afraid of sharks

NCT at the beach

Taeil: Comes prepared with fins and full faced goggles. Would’ve brought his wetsuit but couldn’t find it because he packed last minute. Sits in the water away from everyone else and looks at the little fish that circle around his feet. Enjoys himself the most and doesn’t want to leave when everyone starts to pack up.

Johnny: Refuses any sunscreen from Taeyong. Falls asleep 15 minutes after they arrive and is asleep directly in the sun for the full two hours they’re there. Is burnt to a crisp and gets laughed a by Haechan who calls him a lobster.

Taeyong: Has packed 10 tubes of sunscreen and 15 sandwiches but won’t let anyone get in the water until half an hour after they’ve eaten. Wants to get in the water but is too worried the sea water would ruin his hair and wash away his sunscreen. Taking selfies and videos of everyone having fun.

Yuta: Immediately rips off his shirt as soon as he arrives. The first one in the water trying to convince everyone it wasn’t that cold which was a lie. Tells Chenle he can finally be with his people and offers to help him find some dolphins.

Doyoung: Builds a sandcastle with Renjun because he’s scared of the fish in the ocean but doesn’t want to admit it. Occasionally stands on the shore dipping his feet in the water as he watches over the younger members making sure they don’t drown.

Ten: Was in charge of bringing the beach toys for everyone to play with but forgot them at the dorm. Screams when a piece of seaweed touches his foot and tells everyone it was a big fish but no one believes him.

Jaehyun: Spends the entire time in the water only coming out for the food Taeyong brought them. All the girls are swooning over him and he doesn’t realize it.

Winwin: Wears a shirt and a rashguard, refusing to take either off even though he was dying of heat. Gets pulled into the water by Yuta and has a splashing fight with Yuta and Jaehyun until he got water in his eye and complained he couldn’t see for 10 whole minutes.

Mark: Brought a book that he swore to himself he was going to read until he dropped it in the sand and got sand in all the pages. Keeps getting in and out of the water, getting bored and hoping somehow going back and forth will change something. Trips while trying to get out on multiple occasions.  

Renjun: Refuses to get into the water, afraid sharks are going to hurt him. Stays on the shore building a sand castle with Doyoung. Builds the coolest sandcastle on the beach that included a three story palace, palace walls, and a moat full of water that he made Doyoung collect from the ocean.

Jeno: The only one being somewhat normal. Is sent to go back to the car to get everything people forgot. Tries to convince Renjun to get into the water but Renjun is having none of it.

Haechan: Doesn’t really want to be there claiming he easily burns. Sits under an umbrella most of the time. After eating his sandwich he ran into the water without Taeyong noticing, got a cramp, and had Yuta come save him. Was scolded by Taeyong and wasn’t allowed in the water anymore.

Jaemin: Brought cookies with him to eat when he got hungry but the seagulls found his stash and ate all of them. Taking aesthetic photos of himself by the ocean and almost drops his phone into the water on multiple occasions.

Chenle: Brought a frisbee to play with Jisung and Jaemin. Accidently got hit in the face with the frisbee by Jaemin and decided he wanted to go in the water instead. Tried to see if he could breathe underwater which he quickly found out wasn’t possible.

Jisung: Comes to the beach in jeans and a longsleeve shirt and no one knows why. Goes in the water fully clothed and when the members ask him why he says he’s not sure himself. Is convinced he’ll get a cramp if he goes back in the water after he eats and waits an hour instead of 30 minutes even though Taeyong said it was okay.

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im really afraid of sharks sweetie 😩 what if they are real and not just another made-up blockbuster monster by hollywood in order to sell movie tickets? 💶😱


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look at swimmy boy

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big high five friendo

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belly scritch sharko

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sharks are REAL and they are our ocean buds n we need to protect them!!!

  • “My heart just pooped it’s pants.”
  • “I have a photographic butt memory.”
  • “[ name ], if you believe you’re beautiful, you will be.”
  • “If you need me I’ll be down here on the floor. Dying.”
  • “You’re tongue feels so much more different than my cat’s.”
  • “I’ve eaten nine birthday cakes, and I still feel empty.”
  • “Is it possible to be in love with twenty-five people at once?”
  • “Here’s a bunch of numbers. They may look random, but they’re my phone number.”
  • “Cute? He’s the reason faces were invented! You idiot!”
  • “Your ass is grass and I’m gonna mow it.”
  • “[ name ] doesn’t get drunk. He/She just has fun.”
  • “I like to play with a yo-yo so something comes back to me.”
  • “You’ve got to calm down. Let’s see your ‘everything’s ok’ face.”
  • “Don’t tell me not to dance, [ name ]!”
  • “I’m not hero. I put my bra on one boob at a time, just like everyone else.”
  • “Hey [ name ], I see you’re riding a bicycle. Do you know they call it a bicycle because bi means two? Speaking of two, there’s two of us. Wanna go on a date by the way?”
  • “Time for the charm bomb to explode.”
  • “I’m not afraid of ghosts. I’m not afraid of sharks. I’m not afraid of cancer. I’m just afraid of snakes. They really creep me out. Where are there arms and legs? IT’S NOT OKAY!
  • “So I’m being attacked by a zombie, and I start screaming, ‘do you wanna make out?’ And I make out with it.”
  • “Do you think horses get songs stuck in their heads?”

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‘What are you afraid of?’

A question that is often asked as a light question.
People expect an answer like snakes or heights, something simple, something unimportant actually. But the truth is I’m not afraid of spiders and I have absolutely no problem taking the elevator.

I’m afraid of time, how everything goes by way too soon, how I might run out of time before I even start living.

I’m afraid of making mistakes, being at the wrong place at the wrong time and completely messing up my happiness.

I’m afraid of choosing the wrong person to build a life with, not knowing what love really is, not knowing there is more.

But those are subjects far too heavy for small-talk and I’ll just get weird looks from the people who asked me. So I’ll be polite, I’ll say I’m afraid of sharks, ducks, or big dogs.

But our real fears, are those unspoken.

—  rk

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i hate eremika and you need to stop shoving your beliefs down my throat

Anon: *is not a Christian*

Anon: *walks into a church during a sermon*


Anon: *is afraid of sharks*

Anon: *watches Jaws*


Anon: *hates Eremika*

Anon: *goes onto a blog with the URL Eremikafdefensesquad*


These are examples, of course, of how fucking stupid you are.

Meet business shark. He’s a great white shark and he’s very proud. He’s trying his best

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My dad is brutal

We were talking to this dude and his wife and somehow my snakes came up. I explained they were small pythons and a rat snake and i work at a zoo (it put people at ease when you work with exotics professionally if you own snakes). The lady made some disgusted noise and said she’s scared of snakes and all good snakes are dead snakes.

my dad started to laugh in her face and said “what, are you afraid of sharks in the pool too?”


Got7 Jaebum daddy Jb



gif not mine


“No, go away.” I screamed to Jaebum. I locked myself into the bedroom. “Baby girl, let’s not do this again. You can’t just steal a tub of ice cream and eat it in the bedroom.” Jaebum said and tried to open the bedroom door. “I said go away.” I yelled. I heard Jaebum hit his fist against the door. “Open the door now.” Jaebum said with low voice. “NO!” I screamed as loud as I could “Fine.” Jaebum said.

I didn’t hear him for awhile, I sat on the bed eating ice cream. Finally I heard a knock on the door “I have your unicorn stuffie. Come out or I’m gonna wash it.” Jaebum said. I kicked the bed and got up. I opened the door for a small crack “Yes daddy?” I asked as nothing happened. He didn’t hold any stuffie. “Oh now you open the door? I already put unicorn to the wash.” He said and smiled. “Butthead.” I spat out. Jaebum’s smile melted. “Excuse me?” Jaebum asked, crossed his hands and raised his eyebrows. “Butt-Head.” I said and giggled. “Brat.” Jaebum said and lifted me over his shoulder. 

He carried me to the living room couch and bent me over his knee. Jaebum’s hand smacked my ass few times and then he stopped “What did you do?” Jaebum asked. “Nutting.” I giggled and wiggled my ass in the air. Jaebum smacked my ass again. “What?” he asked again. “I stole a tub of ice cream.” I said, Jaebum smacked again “And?” he asked with stern voice. “I was being brat.” I giggled. Jaebum smacked my ass again “Yes baby.” Jaebum said and smacked once more. “Does it hurt?” Jaebum asked and I shook my head.

Jaebum was making a bath for me and I was putting my stuffies to sleep. “Princess come here!” Jaebum yelled from the bathroom. “did you but duckies?” I asked. Jaebum didn’t answer for a while “Yes.” he yelled. I walked to the bathroom and looked at the tub without duckies. I want duckies.” I pouted. “I don’t know where they are.” Jaebum said and kissed my cheek “I want duckies.” I said again. “Princess calm down.” Jaebum said. “I.Want. Duckies!” I screamed and jumped. Jaebum sighed. “Bath.Now.” Jaebum said with stern voice. “NO DUCKIES. NO BATH!” I screamed and ran out of the bathroom. 

I heard Jaebum come out of the bathroom. I was in the living room. I heard Jaebum go to the bedroom to find me. Soon he came to the living room “Baby girl, why are the duckies under our bed?” Jaebum asked. I got up from the floor and smiled “They were afraid of the shark in the tub.” I giggled. Jaebum rubbed his forehead “So you knew where they were and you didn’t tell me?” he asked. I nodded and giggled. “Can you still giggle when my hand is around your neck, pinning you to the wall, while I finger you?” Jaebum asked, I looked at the ground. 

“You wanna try?” Jaebum asked. I looked at Jaebum and bit my lip. Jaebum pushed me against the wall, wrapped his hand around my neck as he pinned me against the wall. His other hand was on my unicorn shorts. “You like these?” Jaebum asked and I nodded. “Too bad they are broken.” he said and ripped them off. His finger rubbed my clit. He inserted one finger in me. “No sound ok?” Jaebum said as he inserted another finger. He pumped his finger in and out. A soft moan left my lips. Jaebum removed his hand from my throat, he took his fingers off, turned me around and slapped my ass. 

I turned my head to see him but he turned my head back to the wall. He pulled my hips away from the wall “Hands against the wall now.” he said and I obeyed. I heard him unzip his jeans. I felt his hard cock rub against my clit. “As I said no sound.” he said calmly. Jaebum inserted his dick inside me and slapped my ass. Jaebum pounded me and rubbed my clit with his hand. Jaebum massaged my breast with other hand. I had to bite my lip. With every thrust Jaebum made I was closer to cumming. Jaebum started pounding faster and deeper. It took serious willpower not to moan. “Do you want to cum?” Jaebum whispered to my ear and I nodded. “Not yet.”He said, took his hand away from my breast and pulled my hair gently. He kissed my neck and thrusted deeper. “Cum for daddy.” he said as he came. I let out a whiny moan as I tightened around him and came. 

Jaebum rubbed my butt and kissed my cheek. “Baby girl, wanna take a bath now?” he asked and I nodded. “Go to the tub, I’ll bring the duckies.” Jaebum said and kissed my nose “Yes daddy.” I said. Jaebum kissed my forehead. “Baby girl. I’m gonna buy new shorts for you ok?” Jaebum said and kissed my cheek. I squealed and hugged Jaebum. Jaebum kissed my cheek again and hummed “Daddy’s good little girl.”

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31 Days of Ouija Blogs: Day 2- Ouija Board Stigma

So I got this message today:

Of course there’s no proof to these claims. There has never been a documented case of Ouija board possession (from a credible source, not a source that only cares about selling lies or getting clicks on their website) and any demonologist can tell you that there are far more reliable methods to contact a demon than with a Ouija board, and that demons are far more powerful than any board game. 

So where did this stigma come from? A few places.

1) The Exorcist. Which is an excellent movie that came out in the 1970s that was “based on a true story” of a child being possessed through a Ouija board. We now know that that true story was most likely a hoax, but the movie features some terrifying elements that freaked out the general public. And because it was “based on a true story” people believed it was all fact and Ouija board fear was born. Before this film was released, Ouija boards were considered fun party games. There were some people, however, that considered the Ouija board dangerous, and they were…

2) Evangelical Christians and Catholics. Now I have nothing against these beliefs, and I celebrate any belief that does not cause harm to others. But in these beliefs, anything paranormal comes from Hell or Satan, and therefore, talking to spirits meant you were talking to demons or the Devil himself.  They also didn’t like how the original rules of the game made a boy and a girl sit with the board in their laps with their knees touching, because you know, that’s too sexy. These beliefs preach against Ouija boards in the same way that they preach against marijuana and Harry Potter. So the combination of scary threats of going to Hell combined with a scary Hollywood movie leads to…

3) Your Mom’s friend’s cousin’s neighbor who has a scary Ouija board story that was TOTALLY TRUE. Everyone seems to know someone who has a scary Ouija board story. I’ll tell you mine. My aunt and her friend were playing when they were in middle school and it spelled out GRACE. They told my Grandma this and she gasped, because Grace was the name of her stillborn baby. The board also told them to stay away from cars, and her friend died in a car accident ten years later. And the scariest part of all? I totally made this story up off the top of my head. But these kind of stories are all over Tumblr and the Internet in general, and really, anyone could make up some spooky story to get notes. It’s a little hard to prove these are true unless like I had a newspaper article about my aunt’s friend’s car crash (which is nonexistent, I have to repeat). And maybe I didn’t make it up, maybe my aunt made it up. Either way spoopy creepypasta Ouija board stories are fun but you can’t really believe them.

And that’s it. You can’t take Ouija board advice from people who are extremely religious, because they are thinking with their belief in mind and not yours, and you can’t trust your friend’s uncle’s roommate because either of them could have made it up. Plus, people are just influenced by pop culture in general, from things like American Horror Story or the Ouija movie (which I’ll talk about in a later post when it’s closer to the sequel’s release date). When Jaws came out in theaters, people were scared to get into swimming pools because they were so afraid of great white sharks. It’s the same deal for Ouija boards. 

Now there’s a few things people will reply with when you tell them that Ouija boards are just board games. For example:

-You don’t know who or what you’ll contact. But you do. You’ll contact spirits. You can only contact spirits with the Ouija board, nothing else, not demons or angels or Satan or God or anything like that. Saying “you don’t know who you’ll talk to” was the same reason I wasn’t allowed to go into chat rooms alone when I was ten. You don’t know who you’re talking to on the Internet either.

-Spirits are dangerous. Except that they’re not. People generally think you need holy water and an exorcist to drive out a spirit, but really all you have to do is tell them to leave, and they’ll leave. Spirits are really easy to deal with, which people who aren’t spirit workers don’t realize. They’re one of the least powerful spiritual entities out there.

-You’ll invite spirits into your home. Except that you won’t. The spirits you talk to are the ones that are closest to you when you start to play You aren’t summoning anything. The spirits you are talking to in your home have already been in your home, probably for longer than you have. This idea comes from the fact that sometimes spirit activity can occur after playing, which is only beccause you’ve established contact with a spirit and they’re trying to say hi in the only way they can. 

-You can get possessed. But you can’t. Like I said, there’s never been an actual case of possession from a Ouija board, and cases that were reported were either caused by religious hysteria, undiagnosed mental illness, hallucinogens or other drugs, or were just faked. 

-You can get addicted. People can get addicted to anything. There are people addicted to model trains. Anything is good in moderation. If playing the Ouija board starts taking over your life, that’s not spirit activity, that’s your brain on an addiction high. 

-Ouija boards are disrespecting those who use it as religious tools. There is no religion that incorporates Ouija boards. As in, there is no beliefs that has you play the Ouija board at every new moon or whatever as part of the faith. You aren’t disrespecting anyone.

-It’s rude to spirits who want to be left alone. Spirits play willingly, if they don’t want to play then they don’t play. 

-You could summon demons. If a demon really wanted to get you, they don’t need a Ouija board to do so. They can enter your home whenever they want. And considering that they will only go after people who are genuinely terrified of them, usually evangelical Christians and Catholics, it’s no wonder they believe that Ouija boards are the root of evil.

So like my friend said this morning, I’m clearly an idiot and not a real medium since I use my rational thinking skills and critical thinking, as well as my actual ability to talk to spirits that he clearly doesn’t have, to determine the safety and validity of Ouija boards. Again, there are no documented case of Ouija board dangers actually happening, and if there were, they would be major headline news and they would not be for sale in toy stores. Lettuce gets pulled from the shelves when a few people get E. coli, can you imagine the product recall that would occur if Ouija boards could actually cause physical harm?

For more discussion, check out my posts on Ouija demons, including Zozo, how the Ouija board could be potentially dangerous to certain people in the certain mindset, and the concept that Ouija boards are spirit portals (spoiler alert, they’re not). 

Tomorrow we’ll talk about if the Ouija board can actually be a danger to you or not. Besides your friend hitting you over the head with it, or something.

Sharks: Murdered and Misunderstood

@why-animals-do-the-thing wanted me to post my shark essay so here I am! I’m actually really excited because I worked on this for a long time and no one read it except my teacher :(. This is more about the effect of shark killing but it is still really nice info!


In this essay I will be discussing shark populations and how they affect other areas of marine ecosystems. I will analyze why shark populations are lowering, such as targeting killing and fishing. I will also examine why people fear sharks so much and how this fear can affect shark populations. These fears and misconceptions about sharks are not only harming sharks, but other species as well. To write this essay, I used online resources as well as my own knowledge that I have gained by working at an aquarium over the summer.

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