USNS Henson (T AGS 63), named in honor of Arctic explorer Matthew Alexander Henson, who traveled with Robert E. Peary to the North Pole in 1909. (U.S. Navy photo ID: 100120-N-8241M-025)

This month, we are highlighting #Navy ships named after heroic #AfricanAmericans throughout American history, both in the military and in civilian life. #blackhistorymonth #navalhistory #history


It’s been over a hundred years in the making, but the new Smithsonian museum celebrating Black history finally opened this weekend

Way back in 1929, President Hoover approved a proposal for a National Memorial Building for African American achievements in arts and sciences — but Congress did not. Congress didn’t officially pass an act to erect a federally owned museum until 2003. Ground wasn’t broken until nine years later, with a little help from President Obama.


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People on ig praising Afros but then see them in person and give a side eye. Like come on 😒