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On This Day: May 14
  • 1771: Utopian-socialist Robert Owen born in Newtown, UK.
  • 1856: US President Franklin Pierce recognizes a pro-slavery dictatorship in Nicaragua established by pirate William Walker.
  • 1887: Individualist anarchist Lysander Spooner dies in Boston.
  • 1912: Bonnot Gang member Octave Garnier was killed in a shootout with police.
  • 1912: George Woodock was born in Winnipeg. He was a writer of political biography and history, an anarchist thinker, an essayist and literary critic.
  • 1931: Ådalen Shootings: Military police defending scabs in Ådalen, Sweden, pulp mill strike shoot at the strikers, killing five.
  • 1940: Emma Goldman dies in Toronto.
  • 1947: Canada’s Chinese Immigration Act of 1923 repealed along with related acts that limited immigration and citizenship.
  • 1953: Milwaukee brewery workers start successful 10-week strike for contracts comparable to East and West coast workers.
  • 1960: Police beat 200 protesting hearings of House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) in San Francisco.
  • 1961: The Freedom Riders’ bus is attacked and burned outside of Anniston, Alabama. A mob beats the Freedom Riders upon their arrival in Birmingham. The Freedom Riders are arrested in Jackson, Mississippi, and spend 40 to 60 days in Parchman Penitentiary.
  • 1968: In France, workers began occupying factories, starting with a sit-down strike at the Sud Aviation plant near the city of Nantes on 14 May, then another strike at a Renault parts plant near Rouen, which spread to the Renault manufacturing complexes at Flins in the Seine Valley and the Paris suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt.
  • 1970: Jackson State killings: Protests begin. Just after midnight, police kill two and injure 11 during violent student demonstrations at Jackson State College, MS. This is two days after six African-American men were fatally shot in the back for violating curfew in Augusta by the Georgia National Guard.
  • 1988: Spanish Anarcho-syndicalist José Xena Torrent dies in Caracas, Venezuela. He was active with the CNT and one of the editors of Ideas.
  • 2000: Million Mom March against gun violence and for tighter gun control in Washington, DC.

Beyoncé’s dancers call for justice for Mario Woods at the Super Bowl

During Sunday’s event, Beyoncé’s backup dancers held a sign which read “Justice for Mario Woods,” a 26-year-old African-American who was fatally shot by police in San Francisco on Dec. 2, 2015. Woods’ killing has sparked outrage in the Bay Area, especially after footage of the extreme brutality surfaced.

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Times Square shooting: Video shows jittery, slo-mo drama

Visceral video footage making the Internet rounds drops viewers into the scene of the fatal shooting of a knife-wielding man by New York police.

As the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday, New York police killed 51-year-old Darrius Kennedy in a very public shooting in Times Square.
One shot dead as FBI arrests Oregon occupation leader, others
One protester was shot dead and eight others were arrested on Tuesday after authorities confronted members of an armed group that has staged a month-long occupation of a federal wildlife reserve in Oregon, activists and officials said.

“The protester Patrick likened Finicum’s death to the killing of Tamir Rice, an unarmed 12-year-old African American boy fatally shot by police outside a Cleveland recreation center in 2014. The officers were not charged.” Oh my god.  Like I agree police should not be allowed to use deadly force but like…this comparison speaks volumes.