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Black Tumblr/ Black people. We need to do better man. I love all races and all forms of life and it’s important to realize that every human is an individual, and there are a lot of White/Asian/Hispanic etc. people with good hearts. If you’re one of them reading this, it’s all love. I didn’t write this to promote hatred or cause division.

With that said, it needs to become a known fact that we as black people are the original human race. There’s a lot evidence to support this, and it is an idea which definitely resonates with me. I feel the reason why we are so heavily persecuted and hated across the world is because other races are aware of this and fear our potential.

Understand who you are. Before we were slaves, we occupied the entire planet. There were no other races. Heaven and Earth were one entity, and we were one with our creator. As an extension of ‘himself’, we would directly manifest his will for all creation on Earth. There were highly developed/technological civilizations in ‘Kemet’, now known as ‘Egypt’ (Africa), long before there were ‘cavemen’ in Europe. A lot of what I’m about to say is speculation, but then again, so are all other creation accounts, considering no one around today was alive back then. From what I could piece together from religious & historical texts/allegories/spiritual insight; we collectively manifested exactly what our creator wanted, before we turned against ‘him’ by seeking spiritual knowledge we weren’t supposed to have and learning how to sin (’spiritual knowledge’ represented by the Apple in the bible). Those who had sinned were banished from Kemet/Africa (represented as the Garden of Eden) and moved away from the equator (areas now known as USA, Europe, Asia) and, over time, genetically mutated into the other races we see today (most died off having spent so much time away from their natural habitat sun/climate of Kemet. Those who were able to evolve/adapt to the new colder climate of the other areas survived by growing thicker skin, thinner lips, pineal gland calcified etc, they became what we now know as Caucasian/white). The new white race (Ancient Aryans & Assyrians), had now hated/severed contact with the creator, came back years later to kill/capture the creator’s original people from Kemet & Nubia. Its been documented by Ancient Roman (white) scholars that Blacks back then were ‘wise’, ‘sagacious’ (meaning ‘sage’ like), and more spiritually inclined. They were so physically & tropically adapted to their habitat that they were termed ‘Super- Negroid’; leading others to believe that they did not fight back, as they understood the karmic consequences of sin/killing. They allowed themselves to be killed, then ascended directly into heaven having committed no sin (The Bible says turn the other cheek). These genetically mutated humans then enslaved the women and children of the fallen kings/prophets/teachers, brought them back to the western world and stole their identity along with their knowledge and teachings; later developing the Ancient Greek/ Roman civilizations with this new knowledge/people they had stolen. This brings us to present day… we are the children of the original people, lost and confused with no identity, still serving the new white race/oppressors/ mutations of ourselves. Our spiritual texts have been copied; every single religion in the world is based on the original allegories created by our parents thousands of years ago to teach us spiritual lessons… just edited slightly (‘Horus’, a black man, was the first messiah documented before Jesus and all others). The white oppressors have completely turned against God by developing a system which counteracts nature, killing and destroying eco-systems/animals after terrorizing the planet with war/ nuclear technology. After enslaving lynching, persecuting, killing… They still imprison, shoot, torment the direct descendants of Earth’s original people (Trayvon Martin, Eric Gardner, Sandra Bland etc).

Change begins with self-image and the perception of self. DO NOT allow parents, teachers, other races, to compartmentalize your existence into this idea of slaves picking cotton. You are nature’s original, with an ancestry of 30+ dynasties stretching over 5000 years, ruled by Black kings & queens. To compare, the U.S.has only been around for 200+ years (July 4th, 2015 marked the 239th anniversary of when the original thirteen colonies declared their independence). The history books in schools do not tell the full story, your past has purposely been hidden from you and is much deeper than what is documented in mainstream schools. We as black people are direct descendants of the first civilization…

We’ve fallen off…  ancient empires, historical monuments, social and mathematical sciences, illustrative arts, martial arts, inventions, even the United States of America (via slavery), were established off of the strength and collective life force of our black mothers and fathers. Evidence suggests that Kemet’s black people even developed ‘Chemistry’ (or ‘Kemet-mystery’) thousands of years ago. Yes, your parents developed chemistry. The very same blood, skin & melanin that flowed through them, is in us, but what do we as a generation have to show for ourselves? A couple rappers and basketball players? Fair enough we’re recovering from 200+ years of mental, physical and institutionalized slavery but I still very much feel that we have fallen off, especially when black people struggle to congregate in one area without there being some type of violence. We’ve fallen off a lot, and to me, it’s embarrassing…

Many of us are still slaves!  Truth is, you are not a sovereign being; we all need to labour/earn money to live, and therefore belong to the system. There’s not much that many of us can do to change this, but all of us can liberate our minds.  Unfortunately, the majority of people who are living happily oppressed are mental slaves. The fruits of mental slavery today include self-hate, emasculation of our males, division among our people and more. Harriet Tubman said she ‘freed 1000 slaves, and  could’ve freed 1000 more if they knew they were slaves’ which means, despite being raped, whipped, and forced to pick cotton they still didn’t realize that they were slaves. Let that sink in. This goes to show how powerful a tool mental slavery is, and why your oppressor uses it against you.

The black race is the only collection of people on the planet that doesn’t have their own mainstream religion. I understand the white oppressor robbed our inherent spirituality from us, but on a common-sense level, I rarely see Asian people worshiping a white deity, and I definitely haven’t seen white people worshiping images of a deity who isn’t white, so why are black people so quick to worship images of Cesare Borgia (the Italian pope’s son that most people associate with Jesus - google that). If we’re not worshiping ‘white Jesus’ we’re worshiping celebrities who promote pure ignorance. Your oppressor is now aided by celebrity black ‘coons’/’house niggas’ who are supposed to be setting an example for us; but have chosen to ‘sell out’ on their people and continue to perpetuate destruction and self-hate, in return for the devil’s riches. ‘Get money’,’Twerk’, ‘Fuck bitches’, ‘Kill that nigga’, ‘No Love’; it’s very easy to get caught up in these ideals even for myself, and it’s no wonder why these ideals have permeated our culture, our society, our minds, and collectively our reality. What kind of environment are we creating for our children? We no longer trust and support each other. We lack unity.

What you can do starting today is think about the effect these negative influences are having on your mind, and how they impact you every day.

No one person can fix an entire race on their own, but each of us can affect our two closest friends, with positive and constructive thinking by discussing these issues and elevating our mind-set, spreading knowledge and then taking action. It’s a bit idealistic, but if everyone did this on a small scale, you may eventually reach a whole community/town/city/state/coast/country/race.

Too often parents try to influence us with their slave-driven mentality but they’ve had their time. It’s a new age, arguably we’re more educated, and have greater access to sound information (i.e. at one time it was illegal for black people to read). With the use of social media now pretty much everybody has a voice. Change should start with us. It starts within our homes. We need to stop looking for handouts from the same people who enslaved us and accept that nobody wants us to win. They hate you, if you’re not profiting them in some way your oppressor wants you dead. This system is engineered for you, as a black person, to lose. Remember that. We need to learn to start thinking for ourselves. We need to start thinking militantly, creatively and economically, for our survival.

Promote any positive information which uplifts us as a people. All of that ignorance and self-hate shit needs to be deleted, and we need to start checking people living in ignorance. Try to educate yourself. Question everything. Be skeptical of anything you hear/read, do your research, even this post could have distorted information.

If you get your hands on some money; try not to fuck it all off on designer clothes, or popping bottles at the strip club. Invest in yourself. Take an educational course, start a business, pool your money together and start a youth outreach program, a small-medium sized corner store which can create jobs. If you sell drugs; look to invest in resources that will get you OUT the game, instead of a re-up. These are the things we should be thinking about.

I don’t have all the answers but if you take anything away from this, let it be the fact that our ancestors who died must be ‘rolling in their graves’ watching us piss away our inheritance.

They’re not pleased. It’s time to wake up. Our creator loves you and is with you…

Elijah Kaizen

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Note: This post was intended to make you think & discover your own answers. If anyone would like to debate/discuss/critique anything that I’ve said, or would like to provide additional information; feel free to message me and I’ll try to respond when I can. General comments are welcomed. Thanks

The Ebsdorf Map is a map of the world, but from the Middle Ages, which is interesting because it showed the structure of the world as medieval people saw it.

A few things to notice:

  • Jerusalem is at the center of the world
  • The earth is divided into three parts, just like the Classical Greek view
  • Africa is circular. Come to think of it, nothing about Africa is even close to right: from magical animals like the manticores and mirmicaleons (what the hell is that?) to Meroe, the land of midgets that ride crocodiles. Don’t forget the dog-headed men, the people with four feet, and cave-dwelling giants.
  • The Garden of the Hesperides is in Africa, marked by a winged serpent guardian
  • The location of the Garden of Eden is marked, watered by 11 rivers
  • Up around the Caucasus, you can see the homeland of the terrible cannibal giants Gog and Magog
  • If you look in Northern Asia, you can see where the mapmakers wrote in the homeland of the Amazon Women
  • Colchis, the city on the Black Sea that was the legendary home of the Quest for the Golden Fleece, is clearly marked
  • In Israel, you can see the Tower of Babel and Mt. Ararat, where Noah’s ark landed
  • Mostly the map of Europe is right, but it’s fascinating to see things like ant-dogs on the map, to say nothing of the total absence of anything like Switzerland.

T Λ J x Green Lion Crew

‘TEMPLE’ - the collaboration artwork with Green Lion Crew is the first piece of the “TENFOLD: Opus” project. The project seeks to collaborate with producers and musicians, in which we interpret each others work to come together for one audio-visual piece

So I just saw this on another post and it infuriated me. Insanely. There was a comment on the other post with @LesliFrye’s cell phone number and I didn’t want her to have more harassment than needed..BUT I did send her a little message and this is what it says:

“Hi! Lesli, I’m assuming? I’m not 100% sure if this is you. I was just made aware of a lovely tweet that you posted not long ago regarding the racial stereotyping of whites vs blacks because of the Ferguson ordeal. You said "I don’t feel sorry for black people. If you hate us so much GO BACH TO AFRICA. we should have never bought you.” Okay well, first let me make light of a few things for you darlin, the term “black people” is inherently wrong on a level I can’t even begin to try and explain to you. No one on earth has so dark of a complexion that they are void of color, void of light, and plain ole “black.” No one on earth is white either, for the same reason. You do know that Jesus wasn’t white, right? You know that it says he’s got hair like lamb’s wool and tan skin, correct? He was Middle Eastern. It is assumed by scholars that the Garden of Eden is located in Africa. So that means that Adam and Eve were Africans. They were dark complexion. Now of course, this is only if YOU, yourself, are Christian and believe what it says in the good and mighty book.

Now you may be wondering, “what does this have to do with anything?” Well, darlin, if it is true and it is fact that Adam and Eve were African, then would you not agree that God had made man and woman to be of color in the beginning? Would you not agree that God made Jesus a Middle Eastern man with hair like lamb’s wool because he was of color? Where do white folks come into this factor? All I’m saying so far is that if “black people” were created first in the grand scheme of things then “white people” came second. So instead of saying “[white people] should have never bought [black people]”, why don’t you say that “God made black people first so maybe I should sit the fuck down.”?

I apologize for that last statement. But here’s the thing Lesli, I have got no shame in being who I am. I am biracial. Do you know what that means? It means that I am of two races, two skin colors combined into one. I am of “black people” and “white people”. I share both sides of the stereotypes. All I care to inform you of is, maybe you should fact check. Maybe you should think about what kind of children you want to raise. Maybe you should project yourself into the future when [maybe] civil rights is into play, you’ll be remembered as the girl who told “black people” born in America to go “BACH” to Africa. You’ll be hated. You’ll be spat on. You’ll be rejected. Racism is already unacceptable. It exists everywhere. But I am trying, and trying, and trying to think of a massive amount of “white people” who were lynched, hung, shot as innocent civilians accused of shoplifting, raped, beaten, murdered, ENSLAVED, all because they were of a different color. Can you name any for me? If you can name any exceeding the billions and billions of “black” victims then I won’t post this to the Internet. No promises though.”

And not one reply yet.