If continents had to be characterized by one zodiac sign...

Asia - Virgo (hardwork ethic, politeness)

Africa - Leo (vibrant, hospitable)

North America - Capricorn (money on their mind all day lol, ambitious)

South America - Aries (playful, adventurous)

Antarctica - Scorpio (extreme weather temperatures, isolated from the world)

Europe - Taurus (artistic, conservative)

Australia/Oceania - Sagittarius (rich wildlife, lot of things to explore)

(based on my opinion)

July 4th in 1879, the Battle of Ulundi is fought close to the capital of the Zulu King Cetshwayo, between Lieutenant General Lord Chelmsford’s force of about 5,000 British and colonial troops and an estimated 20,000 Zulus. The well-disciplined warriors converged upon the British, who formed a square of infantry enclosing staff, cavalry, and supplies. Heavy fire from Gatling guns cut the Zulus down at long range. The battle would prove to be the final battle of the Anglo-Zulu Wars.

The scene represents a late stage of the battle viewed from the centre of the British position when the 17th Lancers (left, middle distance) charged the enemy flank, putting them to flight.

This picture was commissioned by the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria as a present for his wife. It appears that the French artist Yvon intended the work to be displayed on a curved surface, so that the smoke would seem to blow in the same direction.

You can read a more in depth account of the battle here: http://www.britishbattles.com/zulu-war/ulundi.htm

Implosion, by HougaardMalan

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