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After That article about chult I’m feeling really pushed to make my cultures in my home brew campaign setting more fleshed out and reasonable. I already made a huge continent as an Africa analogue, now I’ve to to populate it. At some point I really should write my ideas down now I’m fired up. At the very least not all the elves and dwarves are going to be white. 

-mod chiaro

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my reddie playlist: africa- toto all I want- kodaline bloodsport- raleigh ritchie boys- charlie xcx buddy holly- weezer cry baby- the neighbourhood discoloration- dawn golden home- edward sharp & the magnetic zeros homemade dynamite- lorde I cant fall in love without you- zara larsson i found- amber run is it too much to ask for- jordan maxwell, shiloh is there somewhere- halsey start a riot- banners moondust- jaymes young raincoat- the wldlfe the night we met- lord huron

i made this into a playlist on my spotify so i could listen to it and i can’t stop send help


all 23 countries where nationwide same-sex marriage is legalised. #LoveWins

update 30.6.2017: Germany votes to legalise same-sex marriage, coming into effect later in 2017.
update 13.7.2017: Malta votes to legalise same-sex marriage, coming into effect later in 2017.

The Signs as Iconique™ 80's Songs
  • ARIES: Hungry Like the Wolf // Duran Duran
  • TAURUS: Don't You Want Me // The Human League
  • GEMINI: You Spin Me Round // Dead Or Alive
  • CANCER: Love Shack // The B-52's
  • LEO: Down Under // Men at Work
  • VIRGO: Time After Time // Cyndi Lauper
  • LIBRA: Call Me // Blondie
  • SCORPIO: Sweet Dreams // Eurythmics
  • SAGITTARIUS: Take On Me // A-ha
  • CAPRICORN: Every Breath You Take // The Police
  • AQUARIUS: Africa // Toto
  • PISCES: I Want to Know What Love Is // Foreigner

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yesterday i slept while listening toto-africa on loop and i feel v nice today like im healthy. hydrated. my skin color is lookin nice. im not tired. im not hungry. i dont need nutella to feel happy anymore. im happy. i love myself. i love toto. i love africa. i love everything about that song. i love its bass line. i feel its lyrics. ill get toto-africa tattoed on my ass, in that aesthetic and ugly tumblr font. im crying toto-africa deserved better

are you okay?