africa as a playground

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(Cont 4) That were installed in a community in Africa. I'm short, kids would play on this playground toy, and water would be pumped. It SEEMED like a good idea, but they failed within a year. They weren't maintained, and it turned into a child-labor scenario in which kids were charging locals for them to pump the water. Obviously this water pump project was well-meaning, but it did ultimately fail and cause some serious issues. The focus should really be on long-term sustainability (cont.)

…what the goddamn fuck.  Never heard about that particular idea.

Edit: WAIT NO SHIT I DID, ACTUALLY.  But I stand by my “what the goddamn fuck.”

The African continent endured unspeakable brutality under European colonial rule.

Millions of people were enslaved, tortured or killed under violent systems of European law enforcement.

Throughout this era, Western media put forth a specific vision of the colonial relationship: Whites were heroes, saviors or adventurers in a wild and savage land.

Blacks were primitive, sub-human, incompetent or — in some cases — completely invisible to the white gaze, and therefore unimportant to white interests.

The image of Africa as a frontier playground is on full display in Taylor Swift’s new video. Not a single black African person is present.

We see a land rich with wildlife but devoid of humans — a trope that reinforces notions of Africa as feral and exotic.

All of this serves to obscure the lives of actual African people, past and present — whether intentionally or by omission.

When a pop culture product reaches as many people as a Taylor Swift video does — this matters.

Princess Sofia will miss the State Visit from Tunisia to Sweden as she is in South Africa to celebrate Project Playground’s 5th anniversary. The Princess is already a week in South Africa and is expected to return at the end of next week. Prince Carl Philip will join Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and the king and Queen for the reception tonight.