african american haircare

Large Bantu knots...Day TWO

So today is the second day after I did the large bantu knots. They turned out pretty loose, which I wanted, but I guess not loose enough. I’m thinking the longer your hair is and the looser you want the curl to turn out, the less knots you should do. I did about 11 knots this time and I think I’ll do between 6 and 8 next time. It still turned out pretty nice.

Today I wore the curls in an up-do. There really wasn’t much to it. I just pulled them all together and held them where I wanted it and start placing bobby pins where they needed to go in order to hold the style. I sprayed a little hair spray and leave-in conditioner all over. I also had to doctor-up my nape area since that hair is a lot more coarse. I put a little JAM conditioning gel and leave-in conditioner and smoothed it out with a bristle brush. I also put Dr. Miracle’s Gro Oil on my fingertips and massaged it into my scalp.

P.S. I’m also planning on doing posts on makeup for women of color with issues such as acne and acne scars which I suffer with both. I sometimes get approached about my makeup routine, products I love and live by and things like that so I will definitely share that with anyone who is interested soon :)