Africa Unity Square: an Internet hotspot - NewsDay Zimbabwe

The Africa Unity Square, formerly known as Cecil Square, before Independence, has become a popular spot for Harare residents who flock the garden to access free Internet access.

What could be more part of the Commons, than the ability to access Internet. In the world of today, the fine and “shiny toy” abundant 21st century, the right to access Internet is as relevant as the right to access clean water.

Sure, you may argue we need water to live, and Wi-fi not so much. But,for argument’s sake let’s ask our fellow North Americans if they’d happily go the rest of their lives without access to the net. Yeah… I didn’t think so. Is it fair for some people to have access to the Internet, abundantly, and some others… not so much?I think not.

Well, things are looking up. Several countries decided to incorporate “hot-spots” for the free and open access to Wi-Fi in places were the net might not otherwise be so conveniently available.

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- Gabrielle