Break The Rules, Charli XCX.

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Alec’s never been afraid of living, but he’s always been afraid of consequences. And being in his senior year of high school makes it nearly impossible to escape the consequences of his actions… with his boyfriend who may or may not trespass onto the campus just to steal Alec for most of the day(s).

Words: 1083, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 5 of Song-Based Fics

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What Does it Feel Like to Be Black in 2016?

Two days after the country celebrates freedom, or shall we say “freedom”- blacks are reminded how they’re not so free once again. Not free to wear a hoodie, not free to run from a police officer who you feel is going to take your life, not free to play with a toy gun, not free to sleep, not free to forget to signal, not free to eat skittles, not free to reach for your wallet, not even free to sell CD’s/DVD’s outside of a convenience store that supports your determination to take care of your family, and absolutely not free to have a broken taillight.

Why is it that the first instinct of most black people is to pull out a recording device when being confronted by a police officer? Is it because blacks are afraid for their lives and feel if it is taken away, the truth won’t be told? Or is it because they know authorities will take the surveillance videos blocking the mainstream media of broadcasting the truth.

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“And you?” asked Kate. “Your brother is righteous, your sister is scattered. What does that make you?”
When August answered, the word was small, almost too quiet to hear. “Lost.” He exhaled, and it seemed to take more than air out of him. “I’m what happens when a kid is so afraid of the world he lives in that he escapes the only way he knows how. Violently.”

the-live-life  asked:

Hey, So I hope you won't mind e asking this. But I was goofing off and looking at RWBY posts when I saw one of yours and how it was talking about a character being LBGT. Did I miss something because from what i've seen bumblebee is on it's way to being canon, very soon like maybe vol 4 or vol 5, with whiterose following. Although whiterose won't happen for a while( like towards the end but I still want it to happen). Overall did I miss something important in RWBY?

The problem is that is STILL pure speculation.

I know that Yang and Blake’s interactions are really nuanced and they HONESTLY interact with each other in non-platonic manners that parallel (or even transcend) how Sun and Blake interact with each other.

But the fact remains that even though it’s obvious to us as shippers that Yang and Blake seem like more than just friends and comrades, there’s a fine line between ship tease and canon feelings.
The problem is that once series creators take interest in their audience’s ships (in ALL media) they will always skirt that line, and play a game with their audiences to ensure that they’re remain tuned into their series, so they really can’t be trusted with ships unless they confirm with what they write, or what they tell their audience with certainty that is canon.

It still doesn’t make sense that of all series that doesn’t have to worry about censorship or “ratings,” that RWBY is doing this absurd and weird tap-dancing act with LGBT+ characters (or in its case, “character”) regardless of shipping. I don’t understand how and why it’s so hard to make and CONFIRM a character who just so happens to be LGBT+, and it doesn’t have to be one of the “main” characters we have thus far, to avoid “ship wars” or whatever, if that’s where the creators’ concern lies.
Fox News Wants You Afraid Of Black Lives Matter

For the edification of our readers, I could provide you with a transcript, list the individuals sitting on the curved couch, parse out their words one at a time.

But it’s Saturday, and here is all you need to know about this clip.

Fox News wants you to be afraid, very afraid, of Black Lives Matter.

Lady in the blue dress won’t even use the word “Matter.” It’s the Black Lives movement, and it’s violent, and Hillary Clinton uses their hashtag in her tweets because she believes in killing police officers!

Lady #2 pulls back and points out all the peaceful protests without mentioning that those protests WERE Black Lives Matter. In Fox world, those were a faceless group with no ideology, a backdrop to cop killing and fire setting “maniacs.”

The “Outnumbered” gentleman in the middle of the couch then talks about Ferguson with very selective memory. Does he mention the Ferguson police disrupted a peaceful protest themselves, showing up in armored military-style vehicles? Police tear-gassing a woman who was having a heart attack? Police threatening to mace Chris Hayes as he was reporting, on camera?

Did they mention the years and years of targeting of Ferguson residents by police for Driving While Black?

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the world is terrifying…