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May I just say that I LOVE Rick Riordan? Not for any other reason than the amazing characters he creates:
-Percy Jackson: a boy with ADHD and dyslexia. If you didn’t know, Uncle Rick originally created Percy like this for his son Haley who also has ADHD and dyslexia. But also, Percy comes from an abusive household. Smelly Gabe, even though he, from what I can gather, never hit Percy, nor did he hit Sally while Percy was around, but he was verbally, economically and emotionally abusive toward both Sally and Percy. And Percy overcame that.
-Annabeth Chase: a girl, also with ADHD and dyslexia, who came from a family who she thought hated her. So she ran away. And found a new family. She ended up losing that new family by the time she was twelve. She believes that she can rebuild the world, and make it better. And in a way, she does.
-Grover: a satyr that, when originally introduced to us, is disabled. Even though we find out he’s not, he still has flaws. He has made mistakes, and he feels inadequate. He overcomes this and becomes a member of the Council of Cloven Elders.
-Thalia Grace: a girl who comes from an alcoholic home. She lost her brother, and ran away. She ended up turning into a tree, but came back from that. She became the lieutenant to Artemis.
-Rachel Elizabeth Dare: a girl who comes from a rich home, but just doesn’t like it. She loves the earth despite her father’s company trying to destroy it. She can see through the Mist, and becomes the Oracle of Delphi.
-Jason Grace: a boy forced to grow up too soon. He was two when he was abandoned, then he made his way to being praetor at 15, maybe younger. He never knew his family, and always wanted to bring about change. He was looked on as a hero, but didn’t feel like it inside.
-Piper McLean: a girl raised by a movie star. She disliked being tied to that name, hated the idea of being beautiful. She made herself blend in, except when she stole. Or convinced them to let her have it. She overcomes her insecurities, and becomes beautiful, not through her mother, but through her own power.
-Leo Valdez: a Hispanic boy who grew up with a loving mother, and then accidentally caused her death. He grew up in the foster system, being funny to try and cover up the pain of his loss. He didn’t like looking back, but Camp made him. He grew into his power, and fell in love. Now, he’s mature, and a leader.
-Hazel Levesque: a girl who grew up when it was a sin to be black. New Orleans, in the forties. Her mother seemed to hate her, and she was an outcast. The one boy she loved she never saw. She died, then came back to life. She grew into her powers and made herself new. She started fresh, and now she has found love, and can shape the world however she sees fit.
-Frank Zhang: a Chinese Canadian who lost his mother to a war. He was clumsy, he didn’t fit in. He hated himself. He went to the old country, where he fought and became what he was originally meant to be: A warrior.
Also: The majority of these characters come from single parent homes.
But that’s just PJO, HoO, and ToA. Let’s talk about other series for a second:
Kane Chronicles:
-Carter and Sadie are MIXED RACE. It is canon. Their dad is African American and their mom is British white. Again, that’s not something that really happens a lot in literature, period.
-Carter traveled a lot, he had no permanent home. He was really lonely, and very close to his dad.
-But seriously, even in modern society just imagine how hard it is to be mixed race. You’re not one or the other, you’re both, which also means that you’re neither.
-Sadie grew up with her grandparents, being rebellious and just not wanting to be in England. She wanted to travel with dad, and when he died, it was hard on both of them.
And Magnus Chase:
-Magnus Chase: a boy who loved his mother, and grew up on the streets after she died. He was actually similar to Leo in his back story. He had a rich uncle, but he hated money, hated being confined. Then he died, and now he’s grown to accept himself.
-Samirah al Abbas: a Muslim girl shown in a POSITIVE LIGHT AND DO YOU REALIZE HOW IMPORTANT THAT IS RIGHT NOW WITH ALL THE PEOPLE HATING MUSLIMS???? And in Hammer of Thor, she PRAYS!!!!!! Like do you realize how beautiful this is? She doesn’t believe in the gods as gods, but as creations of Allah. Like, she is one of my favorite characters.
-Blitzen: a guy of unknown sexuality who loves fashion. The best part about this is that Blitz is not openly straight, gay or otherwise. He is just a dwarf who loves fashion, and this proves that you don’t have to be gay to love fashion.
-Hearthstone: HE’S DEAF! Do you realize how many deaf kids will read this and realize how cool it is to be what they are??? A lot, is what I hope. It’s just so refreshing to see a disability like this shown in a positive light. Also, he comes from a home where he is made fun of for his disability. It is shown that he has it hard for being the way he is, which I also think is important. It is important to show that people can overcome people who think they’re stupid for not being like everyone else.
In conclusion, Uncle Rick has taken the time to write amazing, beautiful, powerful, unconventional characters that we love. And it’s important that these are good characters, protagonists, because then we love them, and see that unconventional is good.

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Name: Kristen

Nickname: Krissy, Scemes, Sream, Skitz, Kris, and Mj 

Zodiac sign: cancer

Hogwarts house: i dont know and i dont care 

Height: 5′10

Orientation: Bisexual

Ethnicity: Im a mutt. My dad is African american my mothers mom is AfroLatina/Indigeonous and my mothers dad is Asian, we dont know what because my grandma doesnt talk about him and just calls him Chino, and in spanish chino is used for all asians not just chinese people so whomst knows. 

Favourite fruit: mango

Favourite season: summer

Favourite book series: Warrior Cats, Anne of Green Gables and those historical princess diary books 

Favourite fictional characters: Starwars: Ahsoka Tano, Plo Koon, Anakin Skywalker, Obiwan Kenobi, Bail Organna, Asajj Ventress, Captain Rex, Commander Wolfe, Fives, Aayla Secura, Ki Adi Mundi, Shaak Ti, Aric Jorgan, Khem Vaal, Qyzen Fess, T7-O1, Mako, Vette, Quinn, Vette, Kaylio, Vector , Corso. Mass effect: Liara,Thane, Kaidan, Tali, Garrus, Tela Vassir, Every volus ever, Captain Anderson, Mordin, Samara, Reegar, Charr and Ereba. Skyrim: Khjaro, Angi, All Argonians, All Orcs, That Redgaurd guy from the Dark Brotherhood, Farkas, Vilkas, Aela, Mjoll, Erdi, Lydia, Uthgred and Jarl Balgruff. Dragon Age: Alistair, Leliana, Shale, All mabari ever, Merrill, Fenris, Isabela, Samson, Iron Bull, BlackWall, Vivenne, Sera, Bann Tegan,Dorian, that bear demon from the mage origin in Origins that u can get to help you out and Justice. Xmen: Logan, Storm, nightcrawler, Mystique, Professor, Magneto, Beast, and darwin. I also like Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy, Calypso and Davy Jones from Pirates, Mary from The Tudors, Lexa from the 100, Sansa, Brienne, Jon and Sir Davos from Game of Thrones and Margret Hale from North and south. Mcree, Zaryah, Symm, Hanzo, Dva, Reaper and Sombra from overwatch. . 

Favourite flower: Magnolias, peach roses and anything purple. 

Favourite scents: fresh linen candles, shea butter, coacoa butter, magnolia blossoms, lavendar, thyme, rosemary, mint, orange, chocolate, the smell of curry or chilli simmering and the smell of Mcrees dick. 

Favourite colour: seafoam green.

Favourite animal: Alligators, Tigers, Elephants, Fennec Foxes, Caracals, Leopards, Jaguars, Owls, Irish cobbs, Dobermans, Rottiwilers, bone Vultures and Parrots. 

Favourite artist/band: Thats too long to write but I will say everyone go Look up Emel Mathlouhi- Ensen Dhaif or Kelmti Horra. And look up Todrick Halls visual album straight outta oz, its an hour or so but worth it. And or atleast the song Papi.

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: Coffee w hella cream and sugar, Morrocan tea with hella mint and honey, and hot cocoa with hella marshmellows

Average sleep hours: There is no average. 

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1. I sleep with 2-7 pillows and always with my darth vader pillow. He comfots me. 

Dream trip: Idc about destination but a fantasy of mine is going to a new place, meeting someone and getting RAWED.

Last thing you googled: chicken,broccoli,cheese,rice casserole 

Blog created: Idk what this means. 

How many blogs do I follow: 1132

Number of followers:  1976

What do I usually post about: dick, tiddies, pussy and more dic. Also my shitty art, rants about my shitty life, and shit im interested in 

Do I get asks regularly:  nope im unloved unless im giving out free art then sudenly its filled up but im sleep tho. 

What is your aesthetic: high fashion, hot as girls, bright colors, 90s/80s shit, pretty southern homes, mexican style homes and food. 

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Pray for my mother, Lezlie McCoy

My mother had a stroke last Thursday. She had a hemorrhage (meaning that a vessel in her brain bursted). It bursted near her brain stem (the most important part of the brain. Her brain was and still is bleeding. There was also swelling in her brain. She fell into a coma. The doctors said that this was it for her. I tried to accept that but could not, because she is my mother. She woke up, thank God the very next day.

Her right side does not move for the most part. She couldn’t breath on her own. Little by little she is improving.

One day, she was not doing anything today but when I started to pray her eyes opened at 5:30am. I was discouraged and I began to trust again. I started praying with her, reading the word to her and singing to her.

Around 5:30am as I began to sing her eyes started opening. She started responded to commands. She waved at me. I even did a recall of her memory. She is even responded to many of the doctors commands. She also nods her head in agreement slightly.

Since then she has started to breach on her own, is on a feeding tube, with very damaged kidneys is on dialysis, and has had a tracheotomy.

Today, a little over a week later, the doctor wants to give my mother a CT scan, because again he is concerned that she is still so sleepy. He says that the bleed may have or may not have gotten bigger. My mother is very tired.

I ask that we praise God in advance. I ask that we claim, accept and receive that my mother, LEZLIE MCCOY, is healed and fully recovered. The doctors have knowledge but they are not GOD. So I ask that we take it up a notch TODAY prayer warriors. Let’s pray and meditate harder. God has more work for my mother.

Please pray for LEZLIE MCCOY:

1. That LEZLIE MCCOY fully wakes up

2. Full recovery of all of LEZLIE MCCOY’s non-voluntary functions (MOST CRITICAL- neurological, cardiac, respiratory, digestive system)

3. That LEZLIE MCCOY’s brain fully heals

4. That the arteries in LEZLIE MCCOY’s right leg, left leg and entire body function normally

5. That LEZLIE MCCOY will see (correct vision).

6. That LEZLIE MCCOY FULLY recovers

7. That LEZLIE MCCOY goes back to her old self but even stronger

Upon recovery:

1. Great memory and control over LEZLIE MCCOY’s bodily movements

2. That LEZLIE MCCOY has no relapse whatsoever

3. That LEZLIE MCCOY can enjoy her life again

Prayer warriors we expect an even greater miracle. Despite what the doctors may say or believe, LEZLIE MCCOY will fully recover.
Lift my mother, LEZLIE MCCOY up in prayer. God is able, and he promised that he would provide a full recovery for my mother.

Let’s go prayer warriors

I cannot wait to hear her talk and laugh again. She has a loving husband, mother and family. GOD IS ABLE.

Please spread the word and pray hazard.