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Travelling in East Africa cannot always be compared to being like a walk in the park;

 knowing a touch of Swahili prior to your safari will endear the locals toward you and make things a tad bit easier.

1)      Jambo – “Hello”

2)      Habari – Also “Hello/Good Morning”  When addressing an older individual

3)      Nzuri – “Fine / Good / Beautiful”

4)      Asante – “Thank You!” This will be used in most your conversations

5)      Sana – “Very” Asante Sane – Thank you VERY much!

6)  Pole – “Sorry” This applies to everything from dropping something, falling or sneezing.

7)      Pole Pole – “Slowly, Slowly”

8)      Nydio – “ Yes”

9)      Hapana – “ No”

10)   Safari – “Journey” 

11)   Tafadhali – “Please”

12)   Rafiki – “Friend”

13)   Maji – “Water”

14)   Chakula – “Food”

15)   Hatari – “Danger” This could mean that there is an elephant in the camp or it could be on a warning sign for drunk driving.


Numerous people in East Africa do speak English, and in the smaller village’s one may come across that only an ethnic language is spoken. There are also various different regions within East Africa, meaning that there are various different dialects of this language. 

The 1st of September is commonly related with radiance, bliss and the commencing of a new season, spring; however this spring day things have been done with a difference. As South Africans we have been invited to wear black on this spring day. The whole idea around wearing black symbolizes the following:

It is an ongoing process that has no end, and we are fed up with the poachers and how easy it has become for them to get away with such a selfish act.

In memory of all the rhinos which have been killed for their horns along with ABSA the rhino from Aquila Game Reserve whom has sparked a media frenzy.

Our rhino population are facing a gloomy future if nothing is done about the poaching situation in South Africa at the moment.

Let’s come together as a nation and support this cause by spreading the word, wearing black and adding a rhino badge to our Facebook profile. If rhinos could speak, I believe they would say: “Please help keep us horny”.