no band-aids

i found a hole on my face
today and poked it

it bled. i collected
red dots on tissues 

growing maps with every
dab. i can read the red and wrinkles

better than i can read
your voice stammer 

behind a sentence. i can
see more possibilities

in the trash can than i do
when i let myself walk more than

three steps in this
fake house. forgive me

if i refuse to look out the window
for the next fourteen months.

words by Dhiyanah Hassan
art by Bob Schofield

This weekend, on the eve of the country’s 58th Merdeka (Independence Day), the Malaysian people (rakyat) have come together for a peaceful protest organized by Bersih 2.0. The rally, dubbed Bersih 4, is calling for clean elections, anti-corruption, the right to dissent/freedom of expression, parliamentary democracy, and saving the national economy

I couldn’t make it for any of its 34 hours, hence the solidarity poster*. The rally is still going on, now entering its final stages on the periphery of the historical Dataran Merdeka. It is set to end at the agreed-upon time, 12am. 

* photo reference was a combination of a few photos from media/social network streams.