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Someone from my hometown who happened to be white (the red commenter) posted two offensive statuses about black protesters. The majority of my hometown is white to the point where I am considered a black mexican to most. I’m a tan Puerto Rican born in Indiana. I called her out and a ton more people from my hometown just bombarded me with replies about how I was wrong. After one saying “name A specific date and time you experienced systematic racism and include names.” I decided to make a status on my page since I’m going to a college with A LOT of international students of various races. My replies included White, Brazilian, Native American, Dominican, Black, and more…

🌟old movies renamed🌟
  • rear window: the boy who cried murder
  • an american in paris: i guess we should add some singing to all of these dance numbers
  • the philadelphia story: i want you back, i want you back🎵
  • how to steal a million: gullibility and sarcasm fall in love and steal a dinky statue
  • the sound of music: where a kid can be a kid (and fucking sing like a normal child)
  • bringing up baby: can we keep him? please?
  • seven brides for seven brothers: abduction cause its romantic
  • singing in the rain: good morning🍊🎵there are 16 oranges in every tropicana pure premiu-
  • it's a wonderful life: a cute old man fixes jimmy stewart's many problems
  • the shop around the corner: we're better staying pen pals than actually dating
  • breakfast at tiffany's: she's lowkey a psycho but it's all about love and cats anyway
  • roman holiday: tomboy princess takes a day off and then has to face reality again
  • star!: gertie get your shit together
  • my fair lady: men are snobs and the english have a social system based on speech
  • sabrina: you got hurt and couldn't go on dates with me so i dated your brother instead
  • thoroughly modern millie: everyone is extra and there are white people who play asian people and horrible sex trafficking but it's okay because carol channing
  • west side story: why the fuck do you love him after he literally murdered your brother oh well he died so who cares anyway
  • harvey: polite and innocent man is a bit loopy so everyone tries to lock him up
  • gone with the wind: you don't love me?!?! but you gotta, i guess i'll marry all of the south to make you jealous
  • casablanca: paris and kids being looked at
  • the african queen: oh we almost died but we didn't so let's kiss and build a torpedo from scratch
  • on golden pond: where everyone won best actor/actress and 74 year old katharine hepburn did her own fucking stunts
  • annie get your gun: frank butler is a fucking selfish wienie
  • lawrence of arabia: nice, noble man goes crazy over the course of 4 hours
  • the wizard of oz: everything magical and good in the world is a hoax, kids
  • cinderella: cinderelly, cinderelly, we're woodland creatures providing comical pastime
  • snow white: practice makes perfect, walt, because this movie was on drugs
  • gold finger: look it's the german villain from chitty chitty bang bang in a bond movie
  • chitty chitty bang bang: this movie was also on drugs but it's still great
  • funny face: audrey and fred in france-enough said
  • 🌟i love all these movies so much: so don't get your panties in a wad it's a joke
Shit I'm convinced most adults weren't taught as kids

-no means, you guessed it, NO.
-a sincere apology
-how to take criticism
-admitting when you’re wrong
-reading body language
- admitting when you’re wrong
-not expecting people to read your mind
-hypocrisy is bad
-appropriate behavior in certain situations aka ‘HOME TRAINING’
-“well at my house…” Boo, this aint your house.
-“So and So let’s me ______” I aint So and So.
-lying is a no no
-lying to yourself is equally a no no
-omitting the truth is still a lie, thus = no no
-filing taxes
-wtf a mortgage is

story time: when “American” is more important than “African”

a while ago i wrote a random post titled “story time: when “African” is more important than “American””. well, it’s time to follow that up with another even more random post.

back when i lived in Brisbane, Australia i used to use public transportation (photoed) a lot to get around before eventually getting up the courage to drive on the “wrong” side of the road. i met people from all over while living in Australia, but in so far as i can remember, i only ever met one African-American person during the 3 years that i lived there. bad luck on my part, perhaps. maybe. not exactly. but i tell myself that it is to ignore the other factors at play because the truth is that no matter what country i’m in, it’s a novelty to meet another African-American abroad and i’m well aware of the various reasons for that.

there’s a unique brand of lonliness that comes with going for months / years at a time hardly ever seeing, meeting, being around etc someone who’s racially, culturally, etc like yourself because to be quite frank, even if we are of the same nationality, being around mostly white American expats all the time can be yet another brand of loneliness unto itself. however, in Australia i ended up experiencing something that i’d never experienced previously while living in Japan.

that is, i found myself in a country where the majority of the people who looked like me were African asylum seekers. in America, i never had the opportunity to meet any asylum seekers, let alone African asylum seekers. i also sure as hell didn’t (haven’t) had the opportunity to meet any in Japan, where i’d lived for 3 years prior to living in Australia and where i currently live, #BecauseJapan, so this was something entirely new for me.

…and i’m sorry to say that the encounters that i had with African asylum seekers in Australia always ended up very…. awkward, to put it mildly.

years later, i still don’t know how to feel about that.

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Weekend Box Office: 'Rogue One,' 'Hidden Figures' All But Tie for No. 1 With $22M Each
The official outcome won't be determined until Monday; elsewhere, 'Underworld: Blood Wars' underwhelms in its debut as a major winter storm strikes the Southeast and Northeast while 'Rogue One' races past the $900 million mark globally.

Nabbing a coveted A+ CinemaScore, Hidden Figures stars Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae as the real-life African-American mathematicians who helped NASA put the first men into space even while having to endure a segregated workplace. Their story, however, had been obscured for decades.

Hidden Figures played to a diverse audience; 43 percent of ticket buyers were Caucasian and 37 percent, African-American. It over-indexed in every part of the country save for the Rocky Mountain states. Like other movies, Hidden Figures was impacted by a major winter storm in the Southeast and Northeast but box-office observers don’t believe the damage was too great even with some theater closures on Friday and Saturday. Females made up 64 percent of Hidden Figures’ audience, while 56 percent of all ticket buyers were 35 or older.

“It is a film for everyone regardless of age, gender or race, and effectively illustrates the power of the human mind and spirit,” Fox domestic distribution president Chris Aronson said. “In these challenging times, its life-affirming message comes along at a perfect time.”

From Fox 2000 and Chernin Entertainment, Hidden Figures first opened in select theaters on Christmas Day and has earned a total $24.7 million to date against a $25 million budget. It opted to expand nationwide on the eve of Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony, where Spencer is nominated for best supporting actress.

Seems like Hidden Figures is a huge success. Like really huge. Just one weekend at the US box office and they are already at the breakeven point. That’s really rare and amazing. They even mention that it would have done better if it wasn’t for the weather.

(All those blockbusters with 80+ weekends have budgets of 250+.)
‘Marlowe’ PI Drama In Works at the CW
The CW is developing Marlowe, a drama series from Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment. Written by Devon Greggory (CSI: Cyber), Marlowe is not based on the famous Raymond Chandler character P…
By Nellie Andreeva

“Marlowe is not based on the famous Raymond Chandler character Philip Marlowe but on the real-life African-American private investigator — a Jamaican immigrant and World War I veteran — who allegedly inspired him. Marlowe is a character-based procedural with a modern feel and contemporary soundtrack and follows Samuel Marlowe from the mansions and red carpets of Beverly Hills to the jazz clubs and back alleys of Little Harlem, where he navigates crimes, mysteries and social issues ripped from today’s headlines through the prism of 1937 Los Angeles.”


The National Museum of African American History and Culture. 

The NMAAHC is sold out through March already and it’s worth all the hype. It was truly an amazing museum. I was really lucky to get tickets and be able to go. I urge everyone to visit! In a time of uncertainty for many minorities, the museum is a walk-able history lesson through African American life from past to present. It will take you through a range of emotions; from sadness, to anger, to joyful and back again. I found it eerie that some parts of the Civil Rights Era exhibits had images that could have been taken out in the streets of today. To see history juxtaposed to our present day is unsettling when you see similarities and patterns.That said, I had a lot of hope and pride by the time I walked out. To see where we were, and how far we have come, is still something to be praised. ps - not gonna lie, everyone was crowded around the Obama exhibit and I was trying not to shed a tear knowing this was the last hoorah for the First Family.*sigh*.


I turned 50 yrs old on January 19, 2017 and today is January 20th and my co workers surprised me with a red velvet cupcake with a candle that doesn’t blow out! Of course they didn’t tell me 🤗
Happy Birthday to me!!