african american beard

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If there's two things I love about this fandom, it's that not only did everyone basically agree that Norman is a older African American with graying hair/beard. (That's how I see him and seen many others draw him as) And how he's the father figure everyone goes to at the studio.

It’s particularly good because it’s not like there’s really anything implying any of that and yet everyone just accepts it.

URGENT: Multiple shootings in Cleveland, Ohio.

Multiple shootings in Cleveland. Suspect is identified as Steve Stephens. He is described as a bald African-American male with a beard. Approximately 6′1 tall.

Suspect is wanted for at least 15 murders which he has been streaming live on Facebook Live today until the website took down the suspect’s profile.

This man is to be considered ARMED AND DANGEROUS and police have ordered all citizens to seek shelter, and call 911 immediately. DO NOT APPROACH.