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NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness | African Americans
African Americans are no different when it comes to mental health conditions. Learn why your concerns and experiences may be different.

How Do Mental Health Conditions Affect the African American Community?

Although anyone can develop a mental health problem, African Americans sometimes experience more severe forms of mental health conditions due to unmet needs and other barriers. According to the Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health, African Americans are 20% more likely to experience serious mental health problems than the general population. Common mental health disorders among African Americans include:

African Americans are also more likely to experience certain factors that increase the risk for developing a mental health condition:

  • Homelessness. People experiencing homelessness are at a greater risk of developing a mental health condition. African Americans make up 40% of the homeless population.
  • Exposure to violence increases the risk of developing a mental health condition such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. African American children are more likely to be exposed to violence than other children.

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Tennis player, Caroline Wozniacki, imitates Serena Williams by stuffing towels in her bra and pants. I find this to be more insulting than funny. Maybe I’m too “sensitive”. What part of her brain told her that this would be okay? I understand jokes, but Serena Williams is rarely taken serious within her career mainly because of her physique and aggressiveness. For this to happen is just another stab. 

So today I walk into a store and as I'm walking in there is a group of young girls walking out with hella bags..we pass and immediately the alarms start going off..why the store managers run to me! I'm JUST GETTING IN THIS BITCH AND YOU COME TO ME! Talking about "Let me run your purse past the alarms to see if it's you" fuck no! It's 5 girls (mixed group none black) and you're questioning ME? Then he has the nerve to say "We have to right to check oversized purses" um no tf you don't you fucking sales associate not security guard..

Mind you the girls stopped as well so after a minute of them harassing me one of the girls is like “it may be my cologne” and when she moved her bag in the alarm area it went off..i happily told ULTA they could kiss my ass, and as the proceeded to “I’m sorry, we just have to take precautions” “would you like some free samples” I walked off on that ass.. Tired of my skin color equaling suspect..

am i wrong?

so i have a confession
on studyblr, especially with the rise of #studyblr gets real, i notice that i do a thing
i let people believe im dumber than i actually am
why do i do that??
in class, i don’t struggle with anything. im self taught and im first chair clarinet. im everyones favorite student and ive never gotten below a b.
i hate telling people this though! because im so scared of bragging and bringing other people down. it’s so bad that i hate sharing my achievements (like today, i got into one of the top specialized high schools in my city as well as the top arts high school) but i hate telling people about all the good things that happen to me in school. i set high goals bc im an overachiever, and then i achieve them. people call me “Asian” (which pisses me off, because I’m INTELLIGENT and AFRICAN AMERICAN. is that a problem?), “the walking encyclopedia”, and “the computer”.
but i try not to tell people about this, because not everyone is that way despite the fact that everyone i know works their asses off (which is the most important thing)
am i wrong in doing this? should I keep my achievements to myself?

every time a white person says something ignorant and racist white people defend it by saying it’s free speech but when jesse williams talks about black people struggling and african american culture being exploited and used by non black people for their own gain the same people say that’s hate speech and they start petitions to get him fired from his job??

anonymous asked:

How is Dania not African American? Her parents are from the continent of Africa. She was born in Iowa ergo she's African American right?

Nope. Because that’s not what African Americsn means. They are a specific ethnic group. They are the descendents of enslave Africans brought to the United States of America during the trans-atlantic slave trade. We literally coin that terminology for ourselves because we were no longer going to answer nor be called Colored, Negro etc… It wasn’t until after the Civil Rights Movement that the census changed from calling us Colored and Negro to African-American. The problem is no every Black person is AA but all Black people in America are Black American. So therefore later on the US included in their census the word Black to described all Black people of African descendant. But AA is still the terminology to described those who are descendant of enslave Africans brought specifically to the US because that is the word we came up for ourselves due to us not knowing the exact ethnic group/country we come from (since we are probably mixed with more than one ethnicity).

Saying all Black people in the US is AA erases not only their ethnicity and culture but erases the many cultures/sub-ethnicity of African Americans. Not to mention Danai calls herself Zimbabwean-American.

African American problems: I’m worried about anti-black racism. I’m worried about me or my loved ones being gunned down by the police or a trigger happy neighborhood watchman for no good reason and then being called a thug and blamed for my own murder bc of one picture I took years ago

Muslim American problems: I’m worried about Islamophobia and being racially profiled, spied on by my own government, and automatically being treated like a terrorist and being religiously persecuted

Mexican / Latinx American problems: I’m worried about xenophobia. And I’m worried about being blamed for every disease outbreak and being demonized in the media and having my relatives deported bc they got caught jay walking

White people problems: I don’t get to say the n-word or wear blackface or tell racist jokes bc someone might call me racist. I can’t wear a bindi bc I have to worry about cultural appropriation. I can’t just say the first offensive thing that pops into my head bc now I also have to worry about political correctness. People are asking me to moderately modify my behavior and think of someone’s feelings other than my own. Life is so hard & unfair for white people. Boo hoo

funslayer  asked:

Wasn't it Jesse Jackson that pushed for the use of "African American" after seeing it used in a poem in '87?

Yes. Jesse Jackson pushed the term.

However, it’s the mainstream trying to make themselves comfortable.

For example: Obama is an African-American because his family is from Kenya. (Well, Kenyan-American, but let’s keep it general).

I find the term problematic as it’s taking away the shine from actual people from Africa (or however they want to define themselves, if not to a continent). I think it’s pretty sloppy, if you ask me. There are White people who can say “well, I have this culture, and observe it, so I can say I’m from this heritage”… while we’re like “oh, we’re dark skin… we must be from this motherland. Somewhere in the West. Maybe someone from the east. Oh well.”

For some people, it may not be that important. But for me, to keep telling me I’m “African-American” when I know my immediate heritage/culture is not American (I’m first generation of immigrants) is kind of insulting.

sooooooo I went to the store with my mom today and the black cashier asked me about my skin color (do you tan, where’d you get that olive complexion) and my mom tells him I’m black and he’s like oh really and then proceeds to tell me that I’m a “pretty black”. what the fuck does that even mean? I’ve noticed when some people find out that I’m black they feel as though by default that because I’m black that would make me insecure which is stupid lol bitch every black is beautiful I am in no way ashamed or insecure I love being black

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Lately, I've been seeing a lot of posts saying something along the lines of it being white privilege for Jewish people to "never forget" the Shoah while black people are told to "get over" slavery. While I obviously don't think either should be forgotten, the way the argument is being made really rubs me (I am Jewish) the wrong way but I'm not sure how to explain why without discrediting the need to remember slavery... any advice? Thank you! :)

I see those posts, and when the are posted uncritically on my dash I send polite anons to the blogger asking them to remove them. 

Here’s the problem with those posts.

1. It generally compares the Holocaust to the Titanic, the 9/11 attacks or the Alamo. Those were individual, isolated incidents, not a systemic attempt to murder entire peoples. Around 3,000 were killed on 9/11. To put that in perspective about ten times that many people were killed in one day at Babi Yar. These were attacks or, in the case of the Titanic, an accident. These were not genocides. The conflation of the Holocaust with those other events minimizes its severity which is an ongoing problem on tumblr. I seriously think a lot of people don’t truly understand the Holocaust’s enormity and choose to downplay it to make other points, like the one made in that post. 

2. It’s inviting direct comparisons between slavery and the Holocaust, which promotes oppression olympics and drives a wedge in Jewish and African American solidarity. The problem with American discourse on slavery is that it is not spoken of enough or given the proper perspective. The problem is not that the Holocaust is spoken about. These posts promote a competition for attention and the idea that knowledge of historical atrocities is a zero sum game in which national attention is the prize. The attention paid to the Holocaust in American Academia does not come at the expense of the attention paid to slavery. Both are vitally important topics that need to be discussed in thorough detail at several points in a child’s education as appropriate in elementary, middle and high school. 

3. It plays into the notion that “Jews are White,” which has led to a lot of strain on tumblr and misunderstands the nature of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was not a “White on White Genocide.” Jews and Romani were murdered precisely because the Nazis deemed them to be racially inferior. Color is not the single defining marker of race, especially in Europe. It’s very different in the United States, yes, but let’s stop pretending that the hows and whys of things in the United States apply to the entire world, even other Western nations. The fact of the matter is that the murders of the Holocaust were performed largely along racial lines, regardless of the skin colors of the victims. It’s also worth pointing out that North African Jews in Tunisia and Libya were sent to death camps and that Nazi influence in the Middle East led to massacres of Jews like the Farhud in Iraq.

These are facts you probably wouldn’t know because Holocaust education in the US is not as complete and thorough as you might think and it’s skewed in favor of painting the USA as saviors. For example, American anti-semitism during the period is downplayed when a majority of Americans thought the Jews were a bigger threat to America than the Japanese and the Nazis for most of the war.  (See Chapter 1 of “The Abandonment of the Jews” by David Wyman for scrupulous detail about this). My maternal grandfather fought in the South Pacific during WWII and was endlessly getting into fights with other American soldiers because they didn’t want a Jew in their unit. He had to prove himself day after day after day before they would accept him. He had to save their damn lives multiple times! That’s not getting into closed borders and the refusal to act on the death camps even though there is ample evidence the USA knew about them at least as early as 1941

tl;dr That meme is garbage and call out anyone who reblogs it uncritically.