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Dallas Winston Headcanon: Dating Dally

Dating Dallas Winston would include:

-Constant fighting, and I mean every little thing that happens between you two causes a fight.
-Constantly being annoyed with him, and letting him know about it.
-Him never being able to tell you he loves you.
-You loving him with every fibre of your being despite how much he hurts you or makes you annoyed.
-Him constantly apologizing for doing something stupid.
-Getting to see his soft side every once in a while.
-Him stealing things for you because he wants to be able to give you gifts but he can’t afford it.
-You telling him to stop stealing things, cause he’s gonna get in trouble. Causing him to become upset which results in an argument. “I just want to be able to give you stuff, is all.”
-Cleaning up his cuts and bruises after he gets in a fight, telling him that he’s an idiot afterwards.
-Being the only person who can be sarcastic and sassy to Dally without getting their head kicked in.
-Him being EXTREMELY overprotective.
-Him not knowing what to do or say when you cry or become upset so he just pulls you into his arms and rubs your back gently, hoping you feel better soon.
-Him being afraid of his feelings for you, causing him to be distant sometimes.
-Him getting drunk and telling you all the things that he’s too afraid to say when he’s sober, “I love you.” As an example.
-Being the first girl he has ever opened up to.
-Him being sweet sometimes but an absolute asshole other times.
-Him climbing in your window in the middle of the night and crawling in your bed, pulling you into his arms and holding you tight.
-Constant make up sex.
-Him showing you off to everyone every time you went out in public.
-Him getting extremely jealous over the smallest things, such as a guy simply looking at you.
-Being the first girl Dally has truly cared about.

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“Omo,” You finished chewing your cookie, swallowing hard to get all of it down. “That’s great, sunbae.”

“Is it?” He scratched his head, “I was thinking it needed a little something more. I’m sorry for waking you up and dragging you here so late, (Y/N).”

“It’s fine.” You shrugged, “Anything to help you out with that mixtape everyone’s waiting on—including me.”

He chuckled lightly, ruffling his hair and showing a tired gummy smile. “Everything has just been so busy.”

“I know.” You sat on the desk he was at, “The boys and you have had so much on your plate recently.”

“I’m just glad people are understanding the process,”

You opened up your phone, scrolling through all the tweets fans had sent to tell Yoongi to take it easy. You showed him, swiping your finger against the screen to reveal more and more. “See that? They want you to cool down,” You gave him your phone that he was mesmerized at, “They care about your wellbeing more than a long awaited mixtape.”

“Don’t over work yourself, oppa.” He mumbled reading, “We love you—just take a break. Please?”

“They care—I care.” You touched your chest, “We all care. Please, just get some sleep?” You wearily smiled, brushing some of his hair in place.

“I think I know what the song is missing, hoobae.” He said, placing your phone on your lap gently. “Get in the recording booth.”

“W-What?” You stutter.

“In the booth, (Y/N).” He told you as if you were a child.


“Just go,” He stood up, putting his producing headphones on. “I’m waiting.”

You sighed heavily, hopping off the desk and getting in the booth. “Can this hurry? I have practice early tomorrow morning, oppa.”

“Put the headphones on, listen to the beat, and sing what I’m writing right now.” He scribbled on a piece of notebook paper. After a while, he handed you the paper. “Okay,” He started the music, “Go.”

You read over the lyrics he had just written, and listened to the beat and his voice starting it off. You followed along on the sheet, waiting for your cue to start. You looked up during the middle of the last line; a nod from Yoongi. You sucked in a deep breath, nodding back and staring down at the paper. The empty sound was soon filled with you singing. The song had about two or three ‘empty’ parts Yoongi wasn’t satisfied with, so you sang it a few more times. When the track finished, you looked up for him. He had the biggest grin, clenching his fists and laughing happily. “Was that good?”

“(Y/N),” He said breathlessly, “Good? That was great.” It seemed as if he kept smiling he’d split something, “Come out, come out.” You exited the booth, going back to his side. “Thank you.” He smiled up at you from his chair. “It means a lot, but if you stayed it would mean more.”

“Stay?” You stomped your foot, looking up and groaning. “Yoongi-ah, I have work! That come-back isn’t gonna do itself!”

“You’ll be fine missing one day of practice,” He rolled his eyes, “Let’s have a celebration.”

“And what am I supposed to tell everyone when I won’t get up in the morning because I’m too tired? Or when I’m not dancing right?” You crossed your arms.

“That you were with me all night.” He said nonchalantly.

“Yoongi,” You sighed, putting your hand on your forehead. “You do realize my group, your group, everyone here, and the fans think something more is going on between us—right? So how suspicious would it be to say the reason for my tired self would be spending the night with you?”

He just laughed while shaking his head, “Just sit down.”

“Did you not listen to anything I just said?”

“I did.” He nodded, licking his lips. “I don’t care, though.” He lifted himself from the chair he was sitting on, “I’ll be back.”

You waited, anxious about the morning and what it has to hold. Did he really need the company, or did he just didn’t want to go to sleep and work more? You hoped that you weren’t just an excuse to stay up, because you have tons of practice to do. “Ugh, Yoongi..” You sighed, rubbing your face with your hands.

“You called?” He joked, coming in the room with bottles.

“Sunbae~” You worriedly stared at the bottles that his arms hugged.

“You’re of age,” He shrugged, “What’s the problem? It’s a celebration.”

“A celebration doesn’t require alcohol,” You were about to sit up, but he held your arm to keep you in place. “Yoongi, I need to go to sleep.”

“(Y/N)-ah,” He gave you sad eyes, “Please? I need someone to be here with me right now,”

You caved in, sitting back down with a thud. “I’ll only have one drink.”

“It’s better than none,” He smiled, pouring some of the liquid into a cup.

//A few hours later//

“Come on (Y/N)!” Yoongi shoved the bottle to your chest, “It’ll be fun.”

“Yoongi, for the last time,” You gentle pushed it back towards him. “No.”

“Mm.” He mumbled, “I’m tired.”

“Great! Let’s go to sleep.” You grabbed his hand.

“No!” He snatched it away, “I wanna stay here.”

“Then I’ll leave.”

“No!” He hugged your waist, “Don’t go.” He looked up at you.

“I stood here an extra three hours more than I had to.”

“Could you please stay longer?” He held you tighter, pressing his cheek against your stomach and closing his eyes.

You stepped back to the couch, “Does it matter if I’m conscious?” You asked as you sat down.

“It does.” He stumbled on his feet a little, walking the short distance from the chair to where you were. He plopped down, laying his head on your thighs. He stood quiet, and for a while you thought he passed out. However, as you were about to lean over to see his face, he spoke. “Have you ever noticed how lucky we are?”

“What do you mean?” You sat back slowly, not trying to alarm him that you were about to peek.

“Other companies,” He hiccuped, “They have so many rules in their contracts for their groups: no eating these foods, no skipping shows even if, they barely get any sleep, stay for years and years, and you can’t date.” He finished. “We didn’t have to keep those ridiculous promises—we’re lucky.”

“Of course we are,”

“I think you’ll have no problem finding a boyfriend.”

You felt your face heat up a little, “I-I don’t think I want a boyfriend..”

“Why not?” He turned on his back, looking up at you as you looked down.

“The schedules.” You simply said, “I won’t be able to spend time with him, and there won’t be any time that I’m not dozing off while I’m with him. I wouldn’t even be able to call or text him while I’m on tour,”

“Would you ever date another idol?”

“Wouldn’t that be more challenging? Both of the hectic schedules clashing wouldn’t be great,”

“What about one in BigHit?”

“Would that make a difference? We’re just in the same company, not in the same group or anything.”

“You’d be able to see him more, though.”

“I’d see him, not spend time with him.” You correct him, “What’s the point?”

“What about a close friend?”

“I wouldn’t want to ruin a friendship over a relationship.”

He sat up, holding his head. “What about me?”

“Yoongi,” You breathed a laugh, “That’s the liquor talking.”

“Liquor makes us say what we are too afraid to say while we’re sober.” You watched his eyes fill with tears slowly, “I’m happy with what I have—I really am—I’m so grateful.” He looked down, “I just can’t help but wonder where will I be after this? After the music, after the rapping, after the touring..” He sniffled, “Who’ll be there for me when I get home? What family will I have if I’m so immersed in the music? Life goes by so quickly, and I’m afraid before I notice, I’ll be older. What is life’s meaning if you don’t leave behind your legacy?”

Your face softened, “Your music is your legacy.” You held his shoulder lightly.

“That’s not enough,” He sobbed, covering his face. “That’s never gonna be enough. Where will I be without a wife and a few kids? That’s the point of life: reproduction, marriage, have a family. I want a family before it’s too late..”

“Yoongi, you’re too young to be thinking about this.” You slowly scoot next to him, putting your arm around him. “You have so much time—you’re so young. There’s no need to worry about it, you have plenty of time.”

“It doesn’t feel like it..” He lifted his head, “It feels like just yesterday I was a trainee, now look at me.” He wiped the tears on his white skin, “I’m making a mixtape, I’m in an amazing group, and I have someone who I’ve trained who’s now just as big as I am with her group. It happened so fast—too fast.”

“From the moment I met you, you were a role model for me. You’re so talented,” You held his hand, “Strong,” You step some hair to the side, away from his eyes. “And successful. Just because you have a little worry outside of this doesn’t mean you should stop doing what you love,”

“You agree that it’ll be too difficult to be with someone with our odd schedules, though.”

“I said it would be difficult, but not impossible.” You played with some of his hair, “Just don’t worry about it, alright? There’s nothing to worry about in the first place,”

“Can I confess something to you?” He held your hands tighter.

“Sure.” You nodded.

“I’ve liked you for a while now,” He started, “I just wasn’t sure. I’m focused on my music more than anything else in the world, and to have this girl who is apart of the music was confusing. You’re apart of the job, apart of the music—my music—and my trainee. I have to be into you, right? But one day it just hit me,” He swallowed, “I care way more about you than I should.”

“Is that what the dating thing is about?” You placed some hair behind his ear.

“Yes.” He admitted, “You’re just so..diligent. You’re like me with your music, but so different in your personality. You relatively have no problem speaking about your emotions, and you’re pretty good at expressing yourself too. I guess that’s what attracts me to you,” He rubbed his thumb over yours. “You’re the opposite of me, and I’m sure if you tried you could drag out whatever emotion you want out of me—that’s the effect you have on me. You could get anything you want from me,” He hung his head low, “I’m pretty much your servant. Since day one, I’d be willing to give anything for your wellbeing. That’s changed now: now I’d give anything to see you smile, be happy, and be with me. You want an expensive necklace? You got it. You want some weird girl things? You got it. Anything you want,”

Taken aback, you look at the shame he had telling you the power you had over him. “Pick your head up.” Without a question, he raised his head up. “Why are you so ashamed of it?”

“I never thought I’d be here: drunk, in your arms, and not being able to hold shit back. You try telling someone your feelings towards them,”

“Yoongi, I like you too.”


“You heard me.”


“You’re very serious, which I’ll need once in a while to calm down from my personality. You’ve got great ideas, love music, and rap perfectly. How am I not supposed to have feelings for the person who broke the rules, practically ran over to me, and claimed me as 'my girl’? You seriously have no idea,”

He rested his head on your shoulder, “I broke the rules by about a minute, okay? It was a minute until the song ended, and you licked your lips winking at me as you did my part.”

“Because of what you say in the song, and your jaw was practically on the floor by then.”

“Namjoon and Hoseok’s feet were already pressed against the floor, ready to jump up as soon as it ended—I couldn’t let them get you. I was so happy to know I got to train you to become a great female artist, and I got to work with you whenever I pleased. You’re really great, and I admire the effort you put into everything.”

“You always cared for me,” You played with your fingers, “You still do.”

“I care for the people that have a big part in my life. You impacted my life in the best way I couldn’t even imagine.”

“So what does this mean?”

“It means,” He cupped your cheek, “Do you care enough about me to make a risk?”

“Yes.” You nodded.

“Good.” He said against your lips, closing the gap between you two. His kiss was gently and soft, but the hand on your cheek gripped your hip tightly. He elongated it, giving you separate kisses afterwards. His lips pressed harder against yours, giving the kisses a more hungry feel. He pushed you on your back, crawling on top of you after. “Do you trust me?” He asked, pressing your foreheads together as his fingers held your shirt.

“Can we wait? We’re not even together,” You sheepishly asked.

“Anything you want,” He sat up, “Just come here and sleep with me.” You pressed your ear against his chest, “Oh, one more thing.” He wrapped his arms around you, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

You smiled up at him, “Will you be my boyfriend?”

“Alright, we give our answers at the same time.”

He counted down from three, “Yes.” You said in unison.

He laughed happily, “You’re really my girl now, (Y/N).” He planted a small kiss on your head, “Thank you from staying.”

Let’s get drunk and talk about our dreams and how shitty that one day was in middle school. Let’s get drunk and stumble to the park so we can look up at the stars and talk about how small we are compared to the rest of the universe and how the stars are almost as beautiful as the first time you fell in love. Let’s get drunk and say everything we’re too afraid to say sober.
—  Let’s get drunk // P.P

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Can you please do a 4/4 about the boys and you drunk at a party thx xox


I think Ashton would be even more giggly and funny when he was drunk so he’d probably laugh at everything you say he’d say the most random things. He’d probably hold you close to him the whole time though and make sure that everyone knows you’re his. I also think that once you both get back home, he would make you lie on him and he’d keep murmuring things into your ear and end up laughing about it even if there was nothing funny about it.


Drunk Calum would probably be all over you and be quite cuddly, you know? He would probably keep running his hands along your arm or if you were sitting down, he’d keep running it along your leg and he’d probably hug you and a lot and keep giving you these really long kisses on your neck and shoulders and he’d keep hugging you or pulling you into his chest and his hands would always be on you somewhere like either on your back or in your hair or around you waist. 


Michael would probably be very honest when he’d drunk. He’d maybe take you aside to a quiet corner with not many people and he’d tell you all his secrets that he would maybe be a little afraid to say when he was sober. But I also think Michael would be quite cuddly. Like he’d keep kissing you and hugging you and telling you how pretty you looked and he’d always have his arms around you and awww


This little shit would be very passionate when he’s drunk. He’d probably drag you off to a room and shut the door and start making out with you against the door and his hands would wander underneath your dress or your shirt and he’d smirk when you moaned his name and he’d lean your head back and kiss you all over your neck and he’d keep murmuring against your neck or your lips about how amazing you looked and he’d take you back to his place and you both would probably make out a little more (or a lot more, who knows?) and then he’d slowly take off your clothes and start kissing you everywhere and oh my gosh I’m stopping now or I’ll faint okay?

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