designs tomorrow.