Art affects people, and artists have a responsibility to their consumers. I’m not saying that it’s not also about self-expression and making your own point. I’m saying that if you have a blind spot with regard to race, or gender, or physical ability, or sexual preference, and someone calls you on that, you have a responsibility to have that conversation in good faith without getting defensive. If you didn’t want to communicate with people, why did you become an artist in the first place?

Accept your own and be yourself…

Featuring films from artists and filmmakers globally,

We invite you to view this exciting assemblage of Black and African creativity on film!

The festival will consist of 20 short films showing Ghanain boy sagas, quirky young love, the realities of globalization and systematic subjugation as well as transcendence and re-imagined societies. We would like to give special thanks to the Africa Centre for their collaboration. The Centre will be debuting a new film discussing artistry in London called “The Story Within”, so please join us for the first showing!

With a contribution from the Africa Channel, we will be showing dozens of episodes from the series “African Masters”. Taking you on a visually stunning journey across the globe, African Masters reveals the story behind the African art scene, through in-depth interviews and on location with world-renowned artists.

In addition there will be a Nigerian Music Video Marathon!
Featuring the latest videos, the first showing of the marathon will be followed by a panel discussion on the current age of Nigerian music and visual aestetic; “Fela and Hip Hop”

This is just a taster, for the full schedule including the descriptions of all films and more panels please view the website:!afim/c1zhv

50 Golborne Road
London, United Kingdom
W10 5PR

African Values: Where are they?

By: Ahmed Omer (Guest Contributor)

The term “African Continent” is used by people, (mostly us Africans) to imply unity of some sort. But have you ever heard or read the Europeans or Americans use the term “European Continent” or “American Continent?” I don’t think so. We usually hear them use the term “European Values” or “American Values.” The term “continent” does not create that emotional response because it is obviously impersonal. It refers to the environment. It is neither the geographic location nor the wild life that brings Africans together despite our differences. However, “values” do. Values are personal and possess the power to create similar emotional fervor in the hearts and minds of many. Irrespective of distance, shared values can unite people for common cause. So, dear reader, ask yourself what are “African Values?” And why do we imagine lions and monkeys when we think of Africa but imagine “Free Speech” when we think of Europe?

Although, our ancestors were frightened when they first encountered the Europeans, they were never violent against them. Therefore, our hospitality was beyond bounds considering the unavailability of information and technology. We were victims of colonialism but we forgave. Forgiveness is our hallmark. We demonstrated Justice in its most high level. We were harmonious with nature, doing our best to protect and preserve the land around us. We understood that humanity came from Africa and therefore should be preserved by Africa firsthand.


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African countries receive a lot more migrants than the continent exports abroad. In fact the bulk of Africans looking for opportunities outside their countries go to another African country. Less than 2-million seek a destination abroad every year, which is a tiny number in relation to migrant stocks, particularly in Europe