afraid of the implications that come with those feelings

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Could you give a brief description of HEALTHY individuals with Ti/Fe and Te/Fi? Or Fi/Te, Fe/Ti... Curious to see how they manifest when they're well developed.

I’ll write based on examples of real life people I know (edit: I was writing based on Ns, but it probably applies to sensors too).

Healthy Ti-Fe (IxTP): You look at things objectively and logically, but are aware of how you are affecting other people. You are attuned to other people’s needs, and are more tactful and accommodating. But you’re also in tune with your own feelings and how you feel differently from others in your group. You’re also aware of your own needs, and will speak up when you dislike something instead of repressing negative feelings or being passive-aggressive. You look for more ways to help others through advice.

Healthy Te-Fi (ExTJ): You’d still do things rationally and effectively, but you are aware of your own feelings and attachment to others, and factor those into your decisions. You’re more comfortable with expressing your affection and being vulnerable. You’re in control of yourself and know how to express your annoyance or anger tactfully. You are aware that people have different values, which are not necessarily “wrong.” You will not try to control the way they do things when it’s different from you. Instead, you inspire others to become as motivated as you are by acting as an example.

Healthy Fe-Ti (ExFJ): You’re caring, and you value everyone’s needs, but you’re not a pushover and can stand up for yourself. You can determine what people really need though an objective lens rather than assuming or using gut feelings. This allows you to truly help people become better versions of themselves. You’re not afraid of offending someone by saying things that must be said. You’re confident in yourself and won’t go over the top to make everyone like you. You’re more objective with your live choices and can make your own decisions instead of always waiting for input from others.

Healthy Fi-Te (IxFP): You are guided by your values and what’s important to you, but you’ve learned the practical implications of your choices. You know how to make your dreams come true through objective planning. You realize that those who have the opposite values from you are not necessarily bad people. You’re better at expressing your strong feelings into words and actions that other people can understand. Even though things you choose to do may start with your own selfish values, you aim to translate them into goals that are bigger and can also help others.

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