african american problems

So today I walk into a store and as I'm walking in there is a group of young girls walking out with hella bags..we pass and immediately the alarms start going off..why the store managers run to me! I'm JUST GETTING IN THIS BITCH AND YOU COME TO ME! Talking about "Let me run your purse past the alarms to see if it's you" fuck no! It's 5 girls (mixed group none black) and you're questioning ME? Then he has the nerve to say "We have to right to check oversized purses" um no tf you don't you fucking sales associate not security guard..

Mind you the girls stopped as well so after a minute of them harassing me one of the girls is like “it may be my cologne” and when she moved her bag in the alarm area it went off..i happily told ULTA they could kiss my ass, and as the proceeded to “I’m sorry, we just have to take precautions” “would you like some free samples” I walked off on that ass.. Tired of my skin color equaling suspect..

Tennis player, Caroline Wozniacki, imitates Serena Williams by stuffing towels in her bra and pants. I find this to be more insulting than funny. Maybe I’m too “sensitive”. What part of her brain told her that this would be okay? I understand jokes, but Serena Williams is rarely taken serious within her career mainly because of her physique and aggressiveness. For this to happen is just another stab. 

every time a white person says something ignorant and racist white people defend it by saying it’s free speech but when jesse williams talks about black people struggling and african american culture being exploited and used by non black people for their own gain the same people say that’s hate speech and they start petitions to get him fired from his job??


Twitter loses another top African-American employe over diversity problems 

Leslie Miley was caught in the most recent round of Twitter layoffs but claims that he was already on his way out, and turned down his severance package so that he could speak up about what he saw as systemic diversity problems. Through recent leadership changes, Miley saw lip service — and even tangible goals — paid to the target of making Twitter a more inclusive workplace. But after failed engineering projects meant to bring in diverse candidates and a few tone-deaf meetings, Miley’s hopes waned.


Never put up with racism 

No such thing as " Not black enough"

Is it possible to not be black enough? 

I cant tell you how many times people have told me I wasnt black enough. Meaning what? What does that mean? 

No, I dont have a naturally big butt. I dont twerk. I dont listen to alot of rap. I dont dress or act a certain way. But that doesnt make me any less Black or African American. It makes me the opposite of a stereotype. Black comes in a lot of different shades, as well as personalities. 

Then they tell me I dont have a strong connection to my culture. No, I just dont have a strong connection to the Rap culture that has turned into, “ fuck bitches, get money” or “Dont stop, pop that pussy”. 

There’s nothing wrong with me. I am not any less black or any less in touch with my culture by listening to Linkin Park or Journey, over Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.  

I am a Black woman, who loves both classic and modern rock, who’s favorite store is Hot Topic, who would rather rock a band t-shirt then a pair of Nikes. And that does not make me any less Black then any other Black person. 

funslayer  asked:

Wasn't it Jesse Jackson that pushed for the use of "African American" after seeing it used in a poem in '87?

Yes. Jesse Jackson pushed the term.

However, it’s the mainstream trying to make themselves comfortable.

For example: Obama is an African-American because his family is from Kenya. (Well, Kenyan-American, but let’s keep it general).

I find the term problematic as it’s taking away the shine from actual people from Africa (or however they want to define themselves, if not to a continent). I think it’s pretty sloppy, if you ask me. There are White people who can say “well, I have this culture, and observe it, so I can say I’m from this heritage”… while we’re like “oh, we’re dark skin… we must be from this motherland. Somewhere in the West. Maybe someone from the east. Oh well.”

For some people, it may not be that important. But for me, to keep telling me I’m “African-American” when I know my immediate heritage/culture is not American (I’m first generation of immigrants) is kind of insulting.