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I’m putting the final touches on a gang of Africa pendants before they go out in tomorrow shipment to some of my Amazing customers.

~Deeply Rooted Necklace~
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Green eyes and Honey hair - Newt x Reader

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Disclaimer: it’s been so long since I’ve written fanfiction (4 years? Atleast) but I have been working on a much bigger writing project (my novel) which at the moment I’m getting stuck/writers block, but I still want to write, and after seeing fbawtft and loving newt– hence, I’m going to try and write something.Hope you enjoy it~

Note: if enough people like it, i’ll write part 2

Part 2

It had been a rough day. You just had been fired from your office new job. Third one this month, you counted. You had never liked being cooped up in a tiny office. Office-work didn’t suit you much either. But one thing you did love, was animals. To take your mind off being fired, you decided to go to the one place that you always went when you were feeling down; the zoo.

You leant on the fence of the meerkat enclosure. The cute little creatures were scurrying around without a care in the world. Sun rays broke through the clouds, shining down upon the enclosure. The meerkats all lined up, trying to catch the rays. You took a photo and moved onto another enclosure.

As you stumbled around the zoo, you found yourself drawn to a room with platypuses.You were watching them lazily swimming around when one in particular caught your attention. It was cute, but it looked different compared to the rest of the platypuses. It seemed to be staring at you. Not you, your necklace, you thought. Suddenly, the strange platypus jumped out over the glass enclosure. It lunged straight at you. Afraid, you closed your eyes and squeaked.

‘A-are you okay?’ You heard a British accent come behind you.                                    ‘N-no! Some platypus lunged at me!’ You grasped for your pendant, but it was gone. ‘It stole my pendant, the bloody thing stole my pendant-‘ you paused, transfixed on the man before you. He was dressed smartly with his vest and jacket, bright green eyes, hair the colour of honey; he was beautiful. And he was the only other person in the room. ‘Did you see which way it went? The Niff-platypus.’ He asked, looking as though he was about to run off. ‘How could I when my eyes were closed?’               The man smiled, ‘Don’t worry miss…’.                                                                          ‘Y/N.’                                                                                                                                 ‘Don’t worry miss Y/N, I’ll get your pendant for you.’ And with that, he ran off.

You searched everywhere for the man and the platypus. From one end of the zoo to the other. There was no sight of either. Sighing, you sat down on a bench with a half melted ice cream. You had hoped that a sugary treat would cheer you up. But after the day you had been having, the only good thing was meeting that man. But he had disappeared before you could even catch his name. You looked at the ice cream melting into the pavement, wishing that you too could disappear.

That pendant was the last thing you owned of your mother. She had been a wonderful woman. She had been so kind to everyone, whether they were human or an animal. Your mother had been a great inspiration to you.In fact, she had been working over in Africa with wild lions. She was the reason you too had once wanted to work with animals, until that fateful incident. The thing she had loved most, killed her. They say it was an accident, the lion had been protecting it’s babies. Your mother had gotten a little too close for the lion’s comfort. Ever since the passing of your mother, you had given up on working with animals. Now you only observed them from afar.

You chucked what was left of your melted ice cream into the rubbish bin and left the zoo. Head down, you dragged your feet along the footpath. You had almost made your way to your apartment when you felt something brush past your neck. Spinning around, the man with the honey hair stood holding your pendant. He was covered in little claw marks. He noticed you staring at them and handed you your pendant, placing it into the palm of your hand, ‘I hope it’s not broken. It took a bit of coaxing to get Niffler to let go.’                                                                                               ‘Niffler?’ You asked. He looked away, afraid to make eye contact, ‘It’s nothing to worry about, if you’ll excuse me, I better get going…’                                                     ‘Wait!’ You blurted, holding onto his sleeve. You blushed a little, ‘Let me thank you a little, at least come in for a cup of tea.’

You both sat in silence around your tiny table. ‘So… you’re a long way from home, Mr…’                                                                                                                          ‘Newt Scamander. My name is Newt.’                                                                    ‘Newt?’ You repeated, stifling a laugh. You had never heard someone being named after a lizard before. He blushed a little, finishing off his tea. So many questions filled your head, yet you didn’t want to scare him off. You were just about to ask him a question when he rose from the table. ‘Well it was nice meeting you Y/N, but I really should be off…’ it seemed he had lost his train of thought. You looked in the direction he was staring at. ‘Is this your mother?’ He asked with interest, fixed on the only photo in the room. ‘Yes, that’s her in Africa. Actually, the pendant you returned to me, belonged to her. Is something wrong?’                                                                      ‘N-no, nothing wrong! I’ll be going now…’                                                                   ‘You see it too, don’t you?’                                                                                               He turned to you, shocked. His mouth hanging slightly ajar, ‘I’m sorry? See what?’      You felt your face go red. You had pointed out the creature in the photo before, but no one ever believed you. They couldn’t see it, but you had a feeling that he could. ‘The creature in the creature in the left corner. It looks a bit like a mop with beady eyes…’                                                                                                                          ‘You can see the demiguise?’                                                                                          ‘What’s a demiguise?’        

‘What’s a demiguise?’ You heard yourself ask. He placed his hand over his mouth as if he had just said a swearword. ‘Uh, its nothing really. Being a muggle and all, you shouldn’t be able to see it…’                                                                                  ‘A muggle?’ half of the words came out of his mouth made little sense, you thought.   ‘Y-yes,’ he stammered, ‘Someone who has no magic… I really shouldn’t have said that…’                                                                                                                   ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ You couldn’t help but feel a little insulted.                  ‘I’ve already said too much. I’m sorry Y/N, but its best if you don’t remember any of this,’ he said pulling out a long piece of wood. You looked at the thing in his hands, what was he going to do, poke your eye out?

As he took a step closer, you took a step back. He looked like he really didn’t want to do whatever he was about to do. You could see his face straining. That’s when the piece of wood in his had began to float out of his hand. Both of you cried out in surprise. The stick, floated over to the table and stopped in midair. ‘I have to, now hand it back, please.’ Newt said talking to the floating stick.

A creature just like the one in the old photo appeared out of thin air. So is that a demiguise? You thought. It grasped tightly to the piece of wood, that Newt was so desperate to get back. The next few minutes consisted of Newt chasing the creature around your apartment. You burst out laughing at how silly this all was. A grown man, jumping around, the creature holding the stick just out of his reach. They both stopped and turned to you. You were laughing so hard now, that tears were rolling down your cheeks.

Newt sighed and sat on the floor, ‘Fine, you win,’ he said to the creature, ‘I wont use obliviate on her.’ The creature seemed satisfied with his answer, handing back the stick. ‘You’re a wizard, aren’t you Mr Scamander?’

To be continued…?