africa prints


We 90′s kids stay in the 90′s.

A pair of black Nike Air Max’s

A pair of 90′s mom jeans

With the African touch of a Zambian head wrap and a tribal white T

She's alive but...

I’ll be real. I watched the first episode of this show, read a bunch of Bamon fics and then the last fifteen minutes of the series finale. What I gathered?
My girl Bonnie Bennett deserved better than to go find herself in Africa. Like really though? I know: if she’s doing a world tour Africa will be a continent she visits, but really? Having your only surviving POC hold a brochure that reads “Africa” in big fun print just seems… like lazy writing? Borderline problematic? Like really no other continent? NONE? Not to mention that her fans have been so brutalized that her living through to the end is the most we could hope for.

Yes, twitter and tumblr are all aflutter with tales of her kicking butt and taking names this last episode, but I’m just tired of the strong, black woman trope. I’m just tired. And crying. Because really.