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A dog person - Young!Sirius x Reader

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Note : it’s the imagine that I wrote a few days ago and that was deleted somehow, I’m sharing it again now. I know some people had the same request but anywayyyyy (thank you to the ppl who told me to post it again btw❣️). I just imagined a Patronus for Pettigrew, don’t mind it if it bothers you. I loved this request and got a bit carried away, it was just so damn cute.

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Even at Hogwarts everybody hated monday mornings, as they symbolized the end of the weekend, the return in class and especially, implied a lot of exhaustion. In fact, everybody except the 6th years, because to them Monday morning meant Defense Against the Dark Arts. Here you were, at your usual seat next to the wall on the first row. The classroom 3C had probably the biggest windows out of all the Turris Magnus, unfortunately you were too short to observe the view -everybody was- but you still tried to take a look everytime. You were on tip-toes, taking advantage of the fact that your teacher had not yet arrived to make another attempt.

« You know Y/N, I really enjoy the view you’re offering me when you stand up like this in front of me, but I think you should just sit down as our dear Professor is here. » whispered Sirius behind you. Your cheeks turner red as you did what he said, sighing in exasperation and trying to focus on the tall man standing in front of the class. Sirius knew his little seduction game made you feel a bit flustered and that was exactly why he liked doing it so much, he didn’t want you to be uncomfortable, he was only joking and you knew it. Out of the four Marauders, you spent most of your time with him or Remus, who actually introduced you to the others after meeting you at the library.

« Today I will try, and please notice that I said try, to teach you something that I know most of you have been waiting for. » said your teacher solanemly, holding his hands together behind his back. « The majority of witches and wizards are not able to produce it for it requires patience, concentration and determination. You probably guessed it already, I am talking about the Patronus charm, one of the most powerful defensive charms that exist.»

Immediatly, everybody started to whisper enthousiasticly to their neighbors, and even Lily who usually was the definition of the model student seemed hysteric. You smiled when you saw her, her dazzling hair flying in the air while she turned around towards the boys, already beginning to discuss on the shape their patronus would take. James had already managed to produce one and it was a deer just like his animagus. He could be turbulent, sometimes even insolent, but nobody could deny that he was an incredibly talented wizard just like Remus who was sitting next to him. Strangely, he stayed away from the general euphoria which spread in the class, playing almost nervously with his hands. You frowned, ready to ask him what was going on when your teacher knocked two times on the desk with his fists. The noises stopped and everybody looked at him once again.

« To produce a Patronus, it is necessary to concentrate on your most beautiful memory, and only this one. Find the memory that warms your heart the most and say clearly, wand in hand : expecto patronum. » Suddenly, a silver eagle flew from his hand and in the classroom. It was both beautiful and captivating. « This requires training, today we shall satisfy us with approaching the theoretical side of it and in the next class, I hope that you will be ready. Just know that it is difficult to obtain a corporeal patronus, and that its purpose is not to be beautiful, but to protect you from Dementors. Whether it is a rat, cat or lion, its power will be the same : the partonus is a shield, a messenger and a protector. »

He kept speaking during the whole following hour, adding that even if the animal shape the Patronus took did not define its strenght, it could mean something important for the wizard. Leaving the class everybody had only an idea in head : discover what their patronus was. The four boys, Lily and you had mutually decided to train together by the lake this afternoon. But right now you were going to eat, Sirius and James led the group speaking loudly and walking way too fast. Behind and standing by your side, Lily seemed to explain to Peter the details he had not understood. You left them silently to join Remus who walked at the back, alone, head low and dragging his feet. He raised his head when he saw you were waiting for him and turned the gentle smile you were giving him back to you. Interlacing your arm in his, you jumped at the opportunity to be alone with him to ask him what was wrong. Remus sighed, he seemed embarrassed and you strated to worry. He looked around to be sure no one was listening and then he bent a little towards you.

« I’m afraid my corporeal Patronus gives too much away, if you know what I mean. I already tried with James and it almost worked, and I swear I saw a long hairy tail before the light went off. » He whispered, biting his lip « With you guys it doesn’t matter, but if anyone else sees it… » He didn’t finish his sentence but you knew what he meant. Remus had always suffered because of his lycantropia, his parents and him had a nomadic life before he came to Hogwarts thanks to Dumbledore. Everytime someone started to be suspicious, they left and the little Remus never got to make friends. Even now that he had friends, really good ones, he was still afraid someone would found out. Taking his hand in yours, you squeezed it gently so he knew he wasn’t alone and you were here for him.

« We can practice alone another day if you want to be sure, you don’t have to do it today if you don’t want to. »

« I think that’s a good idea, thank you Y/N. »

Around 4pm, you sat in the green grass which lined the lake, between Sirius and Peter who seemed strangely concentrated into tearing away the petals of a flower one by one. You turned around towards Sirius who was already looking at you. You felt your cheeks burn a little when he did not look away which made him laugh, revealing his white teeth and his dimples.  He was a handsome young man, really, and you never knew if you just found him attracive or if it was something more. Anyway, you came back to reality when James showed up, back from his Quidditch session. A proud smile could be seen on his face as per usual, and it grew even bigger when a bunch of Gryffindor girls passing by stared at him like he was a piece of art, or a piece of meat. It always made Sirius giggle but Lily just rolled her eyes every single time.

« Did you mess your hair up on purpose again just so you can look like some Quidditch rock star ? » suggested Remus, looking quite amused. 

« You’ll be authorized to criticize my hair when your furry little problem will be solved, Moony chéri. » teased James, winking before he spoke again while turning around « Let’s get started folks, why don’t we let the Lilliputian try first. »

Eveybody laughed, James flirting with Lily was the funniest thing ever, especially when he came up with these strange nicknames but you had to admit that for once it wasn’t so bad. She stood up, pointing her wand towards him which caused him to slightly move to the side.

« In fact I’m two months older than you Potter, show me some respect. » Remus, Peter and Sirius giggled while James seemed outraged, but before he could come back with anything Lily exclaimed, her wand pointing to the sky « Expecto patronum ! »

You held your breath just like the others while slowly but very clearly, from the tip of her wand, a bright silvery light started to burst before fading out. She tried again multiple times with James giving her advices and finally, a tall and gracious doe was running in the air, following the rythm of Lily’s laugh. Her green eyes were wide opened, she seemed proud and happier than ever. You all applauded, Peter even took a bow.

« It’s strange, isn’t it ? Your patronus is a doe and Potter’s one is a deer. If it isn’t a sign, I don’t know what it is. » teased Sirius, winking to Lily. Her cheeks turned bright red before she exlaimed « Simple coincidence, that won’t make me go out with you any sooner Potter. »

Finally you formed little groups, James and Lily stayed together, Sirius was with Peter and Remus with you. This way, the others didn’t pay attention to the fact that Moony wasn’t really trying to practice and he was pleased about it. You tried to remember all the informations your teacher gave you this morning, and took a deep breath. You hoped it would work but as Lily said again and again, it was a difficult spell and it was normal if you didn’t succeed on your first tries. For what felt like an hour you persisted, repeating the two little words again and again, sometimes managing to produce a little shiny light at the end of your wand. But no animal, nothing. Frustrated you sighed noisily, which caught the attention of Remus, Sirius and Peter. The two others seemed too busy arguing about who-knows-what, and anyway they did not really need to practice anymore. Seeing your disappointment, Sirius smiled softly before suggesting to the boys to train together and that he would help you. After all if that did not work so well that way, you could try.

« I can’t do it either, you know. Maybe it’s because you distract me. » he suggested, teasing you once more with a grin on his face.

« That’s not funny Sirius. » you whined, a pout on your lips.

He looked at them for a bit too long before coming back at your eyes. Finally he stood behind you, his chest pressed against your back. You were thankful he was behind, at least he couldn’t see your burning cheeks but it wasn’t finished yet because you could now feel his strong hand taking yours, holding your wand with you while the other one was placed on your hip. Your heart was racing and you were probably shaking too because he laughed soflty, speaking soflty.

« Maybe you’re not thinking about your happiest memory. Close you eyes, the first one to come to your mind is probably the good one, focus on it. »

Even if his body pressed against yours and his breath crashing on the thin skin of your neck did not help you at all, his soft and low voice was relaxing and you now thought of nothing else. You no longer heard the sound of the wind in the trees, nor the murmur of the water of the lake, you did not see your friends staring at you a little farther : it was his voice and his body near you that occupied all your mind. You closed your eyes as he had suggested, and with trembling lips you pronounced the two words « Expecto patronum. » You opened your eyes slowly, just in time to see a magnificent light spraying out, more powerful than what you had managed to do until then. It grew larger, Sirius’s hand still held yours and guided the movements of your wand.
After a few seconds, you saw it. In front of you stood a brilliant, tall and perfectly formed dog. But it was not a common dog, you had seen this one several times already and you recognized it immediately. You understood that Sirius did too when you felt his fingers release your hand smoothly and his body move back slowly. Your concentration broke and the big dog disappeared. You did not dare to turn around, both shocked and mute, because you finally knew what your patronus was. And it was him. It was Padfoot.

You stood there, sitting on your bed without knowing what to do or even what to think. After the events of the afternoon you quickly ran away, stammering that you did not feel well and that you were going to rest. But everyone had seen the same thing as you, and everyone knew that your patronus was none other than Sirius Black himself, or at least his animagus form. You tried to convince yourself that it was just a simple dog, but you knew what you saw. Maybe it didn’t mean anything at all, maybe it did. It probably did. Sirius and you had been friends for years and even though he liked to tease you all day long, it had never been more than a platonic relationship. As you kept thinking about this, images started to come to your mind. The day you met, how funny you found him, yet annoying. The first time you sat together in class, and how you spent the hour drawing stupid things on each other’s books. That time in 4th year when he punched a guy who insulted you, and definitely got a detention for it. When one of his pranks hurt you and he brought you chocolate and flowers to make it up. The time he hugged you so tight after Gryffindor won the house cup that you thought he was going to choke you. Maybe he wasn’t just a friend after all, and it took you a couple of years and a patronus to realize it. A knock on your door made you lift your head up, the person did not let you any time to answer and entered the room.

« Can I come in ? » asked the black haired boy.
« A bit too late to ask, isn’t it ? »

Sirius did not answer, he just closed the door leaving you both alone in the dorm. He sat next to you, your knees barely touching, but not a word was said. You looked at the floor for a few seconds before you saw him turning his head to you from the corner of your eye. Slowly, you looked at him too, your heart skipping a beat when you met his dark grey eyes.

« Why did you leave earlier ? You missed something, we learnt that Peter’s patronus is a mole. »
« You know why I left. » you said, smiling slightly at the end.
« You don’t have to be embarassed about it. » he shrugged « But I have to admit that I thought it would be something else. »
« Like what ? »
« A penguin. »

You scoffed, clearly not especting that answer. Sirius looked at you curiously, he didn’t seem to understand why you were chuckling but he still smiled when he heard your laugh.

« What ? They’re cute and funny, everyone likes penguins. » he smirked.
« Nope, you’re probably the only person to fancy penguins that much. »
« Well I don’t try to hide it. You shouldn’t either. »

His last words were whispered in your ear before he placed a soft kiss on your shoulder. You knew what he meant, and you couldn’t act as if the butterflies flying in your stomach weren’t here. He bent down to give you another kiss, on the cheek this time, but the weight of his body made you both fall back on the bed. You laughed as he found himself lying on top of you and for the first time since you met him, you saw a light shade of red on his cheeks. You stayed like this before he kissed your forehead, and then your nose. You smiled and he looked at your lips, and back at your eyes again. Your hands made their way to the back of his neck as he brushed your lips with his own, without ever pressing them together. Your heartbeating probably echoed throughout the entire room, or maybe it was his own. He smirked again when he saw the look full of frustration and desire you gave him, biting his lip and kissing the corner of your lips and then your cheek, before whispering in your ear again.

« I always knew you were a dog person. »

And after that he finally pressed his lips against yours, tenderly, as if you were the most precious thing in the world.

slytherin house has always valued tradition. there are certainly a lot of bigoted slytherins, but there are also the little kids who don’t know any better, who just accept everything their parents tell them as fact because they’ve learned not to question it anymore (traditional families aren’t afraid to use corporal punishment, after all).

so they go around spewing this rhetoric that they don’t actually believe or understand until they get shot down by a hufflepuff standing up for their friend, or get obliterated in a duel with a gryffindor, or get into a battle of wits with a ravenclaw in which they realize they are severely unarmed-

and their muggle-born slytherin buddies (or those slytherins who are otherwise sane) tell them that you know, you really need to start thinking for yourself, this isn’t primary school anymore, and they come back from the holidays with a MASSIVE stack of books on muggle politics and social issues, plus wizarding books from the library about the history of oppression of non-pureblood wizards

slowly but surely they make their way through the stack, copious amounts of coffee, firewhiskey, or both keeping them awake, the last lantern in the dark and damp common room faltering, but they don’t want to stop because they’re learning so much, maybe this is what it feels like to be a bloody ravenclaw-

when they go home the following holiday they realize they have been utterly brainwashed. they realize they have been battered and abused into submission. they realize they have been taught that anything contrary to what mummy and daddy say is utter heresy. they begin to question everything.

the first time they speak out at the dinner table they get a slap on the hand and no dessert. the second time they speak out at Christmas supper they get a slap on the face and no dinner. their cheeks burn, their stomachs ache, but their spirits remain strong. they know that “tradition” can’t last forever. they know that slytherin house doesn’t have to be mocked for being backwards, for being bigoted, for being evil, forever. because for the first time, they’ve found their own voice, and no witch or wizard is ever going to take that away.

Notes on Entering an Apprenticeship under a Non-Corporeal Entity (or any kind of formal agreement)

- Don’t say yes immediately
Sometimes it’s not the best idea to jump in with both feet, especially if you don’t know the entity very well, yes, even if it’s a vetted one. Non-corporeal entities tend to forget (or not understand) that we are physical beings, with physical limitations. They can push us beyond our limits, or ask us to do something that is dangerous due to our surroundings. Take time to get to know the entity, and, more importantly, let the entity get to know you, and your physical world.

- Write it down before you say yes!
Take time to write down exactly what is expected, from both parties! The entity might come to the table with a list of expectations for you, but without a similar list of what they will do in return, it’s not much of a mutually beneficial arrangement… Don’t accept any excuses or vague promises. The entity should be able to name several specific areas where they promise to help you or teach you about.

- Set a time limit on the agreement (or at least a “get out” clause)
Make sure you have some way to end the agreement, either by a time limit or a “get out” clause. You don’t want to end up being stuck in an open-ended agreement if your personal situation changes drastically.

(All these points are from personal experience, written down as I hash out the details of a formal contract for an apprenticeship under the Tailor)


It’s late, and the air is still and humid, the soft sounds of bugs and other nocturnal animals shifting in the woods as you make your way across the grass. Sitting on a boulder, hair lit by the moonlight, is Eren, hunched up in his nightclothes, staring blankly up at the sky.

“Eren. Why aren’t you asleep?” you ask as you approach. You don’t sleep very well on most nights, anyways, and you’d noticed Eren sitting by himself when you glanced out of the window in your office. 

Eren stiffens and turns to face you, face flushing guiltily as though afraid of being reprimanded. 

“Corporal,” he greets softly, “I couldn’t sleep, I’m sorry - I’ll head back inside now." 

You shake your head - and he stills, scooting to the side a little when you join him on the boulder. Even from here, shoulder to shoulder, you can feel the warmth of his body, and it seems to seep into your skin. 

‘Do you think we’ll ever win, sir?” he asks, voice cutting into the comfortable silence between the two of you. 

You turn to face him, and it’s a mistake, because those eyes are wide and searching when they meet yours, he’s closer than you’d expected, and for a moment you can hardly catch your breath, stunned by the expression on his face - it’s so vulnerable - it’s no wonder that you’ve never seen it before now, the boy is more prone to anger and determination when in the presence of his squad mates. 

But here, alone with you, he allows this. You’re not sure what to make of that - or indeed, how it makes you feel. 

You weigh his question, and settle (as always) for honesty.

"I don’t know, Eren." 

He smiles at that, strangely - a small half twist of those lips that makes your heart lurch. He looks like he expected that answer, like he’s grateful that you’re not lying to him. 

"When we win,” he begins, and despite yourself you feel warmed by his words and his usual determination. (Most days the look in his eyes is enough to stoke the dying embers of your hope - how apt, given the name the public has given him.)

When we win, I’m going to search for the ocean.”

You turn to him, puzzled. The ocean - it’s a word you’ve heard before, it rings a bell but you’re not sure what it is. Rather than mull over it, you take the bait and ask. 

“What is that?” Your voice is soft, and his reply is even softer as he scoots closer to you, the usual shyness in his movements absent.

“Armin told me about it - it’s this huge body of salt-water, so big that you can’t see the ends. His books had a drawing of it - just water as far as the eye can see." 

Talking about this seems to have cheered him up a little, and you decide you like the look on his face much better than the one he had before. You feel your lips tugging to the side, and you suppress the urge to smile but it’s too late, Eren’s seen it and he’s smiling back, soft and shy. 

"When we win,” he murmurs, leaning towards you slowly - like he’s afraid you’ll bolt - or more likely, kick him - till his forehead is pressed into your shoulder.

“Will you come with me?” he speaks into the cloth of your shirt, but even muffled the question rings clear. He knows what he’s asking - and you can’t promise it - you can’t promise that you’ll still be alive there at the end of everything. Somehow you don’t doubt his survival, but your own death is something you’ve long accepted, and you’re not in the habit of making false promises. 

He seems to know what you’re thinking, because he’s gripping tightly onto your forearms, and you can see the restraint in his arms as he tries not to latch onto you and pull you close. You sigh and open your mouth to speak before you pause, noticing that his hands are trembling against your arm, and his shoulders are bowed with the weight of the world. 

“Alright. I’ll come with you, Eren.” you say softly, and you know it’s uncharacteristic of you - but faced with this beautiful breaking boy, you cannot help but give in. If these words are what Eren Jaeger needs, you are compelled to provide them to him. If the boy takes comfort in your presence and falls apart in the dead of the night only with you - that’s fine, because Eren is here, and you’re quite possibly in love with him. 

He looks up at you then, hands still wrapped around your arm, and those blue-green eyes are bright below wet lashes as they look at you. You catch yourself thinking you’d like to see the ocean if he was next to you, and you recognise that it’s a dangerous thought. When he leans in again, upwards this time, you catch yourself thinking that if you never see the ocean it’s okay, because for some reason you’re sure it looks just like his eyes - blue-green and beautiful. 

(As promised~ Here are the fruits from my live stream. Enjoy. This picture is around 20 x 20 in so you can look closer at the details if you want)

Levi: Brats

senator kylo ren, human disaster, part 2/3

first part here (x

This continues to be the fault of @valinwhore, encouraged by @cy-lindric and @bro-stoevsky. There’s so much art for this AU and it’s all beautiful. Final part will be posted later this week, with link to AO3.

Content warnings for homophobia within the First Order, Senator Ren being Extra, and like… a lot of sex. This is mostly sex. Sorry and/or you’re welcome.

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dapotatoflo  asked:

How do you feel about all these major political figures turning their heads away from this crucial current event? (except only a handful such as Bernie Sanders ❤) Also, what can people who cannot physical participate in the peaceful protests at standing rock do to help the Natives?

I have found it very disappointing that so many of our “Political Leaders” have not stepped in or spoken out on this issue. I don’t see how you can call yourself a leader of the people and not weigh in on something so clearly wrong. Especially after an election where what was resoundingly clear was that folks do not feel heard nor cared for by our elected officials. They feel like Corporate issues, needs and wants trump their own and they are damn sick of it. So what do they continue to do? NOT STAND UP FOR THE REAL NEEDS OF PEOPLE. It’s disgusting and makes me feel like big big shake ups and change must come. It’s time to completely rebuild the Democratic party and our all our political institutions to be far more responsive to people and far less afraid of their corporate masters.

Why I'm honored to be ID'ed as a YouTuber by my friends:
  • Facebook friend posts: The President should fire whoever came up with the bright idea of interviews by "YouTube Stars."
  • Facebook friend comments on his post: If you were going to invite folks from YouTube, invite Peter Musser-he is trying to pull potential from YouTube instead of offering makeup tips or eating cereal from a bathtub!
  • Me: Actually I'm very much pleased with the YouTube Interviews.
  • 1) If you listen to all of the questions that the folks asked, they were all both solid and topical.
  • 2) The first person who sat down with him -- Hank Green -- is, hands down, one of the smartest people alive currently. In the span of three DAYS(!), he and his brother John Green got the YouTube community to raise $1.2 MILLION to donate to charities. He runs an online education *empire* whose guiding principle is, "let's make free, high-quality content for everyone ever, and if people see value in it, they'll pay us" -- and THEY DID. Let that sink in for a second. And the questions Hank asked didn't really pull any punches, as one could see by how the president visibly squirmed during a couple of them. He asked about the ethics of drones (without being on the attack about it), how there are even sanctions left to place on North Korea, and how the country's justice system is pretty dang broken when it came to incarceration, and how the federal government is going to react to the legalization at the state level of marijuana.
  • 3) GloZell Green, the second person to interview him, asked about race relations in the US since they relate to her husband and her family (which is made up of police officers and military members) . She also asked about the recent thawing of relations between the US and Cuba; that is, if the Castros are such dicks and so many people have been fleeing Cuba over the past 40 years, why are we thawing relations now? Is this not an important question to ask for people who literally haven't been alive long enough to know a world of any other kind?
  • 4) Bethany Mota, the last person he talked to, asked about how to rebuild confidence in the government when young people look at a government that is largely run by old white rich people people, and (I think it was her) also asked something along the lines of, "isn't there a HUGE conflict of interest in having people who come from huge companies and have pretty big conflicts of interest, turn around and 'retire' into really cushy government positions, or vice versa? Isn't that a conflict of interest?" Which is a really damned good question -- especially since she's ... wait for it... 19.
  • And also, between the three of them, they have right around 15 million subscribers just on their main channels. Every single one of them successfully runs what we might as well consider their own business. They each come from wildly different backgrounds. I can't think of three people I'd rather have representing me and my ilk.
  • However, I'm equal parts disappointed and unsurprised at how the traditional media outlets covered it. Here's a thing: Folks under the age of 30 have a very strong distaste for a) current news outlets and b) politics. Mainly because both are shitty. Mainly for the reason that (I'm willing to bet a dollar) current news outlets didn't tell you the majority of all that stuff I just wrote. They are afraid -- as afraid as emotionless corporations can be, anyhow -- at how quickly and with how much drive YouTube is pulling viewers away from them. So, they'll sell the idea that YouTube and online video isn't something to be taken seriously. They're wrong, of course -- hence online video being a multibillion dollar industry with multiple conventions around the world that draw tens of thousands of people.
  • Anything ANYONE can do to get that particular demographic more engaged should be welcomed, hands-down.
  • FB Friend: Hahaha-no. Good points all-but what the media DID take away were the silly items (green lipstick). My beef is that outside of Hank Green, I think that there were better suited prospects (like you!). I am reminded of authors doing vanity interviews of authors during the 80s and 90s.
  • Me: But... YouTube isn't made up of just Hank Greens and Peter Mussers. It's made up of Hanks, Peters, GloZells, Bethanys, Dres, Lindseys, Heathers, etc... And that's the WHOLE point.
  • We are solidly *not* journalists. We are people. And being able to tap into the doubts and feelz of an amazing diversity of 15 million of us by just talking to three is something that is, by any measure, an amazing thing.
  • FB Friend: My YouTube channel would be more inane than GloZell's, and less useful than Mota's...I'm just cranky about this as I am sure that besides Green, there were better candidates out there. The questions came off as ghost-written. Not sure what was intended here, but it came off as pandering. Just my opinion is all, Peter. I think that there is untapped potential in YouTube et al.
  • Me: I know, and I'm not faulting you for it. And FYI, they WERE ghost-written, in a way. Each person put it out to their fans to solicit feedback a week ago. That's the beauty of it -- it's basically a representative democracy where the elected officials actually reach out to their constituents for input and then do something with it. I would've done the same thing (although I only have 1k subscribers between both of my channels).
  • FB Friend: Ah-that makes sense.
  • ---
  • I feel so incredibly privileged (and delighted) that 1) people see "YouTuber" as solidly part of my identity that they bring me up in conversations when talking about it, and 2) that I was able to have this dialogue at all. What a gift we have been given, to help be ambassadors for this new medium. AH WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE

If you’re afraid big corporations will one day try to beam ideas directly into your mind, too late. They’ve been doing this for years and you haven’t even noticed it. Think about your grocery store. Right after you walk in, there’s probably fresh flowers and produce. That’s because supermarkets know that if you see fresh stuff when you walk in, you’ll want to buy more food.

There are subtle design features built into almost every facet of day-to-day life that are specifically engineered to get you to think a certain way, behave a certain way, and buy more stuff. This might sound like the ravings of someone whose car is covered in conspiracy theory bumper stickers, but once you start to notice the patterns and the reasoning, you’ll see it everywhere.

THIS WEEK: Jack O'Brien and Jason Pargin (aka David Wong) discuss how supermarkets, car companies, local governments and more use mind control every day without you even realizing it.

Design Tricks Marketers Use To Control Your Mind

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