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Please Stop saying these names are Ghetto

LAKEISHA: a swahili name meaning “favorite one”

LATEEFAH: a north african name meaning “gentle and pleasant”

LATONIA: a latin name. latonia was the mother of diana in roman mythology

LATISHA: means “happiness”

TAKIYA: a north african name meaning “righteous”

ESHE. African Swahili name meaning “immortal”

KALISHA. Probably from the Galla word kalisha “sorcerer, wizard, witch doctor, magician”

LEENA (لينا). Another spelling of Arabic Lina (q.v.), meaning “softness.” In use in Africa.

MAKENA. African Kikuyu name meaning “the happy one.”

NIA. African Swahili name meaning “intention, life purpose, mind.”

MONIFA. African Yoruba name, meaning “I am luck,” from mo “I,” and ifa “profit, luck.”

NUBIA. Unisex. African. From the name of the country Nubia, meaning “land of gold,” from the Coptic word for gold.

AYANA : Ethiopian female name meaning “beautiful flower.”

SHANIKA. Unisex. African Bantu name, probably meaning “young one from the wilderness.”

SALINA. African. A name in use in Kenya. It may mean “merciful.”

TAMEKA. Another spelling of the African Congo name Tamika (q.v.), meaning “a twin,”

TAMELA. African Zulu name meaning “she who basks in the sun,”

AMARA. f. African. From the Swahili word amara, meaning “urgent business.”
Hindu. name meaning “immortal.”
African. Ethiopian. Amharic amari, meaning “agreeable, pleasing.”

CHICHI f Western African, Igbo
Diminutive of Igbo names beginning with the element Chi meaning “God”.

IMANI f & m Eastern African, Swahili, African American
Means “faith” in Swahili, ultimately of Arabic origin.

AZIZA f means “Respected. Darling.” Muslim,African, Egyptian, Arabic, Somali name meaning “gorgeous.

DALIA/DALILA f means “Gentle.”
African, Arabic, American, Egyptian, Spanish, African, Hebrew

BIBI : An East African female name meaning “daughter of a king.” Also a Kiswahili word meaning “lady” or “grandmother.”

ADA : Ibo of Nigeria name for firstborn females.

ZENA : Ethiopian name meaning “news” or “fame.”

JAMILAH f means “Beautiful.”
Arabic, Muslim, African

KALIFA f means “Chaste; holy.”

“Wise.” Egyptian African Swahili name meaning “righteous.”

TAJ means “Crown.”
Indian,Sanskrit, African

FATUMA : Popular Swahili and Somali versions of the name Muslim name, FATIMA, meaning “weaned.”

NANA : Ghanaian name meaning “mother of the Earth.”

AJA : High Priestess of Mecca.

ADINA : Amharic of Ethiopia word sometimes used as a female name, meaning “she has saved.”

BALINDA : A Rutooro of Uganda name meaning “patience, endurance, fortitude.” (Balinda is also used as a male name in Uganda.)

FANTA : Guinea and Cote D'Ivoire name meaning “beautiful day.”

KAYA : Ghanaian name meaning “stay and don’t go back.”

LAYLA , LAILA , LEYLA , LEILA : Swahili and Muslim name meaning “born at night.”

SHANI : Swahili name meaning “marvelous.”

ANAYA : Ibo of Eastern Nigeria name meaning “look up to God.”

TANISHA , TANI : Hausa of W. Africa name meaning “born on Monday.”

ZAKIYA : Swahili name meaning “smart, intelligent.”

TITI : Nigerian name meaning “flower.”

SAFIA , SAFIYA , SAFIYEH , SAFIYYAH : Swahili and Arabic name meaning “pure and wise” or “lion’s share.”

LULU : Swahili and Muslim name meaning “pearl” or “precious.”

KADIJA , KHADIJA : Swahili name meaning “born prematurely.”

AMINA : Somali and Muslim female name meaning “trustful, honest” and referring to Muhammed’s mother. This name is popular with the Hausa of West Africa.
What’s In Store For The Get Down Part 2?
The Get Down is set in the South Bronx in New York and revolves around these teens who change the city through their music, dance and…


For Shaolin, all his efforts in Part 2 are about keeping Zeke close to him and keeping The Get Down Brothers together. That’s his life, that’s his whole world, and he will do anything to keep what’s his. Because without Zeke and The Get Down Brothers, he’s all alone. And Shaolin can’t handle that.

[…]And YES, Dizzee isn’t the only character who is gay. Hopefully we’ll get to show that if we’re allowed to continue!

Everybody loves Regina! We love her too. She and Yolanda are definitely present in Part 2 and we learn more about them, but we will have to wait for Season Two to get some more substantial story lines for both of them.

There are characters who never made it into Season One who I would love to bring into Season Two. There is, for example, a charismatic African-American community activist named Kofi Quantay who could play a big role in Season 2. He’s like a Black Jesus, and he would bring more consciousness & street politics into the show. Also, I love all the supporting characters in Season One. I’d like to tell more about Boo Boo and Rah Rah. And Yolanda and Regina. And of course, if The Get Down Brothers continue to rise, there are a million great stories to incorporate that coincide with the birth of Hip Hop.


heideals  asked:

Hi! I just found out about an African American electronic engineer named Jerry Lawson. He invented video game cartridges, which allowed gamers to freely choose whatever game they wanted to play. Seems like an obvious idea, but without Lawson the idea wouldn't have been so obvious. Without video cartridges, there wouldn't have been console systems (XBox, PS1,2,3...) that we know today. Just wanted to share for all the gamers in tumblr out there :) I really appreciate your blog. Have a great day!

Thank you ❤

February 1st, 2017

In today’s Black History they didn’t teach you in school, one in four cowboys were Black, despite the stories told in popular movies and books. In fact, it’s believed that the real “Lone Ranger” was inspired by an African American man named Bass Reeves. Reeves had been born a slave but escaped West during the Civil War where he lived in what was then known as Indian Territory. He eventually became a Deputy U.S. Marshal, was a master of disguise, an expert marksman, had a Native American companion, and rode a silver horse.


White man loses his job after posting racist selfie with 3-year-old black boy

After Gerod Roth, also known as Geris Hilton, posted to Facebook an image of himself with his colleague’s 3-year-old son Cayden, accompanied by racist comments both from his friends and himself, people were justifiably pissed. Sydney Jade, Cayden’s mom, started the hashtag #HisNameIsCayden in defiance of the derogatory and objectifying remarks — and it took off. Roth was promptly fired — but that didn’t stop him from making excuses and claiming to be a victim.

10 Serial Killers Never Caught
  1. Charlie Chop-off: The killer had a bad habit of stabbing young African-American boys, and subjecting them to genital mutilation. The killer’s first victim was an eight-year-old African-American boy named Douglas Owen. Owen was found on March 9, 1972 on a Manhattan rooftop. The young boy had been stabbed 38 times and his penis had been mutilated. Over the next year, two other young boys would be found stabbed to death with their penises removed. In 1974, the police arrested a man named Erno Soto after he confessed to the murder of one of Charlie Chop-Off’s victims. However, Soto was considered to be mentally unstable, so his testimony wasn’t taken too seriously. In addition, a survivor of an attack by Charlie Chop-Off could not make a positive I.D of Erno Soto. As a result, Soto was found to not be guilty of the heinous crimes. Even so, the Charlie Chop-Off murders came to an abrupt halt after Soto’s arrest, leaving police to believe that he is still the most likely suspect.
  2. The Honolulu Strangler: The Honolulu strangler is the first known serial killer on the usually peaceful islands of Hawaii. This killer is thought to have murdered a total of five women in the mid-1980’s. The first victim of The Honolulu Strangler was a 27-year-old woman, named Vicky Gail Purdy. Her body was found on May 30, 1985. She had been raped, strangled and her hands were tied behind her back. Then on January 14, 1986, The Honolulu Strangler struck again. 17-Year-Old, Regina Sakamoto’s body was found in the exact same fashion that Purdy’s was. Over the course of the next three months, three more women would be found raped, strangled, with their hands bound behind their backs. The police interrogated a suspect in association with the murders. The suspect’s girlfriend told police that, whenever the two of them would have a lover’s spat, the suspect would leave the house, and then The Honolulu Strangler would strike. Despite this testimony and the fact that the suspect failed a polygraph test, the police were forced to let the suspect go due to lack of evidence. However, strangely enough, the murders in Honolulu stopped right after the police brought their suspect in for questioning.
  3. Stoneman: Stoneman is India’s most notorious serial killer. He is believed to have committed 13 murders in Calcutta, and a possible dozen more in Bombay. Stoneman’s first victim was found in June of 1989. The victim was a homeless man who was sleeping alone in a dimly lit area. He was killed by being bashed over the head with a stone. Over the next six months, twelve more homeless victims would be killed in the exact same fashion. In 1985, there were a dozen homeless people murdered in Bombay, in the same way that would eventually be occurring in Calcutta. This led authorities to believe that the same person was committing the murders, but they couldn’t be sure that the original killings hadn’t inspired a copycat killer. The police brought in a number of suspects but weren’t able to charge anyone with the murders. However, the killings came to a halt after the suspects were brought in for questioning, leaving many to believe that the real killer was part of the group of suspects that the authorities questioned.
  4. The February 9th Killer: The February 9th killer is a serial killer who is believed to be responsible for the 2006 murder of Sonia Mejia and her unborn child, and the 2008 murder of Damiana Castillo in Salt Lake City, Utah. Both of these women were strangled in their apartments and both of these murders were committed on February 9th, hence the killer’s name. The killer would get his victims to open their doors and then force his way into their homes. Investigators were able to link the two cases through DNA analysis, but they weren’t able to get a match. As a result, the case went cold in 2011.
  5. Jack the Ripper: Jack the Ripper is arguably London’s most notorious serial killer. He was active in 1888 and his killing grounds were areas that were fairly poor, in and around the Whitechapel district of London. Jack the Ripper’s name comes from a letter that was written by someone who was claiming to be the infamous killer. Today, this letter is considered to be a hoax but the name Jack the Ripper stuck. Jack the Ripper is responsible for the murder of a possible five victims. All of these victims were working girls who had their throats slit, before being mutilated by the Ripper. In three cases, the Ripper even took a souvenir of his kill, the internal organs of his victims. All of these killings took place between the 31st of August and the 9th of November, in 1888. Although law enforcers worked diligently to solve these murders, and were even sent a letter from the killer himself (which contained a half-preserved kidney), no one was able to discover who Jack the Ripper actually was. Today, there are over a hundred theories as to who the infamous serial killer could be.
  6. The Baby-Sitter Killer: The Babysitter Killer, also known as the Oakland County Child Killer, is responsible for the murders of at least four children. The killer was active between 1976 and 1977, in Oakland County, Michigan. The murders took place during a thirteen-month period, causing panic in Southeastern Michigan. During this time, children would not be let out of their houses without a parent or guardian present and the few who were allowed to go out without their parents, had to do so in a large group, where everyone could see them. The Babysitter Killer’s first known victim was twelve-year-old, Mark Stebbins. He went missing on February 15th and his body was found just four days later. He was found laid out on a snow bank with the same outfit that he had on the day he went missing. He had been strangled and sexually assaulted. The next three victims were all found fully clothed, and in plain sight. Although law enforcers brought in many suspects for questioning, they were never able to tie anyone to the crime. The case was reopened in 2012.
  7. Jack the Stripper: Jack the Stripper is the nickname of a serial killer who was active in London, between 1964 and 1965. The reason why his given name is so similar to that of Jack the Ripper’s is because their victimology is so alike. Like Jack the Ripper, Jack the Stripper murdered prostitutes. He murdered between six and eight prostitutes and then dumped their bodies into the River Thames. Jack the Stripper’s first known victim was named Hannah Tailford. Her body was found in February, 1964. She had been strangled and some of her teeth were missing. When a second body was found around where Hannah had been dumped, 57-year-old Kenneth Archibald confessed to the two murders. However, police dismissed his confession when he failed to remember certain facts about the killings and when a third body was found. A total of three more bodies were found, that seemed to match Jack the Stripper’s murders. Around this time, John Du Rose, the head of the investigation, held a press conference announcing that their pool of 7,000 suspects had gone down to 20, then 10, and finally three. After this, the killings inexplicably stopped and Jack the Stripper got away with murder.
  8. The Atlanta Ripper: The Atlanta Ripper was active during the year 1911, in Atlanta. This unidentified person is responsible for the murders of anywhere between 15-21 women. The Atlanta Ripper’s first victim was found on May 28, 1911. The woman was named Belle Walker. She was an African-American woman who was found with her throat slit, just 25 yards from her home. Then on June 15, the body of another African-American woman, Addie Watts was found in the exact same fashion as Belle Walker’s. By the end of 1911, another thirteen African-American or dark skinned women would be found with their throat’s slashed. Although six different suspects were questioned in correlation with the murders, no one was ever convicted.
  9. The Original Night Stalker/East Area Rapist: The Original Night Stalker was active in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, in Contra Costa County. His first victims to ever be reported were Dr. Robert Offerman and his girlfriend, Debra Alexandra Manning. The couple was shot and killed in their home on December 30, 1979. During the next seven years, The Original Night Stalker took seven more victims, all by breaking into their homes, where he would kill them. Around the same time as The Original Night Walker killings were going on, San Francisco was being terrorized by the East Area Rapist. This man would break into the homes of women and then rape them. He managed to do this 50 times. In 2001, investigators made a miraculous discovery using DNA testing. They discovered that The Original Night Stalker and the East Area Rapist were in fact, the same person. Thankfully, this serial killer/ rapist’s crimes stopped in 1986, leaving many to believe that he either died or was imprisoned for another crime. 
  10. The Zodiac Killer:  The Zodiac killer is arguably the most infamous, unidentified serial killer of all time. He was active in Northern California in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Although the Zodiac Killer claims to have murdered 37 people, investigators have only been able to link him to 5 deaths and 2 injuries. The Zodiac Killer’s first known victims were Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday. They were found on December 20, 1968. The couple were on their first date and were planning on attending the Christmas Concert at Hogan High School. Instead, the couple decided to visit a friend and then they made their way over to a gravel turnout, that was well-known as “Lovers’ Lane,” that’s when they came into contact with the Zodiac Killer. Investigators believe that the killer exited his car and made his way over to the couple’s car. He then ordered them to exit their own car. Jensen seems to have exited first but when Faraday attempted to exit, the killer shot him in the head. When Jensen tried to flee from the killer, he shot her as well. The Zodiac Killer would go on to claim five more victims. During his killings, the Zodiac Killer would send letters to the police, taunting them. He would make demands, give them cryptograms to solve in order to reveal his true identity, and he would tell them about upcoming attacks. His final letter concluded with this, “Me=37, SFPD=0.” A number of people were suspected to be the Zodiac Killer but nothing ever came of it. A few people have even confessed to the crimes, while other children have come forward claiming that their father or stepfather was the real Zodiac Killer. However, none of these claims came with much evidence to back them up, meaning that the Zodiac Killer has yet to be identified.

On 7 June, 1998, in Texas, an African American man by the name of James Byrd Jr. accepted a ride from three white men - Lawrence Brewer, John King, and Shawn Berry. Instead of taking Byrd home, they inflicted unimaginable pain and suffering to the innocent man.

They took him to a secluded country road and beat him half to death - they broke 4 of his ribs, his jaw, his shin, his left orbital bone. They then knocked out the majority of his teeth and ruptured his testicles by hitting them with a wrench. They then removed his pants to cause the maximum damage and chained Byrd by the ankles and attached the other end to Berry’s car and drove three miles down the road. Byrd was fully conscious through this entire ordeal and managed to survive until his body swung out from behind the trunk while doing a sharp turn and his body struck a cement drainage culvert. This ripped off his head and right arm. The men then dumped his body outside a prominent African American cemetery. They were apprehended when authorities found the wrench in the middle of the road which was inscribed with Berry’s name. Not one of the men ever apologised for the brutal murder nor did they show an ounce of remorse or guilt.

Brewer was executed on 21 September, 2011. He was reported to say: “He was a godamn nigger and I hope his family never recovers. As far as any regrets, no. I have no regrets. No, I’d do it all over again, to tell you the truth.” Brewer was asked by a prison psychiatrist: “Why did you do it?” to which he replied “Go fuck yourself. I’m not afraid to be murdered for doing what’s right. That son of a bitch was a fucking black bastard, and he’s burning the fuck in Hell right now. God is white.”

King currently remains on Death Row while Berry was sentenced to life imprisonment.

What’s In Store For The Get Down Part 2?

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The Get Down is set in the South Bronx in New York and revolves around these teens who change the city through their music, dance and graffiti. It gained popularity on Tumblr and Twitter after many had pointed out how a show full of diversity and incredible storytelling was being sidelined for shows that did not break the status quo. Many feared last year that due to the ratings not being as high as some of the other Netflix hits such as ‘Stranger Things’ that we wouldn’t get more episodes but that fear was dispelled when we got a trailer for Part 2 last week.

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My school district refuses to remove confederate symbols from my high school campus

I am a student at Robert E. Lee high school in San Antonio, Texas. When you walk into Robert E. Lee high school, the first thing you will see is a giant statue of Robert E. Lee. Imagine being an African American student and having to walk into school every day looking at a man who fought for the enslavement of your ancestors. Robert E. Lee high school is the oldest school in the North East Independent School district. The school mascot is a “volunteer” appearing in a red and gray confederate army uniform and looking a lot like Robert himself. The school colors are red and gray which are the confederate colors. The pep squad is called the “confederettes”, The JV drill team is called the “dixie drillers” and the varsity dance team is called the “rebel rousers”.  Progress this summer was made when two confederate emblems were removed from the campus. This summer, a peer of mine, Kayla Wilson, sought to get rid of all confederate symbols from my school and change the name. At first, the district wouldn’t even put the name change up for discussion. After a long battle of board meetings and a petition with over 11,000 people, the school board voted not to change anything about my school. “Dec 11, 2015 — On Monday night NEISD Board voted NOT to rename Robert E Lee H.S . Board Trustee Wheat pleaded with fellow Board members to give the students and faculty an opportunity to voice their opinion and grievances. He requested a committee made up of teachers, administrators, and community to do surveys, obtain facts, and submit alternate names. He stated"we have not done enough to make this decision". Board Trustee White gave his testimony, as a African American the name offended him, and “we should not have to constantly defend the name of our schools for someone who is so controversial”. White reiterated Robert E Lee was the general of the confederacy, and fought to continue slavery. 

Superintendent Gottardy and Board Trustees Grona, Bresnahan, Hughey, and Perkins stated they had done enough research to make this decision and felt burdened to continue any additional effort. Board Trustee Perkins mocked Trustee Wheat attempt to add the voices of the students , teachers, and PTA.

The board meeting ended with an item being place on the Agenda to look into all symbol, icons, and songs tied to the confederacy. This Agenda item will be reviewed in the spring.

Please review the video below and review the response of the Board members. Unlike other communities like , Houston, Austin, Princeton, UT and even Robert E Lee’s Washington and Lee University recommended a discussion.

San Antonio NEISD refused discussion. Board Trustees did not feel the voice of its students or faculty matter for this decision.

Please email your Board Members why community matters. Why facts are important. Please tell them ALL are children voices’ matter.”

Robert E Lee was a confederate who fought for the enslavement of black people in the United States. He fought to maintain the continued subjugation of Blacks in America’s south. My school district perpetuates a racist culture by keeping racist symbols on my campus. 

The dance team and cheerleader coach threatened to their students that if the name change was posted about on social media or talked about at school, girls would be kicked off the team immediately. 

Faculty members were fired for talking about it on social media as well. 

The petition didn’t make a difference. The school board meeting didn’t make a difference. Very few individuals in San Antonio, Texas want to change the school name to make African American students comfortable. 



MOONLIGHT 5 stars (out of five)

Moonlight is a film full of mesmerizing mystery. As it slowly searches through a young man’s conflicted heart, it creates a moment-to-moment feeling of discovery. It leaves you with a sense of pure wonder.

The film is a sprawling yet intimate urban epic. Based on an unproduced play by Tarell Alvin McCraney, it follows a young African American man named Chiron as he grapples with homosexuality and growing up on the drug-drenched streets of Miami. We see Chiron as a painfully quiet boy (Alex Hibbert), a troubled teenager (Ashton Sanders) and a hardened drug dealer (Trevante Rhodes).

Writer-director Barry Jenkins maintains a masterful slow-burn pace as he digs under the bloodstained surface of Chiron’s world to reveal the desperation and aching beauty beneath. James Laxton’s cinematography captures the majesty amid the crumbling setting. And Nicholas Britell’s score looms over the film like the ghosts of Chiron’s past. Like the otherworldly glow to which the title refers, it’s eerily beautiful.

When we finally see Chiron as an adult, his former self is buried under brawn and bravado. It’s a tragic portrait of toxic masculinity being used as a defense mechanism.

We live in a world that’s largely more open to homosexuality. Yet here is Chiron, hiding behind intimidating muscles and sharp gold teeth. He powerfully embodies the timeless challenge of opening up one’s identity to the world. Rhodes perfectly captures the crippling weight of Chiron’s past. He makes his pain our own as he talks to his estranged mother (Naomie Harris) and reconnects with his high school friend (André Holland) — the first person to ever make him feel comfortable with his sexual identity.

One must stop and briefly speak of Naomie Harris’ nuanced, Oscar-nominated performance as Paula, Chiron’s desperately selfish drug addicted mother. Harris plays the part with a manipulative edge that makes us see her both as a bad parent and a woman in desperate need of help. While we can see that Chiron has deserved a better mother, somehow Harris forces us to also see her character as a woman who is a product of her environment and I wanted to see her prevail as she is portrayed as a broken woman with potential.

The other very noteworthy performance comes from Mahershala Ali who plays Juan, a drug dealer who takes Chiron under his wing after meeting the young boy through dealings with Paula in the film’s first act. I suspect that in Chiron, Juan can see how badly he needs a positive role model. Though Juan deals drugs he is not a villain by any means, and perhaps he can see a glimpse of himself in Chiron pondering if he’d had a decent person to show him the way if his life could have been better. Ali’s performance is one of splendour and it earned him the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Moonlight radiates with you-are-there immediacy, putting us in Chiron’s skin as he struggles to break out of his shell. It’s an intensely relevant film — a shattering reflection of today’s world. It’s harrowing yet hopeful, making us wince and marvel at the spectacle of raw humanity.

One of the film’s most poignant moments comes when a young Chiron asks Juan “What’s a faggot?” Juan responds by saying “A faggot is a word used to make gay people feel bad.”

Chiron continues: “Am I a faggot?” To which Juan eloquently retorts: “NO. You can be gay…but you don’t have to let NOBODY call you faggot!”

In 2017, we have a president who’s endorsed by the KKK, but we also have films like Moonlight — films that aim to make us look past privilege and the haze of hate and intolerance surrounding society. At its best, cinema can take ideology off the table and replace it with a slice of raw reality. As the late great Roger Ebert wrote, a great movie “shakes us and gives us the impression of having touched life itself.” And like life, “the movies are a machine that generates empathy. It lets you understand a little bit more about different hopes, aspirations, dreams and fears. It helps us to identify with the people who are sharing this journey with us.”

Moonlight is a cinematic journey you won’t forget.

The brutal murder that ended the life of 16-year-old Arnesha Bowers is difficult to recount. On June 7, Bowers, who was described by her grandmother to local news as having a “beautiful smile” and a “beautiful heart to match,” was sexually assaulted, strangled and burned to death by two men in her home.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Adonay Dixon, 23, and John Childs, 20, killed Bowers after she awoke while they were robbing her grandmother’s house. The Baltimore Sun also reported the assailants stole items from the home; It seems the cost of Bowers life was $40, an iPad and a laptop.

We must remain aware of the plights of black women and girls who are the victims of violence.

“Ghetto” Names

Most African-American names are called “ghetto” or “ugly” in the USA, right? People argue that these names are “made up” and “ridiculous.” As a writer, I collect names for my characters and in my research I discover a lot of names that are considered “black names” that are actually from other countries throughout the world. I’d just like to educate people on the origins of names that are typically considered “black” or “made up.” Of course there are names that are mostly made up (which is fine), but for the most part, names that people think are distinctly African-American have their roots in other countries. Here are a few examples of names that are considered “ghetto” by a lot of people, but are actually not made up or originally used by Black Americans:

- Latifah is the Muslim feminine form of Latif, from Arabic latif. It means “kind, gentle, gracious, courteous.” 

- Jaleel means “great, illustrious, exalted” and it is Muslim.

-Jolanda means “violet flower, purple color” and it is a Dutch and German form of Yolanda.

- Natasha means “born on Christmas Day, Christmas” and it is a Russian and English form of Natalie.

- Deon means “celebrant, reveler, follower of Dionysus” and it is an English form of Dion.

- Keshia means “cinnamon-like, fragrant spice” and it is an American form of “Kezia” which is Jewish and then Greek in origin.

These are names that have their origins in other countries, but are popular among African-Americans, and of course everything we do has to be ridiculed, so now these names are synonymous with “ratchet.” It is only because these names are commonly used by Black Americans that they are considered unprofessional. We can’t do anything without being judged, but next time someone tries to call your “Black” name “ghetto” let them know that your name is beautiful, exotic, and completely legit ;) And if your black parents completely made up your name, even better! Originality and creativity is something to be praised, not scorned.

- Hannah


So, I was rewatching 7x15…

And for some reason, the scene where Ali and Emily are talking on the phone, with Ali confirming Emily is in fact the mother of the child, caught my eye.

More specifically, I found a single frame very odd, in particular. After Emily says “I’m not thinking anything right now” it cuts to Ali, and then to a shelf in her house. It seems like a weird choice, stylistically, so, naturally, I assumed the shot held some sort of clue. The first (several) time(s) I watched this scene, I focused on the baby picture, but this time (probably because I was finally able to take off my Emison goggles) I decided to focus on the books next to the picture. Anyway, I’ve never really done a whole lot of researching for this show, but I haven’t seen anyone talk about this, so I figured I’d share what I find and hopefully people will add in their opinions as well. 

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Television screens across the world broadcast the videotaped footage of LAPD officers raining down 56 baton blows on an African American named Rodney King. Two weeks later, viewers watched another act of sickening violence when a Korean grocer shot and killed an unarmed 15-year-old black girl named Latasha Harlins after an altercation over a bottle of juice. In October, the grocer was convicted of manslaughter and served no jail time. Finally, on April 29, 1992, a jury in Simi Valley, one of the whitest exurbs of Los Angeles, acquitted three of the four officers involved in beating Rodney King. The response in South Los Angeles was loud and immediate: That night, thousands of residents, black and Latino, took to the streets, starting a four-day riot that destroyed more than 1,000 buildings, injured 2,500 people, killed 58, and resulted in $1 billion in damage and 16,000 arrests.

If you’re not watching Andi Mack imma need you to go online and watch the first three episode now and then watch new episodes on Friday nights. This show is about an Asian American girl who finds out her mother is really her grandmother and her sister is really her mother. She has two best friends, Jewish boy named Cyrus, and an African-American girl name Buffy. It’s also said that one of the characters in this show will struggle with their sexuality (it’s rumored to be Cyrus) This show is focusing so much on real life issues young teens are facing today, and it feels so much like the older Disney shows from the early 2000’s. It looks really really good so far. So if you don’t mind please give it a chance