afraid of birds


Hey guys! This has nothing to do with PJO but a week ago, when I came back from running, I found this dying baby on the street without too much hopes, so I started to take care of it, take it to the vet and feed it.

Now, luckily, it’s better, and if everything goes well, on Monday it could go fly and be free.

So, can I ask you a favor? Can you wish for it recovery? It health is the only thing that occupies my mind now.

Pigeon rescue!

There was a pigeon yesterday, that flew into the restaurant I work at.
Stupid as people are, everyone started to panic, get up, go away and started calling it stupid names. The boys at my shift did not know what to do, and went to get brooms and all sort of shit.
So I simply grabbed the pigeon and held it tight.(It made some ‘hoohoohoo’-noises.)
Then I brought it outside, opened my hands and it flew away. Simple things are simple.
When I came back inside, someone told me: ‘You’re the first person I met that volunteered to grab a pigeon.’

I’m a bird mom, ok?

i’m sorry for all the poems i wrote whilst you were gone
all the shouting i did about somebody else’s mouth
i had some growing up left to do under the aborted tenderness of another.
somehow, i went backwards.

i’ve never been able to write about you, save for that one poem, about how you left whilst never really being there to begin with. i’m still struggling now.
i flesh you out, broad shoulders, narrow hips, those strong, strong legs. your weak heart.
every time i put pen to paper i realise
i do not know you.

the things you laugh at, then. the things you enjoy. what we eat together. our shared favourite drink. the way you only laugh that way for me. the unparalleled tenderness when so many others are watching. that brick wall i clamber over night after night, when we are alone.
what are you so afraid of, darling?
the little bird with a heart of solid gold?

the girl in the cape, the girl with the basket, the girl who is coming to blow your house down.
the girl across the ocean, the girl on the pavement, the girl wrapped in sheets – it takes you so long and no time at all to extricate yourself, to shed your skin. i wonder what she does with it once you’re gone. does she fashion herself a home from your discarded sense of self?
the girl with her own home, the girl with her own skin, the girl made of steel, she leaves you on the floor.

your fears and mine do not float in the same water. your fears and mine do not sink us together. your fears, the rock falling into the ocean, my fears, the ocean swallowing it whole. where does it land where does it land? our fear, then, the impression upon the sand as the rock slowly settles, our fear now, that slow, slow erosion, our fear forever, indistinguishable as it washes ashore into waiting hands.

i am not the ocean. the girl with the salt inside of her. i am not the ocean. the girl swallowing you whole. i am not the ocean. the girl coughing you up onto the sand. i am not the ocean.
you sink into me, regardless.

—  Messages In Bottles. Charlotte Ford

Dates Gone Absolutely Wrong in Eerie Crests

  • Poppy and Parker once went on a nature trail and a couple birds flew down and Poppy was feeding them, was very cute and all until Poppy looked over and Parker was smiling through a swollen face and loud heaving with a bird on his shoulder (If you didn’t know Parker is allergic to birds)
  • Malek took Ben on a date to the beach once and it was going perfect and they saw a huddle of baby turtles running to the ocean and Ben was Living™ until a seagull came and picked one up by the head causing a crying fit for about an hour and thirty minutes from Ben
  • Anyone going on a date with Noah is just A Mistake™
  • Once Greg agreed to go on a Thriller Throwback movie date with Noah and it was already awkward being that Greg is Greg, but then the title of the first movie comes on, The Birds, and Greg quite literally has to sit there with his eyes closed for 2 hours hoping Noah doesn’t look at him and at one point he peaks out to see if it’s over and he literally lets out a high pitched shriek (Noah never lets him live it down for the rest of their lives and yes, Greg is canonically afraid of birds)
  • Ari and Phoebus went on a date to the aquarium once so that Ari could go touch the Manta Rays in the big open tank they have where the rays come flooshing by the sides and you can pet their flappy wing things. Well, Phoebus saw someones service dog walking by and accidentally bumped into Ari to go pet it, causing Ari to fall into the Manta Ray tank as they had been leaning down to touch one
  • Poppy and Sara were just snuggling one morning as a breakfast date and Poppy promised to make breakfast for the two of them, so after 20 mins of fumbling in the kitchen Poppy comes out with her toaster strudel concoction and Sara loves her too much to not eat it, but after about 5 mins Sara is barreling to the bathroom and proceeds to vomit
  • Charlie asks Paulina on a date once and they go and have a great time and the Mood For Romance™ is ripe all up until they run into the baseball team hanging out and they absolutely embarrass the shit out of Charlie despite the many signals she sends them to Go. The. Fuck. Away. and while Paulina is laughing and not looking miserable, Charlie is just dead inside because of course these Heathens would come kill her chance for romance kms kms
  • Blake and Tyler go out for ice cream and to talk about soft gay boi literature things and it’s all sweet and Blake is actually smiling and Tyler is loving it all up until Blake spots Dallas and Malek across the street, heading into the ice cream shop like THEY’RE on a DATE TOO? The mood is completely killed, and of course they come over to talk to them and Blake is 10/10 the Worst™ and just keeps trying to one up Dallas every chance he gets 
    Later Tyler agrees with Malek that they will preschedule any future dates to avoid ever seeing each other during said date time
  • Malek and Dallas once went on a camping date in The Forest and it was absolutely great and all until Malek went missing and was never found again

LMAO I’m not sorry at all these are hilarious (was the last one too soon???) honestly I’m gonna have to think of more as time goes on because these high school misfits aren’t gonna stop fucking up and acting foolish anytime soon kms Lord save them 



(Everyone please cross your fingers that she arrives safely, I am terrified for her! )

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bro but like imagine that due to being connected to their zords and stuff, the ranger's are automatically connected to the animal it is based on. So like basically one day Trini's walking around minding her gay business and suddenly a bunch of cats start following her because they see the sabertooth spirit in her and think of Trini as their leader akljfhalfalfh. Idk the idea of a bunch of lil cats and kittens following Trini around like ducklings and meowing at her is just so funny to me omf

omg okay but like if the animals saw them like that, just any animal that sees them is suddenly like, hey!!! They’re like me!!!! so one day they’re all at the zoo and the rhino just really likes Billy?? And when they walk by the Elephant cage it just charges to the wall and stops right in front of where Zack’s standing. 

All of the big cats come up to the glass and chill against it when they see Trini and there’s a few stray cats following them around. and apparently since the chicken is the closest living relative of the T-rex whenever Jason sees one, they just squawk at him and follow him until he gives them something 

Kimberly doesn’t admit it but she’s low-key afraid of birds and screams when there’s this group of ducklings following her and Trini thinks it’s hilarious, “Kimberly, look, they imprinted on you!” “Trini, I didn’t want them to!” Trini doesn’t think it’s funny when there’s a bunch of crows one day. 

After a few months they all slowly start to realize that certain animals suddenly like them, so they talk to Alpha about it and he just shrugs, saying something along the lines of, “The animals think you’re one of them” 

and one day Billy just has this crazy idea of seeing if he can talk to the animals (similar to Percy Jackson) and it fucking works because the next day the rhino at the zoo is in the news, and people are talking about how it escaped. 

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This scene is still one of my favourites.

When Nancy saw the flurry of activity outside her home, the home she had grown up in, she realized that this went beyond slime-covered trees in a shadowy wasteland, that there were monsters here, in this world, that wanted to hurt the people she loved. And in an instant, all the hurtful things she had said to Mike, just in the last week, bounded through her mind, playing on a loop. She needed to get there, to get home. To protect the people who lived at the end of that stupid, boring cul-de-sac because it was her stupid, boring cul-de-sac. 

But that helicopter. It sent her heart hammering straight into her stomach. Mike? How was it possible that there was a helicopter looking for her dorky brother who couldn’t even kill a spider and was afraid of the birds that flocked to their mother’s backyard bird feeder. Mike wasn’t dangerous. He wasn’t a criminal. He was just her baby brother. 

As Hopper ushered her into the backseat, she wanted to break—to scream, but her fear for Mike had numbed her. She couldn’t even cry. Barb was missing and her little brother was in danger—he was being hunted. He could be hurt. Nancy’s eyes fell on Jonathan, sitting next to her looking anxious and she imagined, for a split second, her own brother’s funeral. Her lungs tightened. 

And then Hopper was asking her questions. Questions about where Mike would have gone. And Nancy, mind reeling, could think of nothing but her guilt at having pushed Mike so far away. If she found him safe—no, no. When. When she found him safe, she promised herself, she would be a better sister. She’d always be there to listen. 

Little Birdie

Pairing: Jughead Jones III (Riverdale) x Reader 
Words:  1,312 words
Warning(s): Swearing

The demolition of the Twilight devastated Jughead. Being the good friend Y/N is, she suggested to Jughead to spend the last night Twilight will be open with him. As much to his disarray that the fact Y/N, will finally see his temporary soon to be demolished home, he knew being alone that night isn’t the best idea for a murdurer on the loose. He agreed to the plan and little did she know that Jughead spent the whole day cleaning his small house and make it look decent enough for a sophisticated city girl like her.

The place was ready and all he needed to do was wait until she came. He checked every corner incase there was something embarrasing that needs hiding. Two loud knocks was heard, startling Jughead. He clumsily ran to the door, opening it with two bags in both hands. 

 “Hey Jug. Help me out here.” She chuckled. Jughead complied, placing the other two on his desk. 

“Why did you bring so much?” He asked. 

 “What’s a good movie night without some snacks. And plus, i’m staying for the night.” She replied, examining the whole place. Jughead got a hundred times more nervous with the plan, especially that it looked like she didn’t enjoy the place that much. 

 “Are you sure? It’s not a 5 star hotel like whatever you’re staying in.” He asks again. She looks over to him with a confused look on her face. 

 “Yes I’m sure. Y/N Lodge isn’t choosy, you know.” She chuckles, grabbing a sleeping bag and putting it on the floor. 

 “Now help me make the first and last movie night we will have in here the best one.” She smirked. Jughead chuckles with her, losing the tension in his shoulders. 

Hours passed and the whole place was trashed. Beer and snacks everywhere. The two got comfortable with each other and by the end of the movie, they snuggled up to each other. The movie credits were already rolling but Jughead noticed the Y/N didn’t move yet. He looked down to his chest and saw a sleeping Y/N, mouth partially opened and hair all over her face. Jughead chuckled softly at the girl before placing her hair away from her face and behind her ear. He tried waking her up by shaking her shoulder slightly but she protested by cutting him off with a shush. He slowly got up in their snuggling position and placed her on the floor. 

 “Y/N, you’ll be sleeping on the bed.” He suggests. But Y/N didn’t budge an inch. Jughead sighed before finally carrying her carefully and placed her on the bed. He smiled at the sight of Y/N sleeping peacefully on his bed. He kissed her on the forehead and slowly stood up. Before he could walk away, a hand grabbed his. 

 “Sleep with me. I mean, beside me.” Y/N sleepily, eyes still closed. When Jughead declined the offer, she groaned and pouted like a child. He chuckled and lied with her. She snuggled to his chest like a pillow. She snored softly. Jughead slept with a the wildest smile on his face 

 Y/N woke up on Jughead’s chest and to sleeping Jughead on her shoulder. Her eyes widen in shock, not remembering anything that happened after the movie. She looked under the blankets, praying that she was in her clothes. Thankfully she was. Her legs were entangled with his. Their bodies were entangled with each other but that was it. She sighed in relief, smiling at the precious after care Jughead provided her with. She placed a hand on the back of his neck and pulled him closer for a kiss on his forehead. 

 “Thank you.” She smiled. She puts her head on his chest to go back to sleep when something from outside flew in, landing between the two. 

 “Holy shit!” She yelled in shock. Jughead sat up, still sleepy and hair in a mess. He looked at Y/N who was hiding under the blanket. Laughing, he took the blanket exposing her. 

 “Why are you hiding?” He said, laughs in between and morning voice still evident. 

 “Because there’s a fucking bird in here. I think I saw-” she was cut by herself with a scream when the bird landed on her hair. She stood up and swat the bird on her. Jughead ran over to the door and opened it. The bird flew but didn’t go out, instead it flew in circles around the house. 

 “For fuck’s sake, get the fuck out of here.” Y/N yelled again, swatting the bird. Jughead was startled but the fact that Y/N Lodge, daughter of Hiram and Hermione Lodge, one of the most notorious buisnessmen in America, is afraid of a bird, just cracks him up. 

 “Calm down, Little Lodge. It’s a million times smaller than you.” He laughed again, earning an annoyed look from Y/N who is still swatting the bird away. 

“Shut up, Jones!” She spat back. Jughead opened the door wider then the bird finally flew out. Y/N, exhausted with the sudden workout, sat down on the bed breathing heavily. Jughead handed her a glass of water. 

 “Thanks, douchebag.” She grabbed the glass from him. Jughead sitting next to her, trying to contain the laugh from what just happened. 

 “It’s not your fault. I don’t expect Veronica to be teaching you how to handle bird situations.” He said, making Y/N roll her eyes. She drank the whole glass of water in one go. She took a deep breath and lets a laugh out as well. The two just laughed at the memory. Leaving an awkward silence after. 

 “About last night. I was pretty wasted after the movie and I can’t remember anything. Mind to elaborate for me?” She asked softly, the atmosphere suddenly going serious. 

 “Oh yeah um. You were knocked out so I offered you my bed. You didn’t respond so I just uh, carried you there. You then insisted that I sleep with you, no i mean beside you so I did.” He spat, with awkward pauses in between. He looked down to his feet with pink tinted cheeks. 

 “No it’s okay. I didn’t make you uncomfortable, did I?” She asked again, putting a hand on his shoulder. 

 “No not at all. Were you?” He said, still not looking at her. She grabbed his chin softly and tilted it to make him face her. 

 “Jug, it didn’t bother me. I actually think it’s sweet.” She smiled. Jughead opened his mouth, finding the right words to say but nothing came out. 

 “Do you want to say something?” She asks, concerned. Instead of an answer, Jughead grabbed her face and softly put his lips on hers. Her eyes widen in shock again like earlier but she responded with the kiss. Their lips were moving in perfect sync. She placed her arms around his neck so that they can get any closer if it was even possible at this point. Finally, Jughead kissed the girl he’s been crushing on for months now. Best fact is that she is too, and doesn’t seem like she wants to let go. The moment couldn’t get any more perfect, Jughead thought to himself. 

 “What the hell happened- Oh.” Veronica interrupted with Kevin, Archie and Betty beside her, startling the two and parted against each other. So much for a perfect moment. 

 “Baby Lodge and Darko? Together? Damn.” Kevin said. Both of you laughed, Jughead grabbing your hand and placing it in his. 

 “Little birdy tells me you have some explaining to do, Y/N.” Veronica smirked. 

“Screw that bird for telling.” Y/N joked. 

 “Yeah if it wasn’t for it, we wouldn’t be like this so better thank it really.” Jughead joked back. You laughed at each other. The whole scooby gang just looked at the two of you in confusion and why the hell are they laughing about a metaphor.

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I saw you said Greg is 6'5 and I dropped my phone and buried my face in my hands,,,,, that is such an excessive height but also somehow makes him more attractive wtf

The only thing Greg didn’t disappoint his father in is the fact that his appearance is so impressive. His face is busted up from football but he still somehow cute. He looks like he crawled out of a Stiefvater book.
Gregory Hawkins. Tall, dark bags under his eyes, anxious around Noah and afraid of birds.



For the first time since Oscar had made the huntsman’s acquaintance, Qrow Branwen flinched as he helped the boy up the stairs to where their rooms. “Okay, maybe training today went a little too far.”

Oscar shot the man a dry glare. “A little?”

Qrow sighed. “Alright, alright. We’ve got some got some antiseptic and other stuff to help with that knee of yours back in the room. Apparently, those kids went restocked those supplies when they got here while I was still being treated.”

The farm boy’s look turned from dry to incredulous at that. “I still can’t believe that the first thing you did after almost dying from scorpion venom was head out to a bar. Seriously, you have a major death wish.”

The drunk smirked. “What, you figured that out just from that?”

“That and the few memories Ozpin has let me see of when you were student. I specifically remember the time I….Ozpin banned you from even leaving campus after Summer…." 

Before he could continue that sentence however, Qrow suddenly jerked to a stop. Before Oscar could tell the drunk off for stopping with no warning, he got a look at Qrow’s expression. The drunken death glares from earlier seemed to pale by comparison, but in a way….it was a lot more vulnerable for the older man. As if it wasn’t certain whether he would retaliate or break if Oscar pressed further.

The young man sighed. "You can glare at me all you want, but that doesn’t change the truth.”

For a moment, Qrow stood perfectly still before he sighed, getting the two moving again towards their room. “Fair enough.”

The two were quiet for a little bit, hobbling along before Qrow broke the silence. “So, you remember that.”

“To an extent. I don’t have every memory of Ozpin’s though part of the reason for that is that he’s actively suppressing some memories from me. Half the time, I feel annoyed with him keeping secrets and the other half I wonder whether that might be a good thing. I mean, some of the memories  I’ve seen aren’t the most…..happy…”

The headmaster’s voice chimed in his head. And I am grateful for that understanding.

Oscar sighed as he addressed the man in his head, still aware of his bad knee at the moment. ‘Not right now.’

The young man then turned to Qrow, the man’s expression fully understanding of what the young man was saying. Then the bird man went on. “From what you said earlier, you can also pick up on Ozpin’s emotions towards something or someone.”

“Yeah, that I can fully feel in the moment. And sometimes those emotions kind of bleed into me, but I have a lot more control over that.”

“Alright, mind I ask something then? I could never get a straight answer out of Ozpin while he was alive.”

Oscar felt an eyebrow lift at him as they finally found themselves in front of the door to their room. “Depends on the question, why bring this up now?”

Qrow took out their key card from his pocket and opened the door. “Well, that memory is when I first noticed something was up, but I never really pressed the issue. Still, I can’t forget what I saw back then and it’s kind of bugged me for years.”

Oscar entered their room with Qrow supporting him as he asked. “What is it then?”

“Exactly, what was the relationship between him and…..?”

But before Qrow could finish his thought, the two were greeted with the sight of ruby curled up with her infamous red cloak up on one of the beds, fast asleep (actually, the sight was one of the fantasies that Oscar had had, but arguably more innocent than what his teenage hormones had dreamed up).

Qrow seemed rather surprised by the sight before a smile came and he let out a small sigh. “Waiting up for us….huh, not sure how to feel about that…”

Then the man turned to Oscar with a stern stare, his volume low. “I’ll go get the stuff from the restroom, take a seat on the OTHER BED. And keep it down.”

Qrow then turned towards their shared bathroom.

Oscar glared at the man behind his back, but didn’t head to sit down. As painful as his knee was feeling right now, he didn’t want to sit down. Instead, he made his way directly in front of where Ruby was sleeping. The young woman looked so peaceful it was hard to believe she was such a skilled creature killer. A smile came to his face, his hand reaching out to gently stroke her hair. A hum started at the back of his throat as he did so, a lovely melody that he could not remember where he heard it from.

Then his vision flashed.

The scenery is different in that it's the Beacon infirmary, he is sitting down this time with his cane in one hand. The other is stroking her hair. But….this isn’t Ruby though the faces are pretty much identical. He feels white instead of red from this person. The melody is the same though….and he feels this mixture of regret and a longing to reach out further….

Then it changes again, this time it’s dark out and there is a beautiful view of the moon and the stars. But….he’s not the one comforting, he’s being comforted. He is shaking as someone larger holds him close, stroking his hair. That person is humming the song, gently rocking him as he drifts off to sleep. He feels safe….as much as he doesn’t want this person to see him like this, he needs this…..craves this….

It fades too quickly for Oscar, practically gasping for breath as the inn’s room is back. He shakes his head, seeing Ruby still sleeping grounds the moment for him. Then the pain in his knee comes back sharper than ever and he finally goes over to the other bed. He takes a few deep breaths as he goes down.

Finally, Ozpin speaks. Well, I should have expected this sooner.

That gains the young man’s attention quickly. 'What do you mean? What was that?’

The man in his head pauses before he goes. ….certain situations can bring up memories of our past if they resemble them enough. Or mirror it. I guess you could say it’s like Deja Vu, though more potent.

'Both of those memories were yours. The first was when you were an adult, the second was when you were a child.’

Ozpin said nothing, which in itself said quite a bit.

'That girl….that was Ruby’s mom Summer, right? What was that all about? And that other memory….who was….?’

Before the wizard could be probed further by his successor, Qrow came back in with a small medical kit with a disgruntled expression. “Jeez, they had to store it in a place that wasn’t easy to see. Probably Valkyrie’s idea….”

The shape shifter then seemed to notice Oscar’s expression. “What’s up?”

Oscar rubs his forehead as he leans forward. “What do you think?”

Qrow takes the answer as he goes over to Oscar with he first aid materials. “Alright, well try not to flinch too badly. I wasn’t the best at first aid, but I’m more than decent.”

Oscar rolls up one of his pant’s leg, exposing how bad his knee really was. The antiseptic hurt, but with the puzzle pieces he has, he was just left feeling confused. Ozpin had secrets and any normal person had the right to some sense of privacy. But this wasn’t a normal situation and Oscar was connected to whatever Ozpin felt. And he couldn’t help but get the feeling that there was something important to those scenes, something that connected the three moments together.

“Ozpin saying something?”

That brought Oscar back as he noticed that Qrow was done tending to him with his knee bandaged up(and it felt pretty good).

He shook his head. “No, I’m just thinking of something. It’s making him pretty quiet.”

Qrow considered that before nodded. “Yeah, that would happen whenever things got too personal. Never really liked to talk about himself though. Well, we’ll be taking it easy with your training for a few days. Guess this means I can go all out on blondie…”

Oscar’s tone turned stern. “Please don’t take out your frustrations with the situation and your brother in law on Jaune. Guy’s got enough to deal with….”

“Well, if Ozpin thought he was future Huntsman potential, then I have every right to push him towards it. Though I’m still not seeing it….”

With that said, the huntsman stood up with the first aid kit still on the bed. He then stood in front of where Ruby was sleeping, the girl still out like a light. “Honestly, when it comes to patience she’s nothing like Summer….always charging right into the think of it….”

Qrow smiled down at her and the expression was enough to make Oscar feel like he was intruding on something private. It was so clear how much this man loved Ruby, how far he’d go for her sake. Like there was nothing more beautiful and precious to him than this red cloaked young woman and he would face hell for her if need be.

And yet, the twitching of his hand….

“Are you that afraid to touch her?”

The bird man turned around to Oscar sharply, his glare burning for several moments before he answered. “You have no idea what you’re talking about kid.”

“Ozpin told me all about your semblance Qrow. You try your best to put some space between the two of you whenever you’re together. And whenever there’s physical contact, Ruby is the one who initiates it. It doesn’t seem like anything bad has happened out of it yet.”

Qrow’s red eyes took a dark glint at that. “Exactly…not yet.”

Oscar felt a flash of irritation with the man, from both himself and Ozpin. “I’m pretty sure your semblance is not responsible for everything that happens to you. And I’m also sure that those who care about you would tell you the same thing.”

The man scoffed. “You sound just like Oz….”

“You’re the one who’s acting like Ozpin.”

Qrow gave a wry smile at that. “What, because we spout cryptic bullshit and put our responsibilities on others?”

“No, in the way you distance yourselves. In how you both fear….and crave intimacy.”

That seemed to strike a nerve in the corvid as his eyes flashed. He stepped away from the bed, the young woman still sleeping, and headed for the door. “I’m going for a drink.”

The young man resisted the urge to snarkily comment as the door shut behind the somewhat functioning alcoholic.

And that was the sound that finally got Ruby to stir. Oscar winced as he got up, but went to her side nonetheless. He smiled at her. “Hey.”

Ruby’s silver eyes blinked a few times before she smiled at seeing him. “Hey yourself.”

Then she noticed the bandages around his knee, her eyes shining with concern. “What happened?”

“Training, Qrow said I should take it easy for a couple of days. He went out to get a drink.”

Ruby’s face a fell a bit at that, obviously wanting to spend some time with Qrow. “I see.”

Oscar sat down right next to her, wincing a bit as Ruby supported him before he got his smile back up. “Well, do you just want to talk? Honestly, I could use something to take my mind off of this.”

Ruby smiled, letting go of him. “Sure.”

The farm boy smiled before sliding his hand into hers, getting some genuine surprise from such a move. Any other time, he might have been nervous, but right now he just wanted some form of contact with her.

And judging from her expression, it wasn’t unwelcome.

He could feel Ozpin’s slight disapproval, but also understanding.

Oscar asked her then, the two of them comfortable where they were. “So, how was you guys’ day?”

So, this might be seen as a sort of sequel to my last one Bedside Manner, though I think this might have been longer.

Might be a while before I post stuff again. Just kind of hitting some writer’s block.

School AU Prompts (based on my experiences)

* “A bird flew into the classroom and our teacher who is very afraid of birds is screaming and diving behind us to seek shelter” au

* “We’re playing field hockey and you hit the ball so high that it hits me in the face, but I’m fine and keep playing and two minutes later you’re screaming at the blood on my face and oh that’s unfortunate” au

* “We both have transparent rulers and we’ve never spoken before but you find this to be the perfect opportunity to start talking to me. Really? This of all things? Matching rulers?” au

* “You asked me if I was emo and Christ, that’s the third time I’ve been asked that today *deeply inhales* BOI” au

* “I have a love for learning French and am determined to be the top student but your first language is closely related to French, so the subject comes naturally to you bUT YOU SLACK OFF AND NOW WE HAVE AN UNSPOKEN RIVALRY” au

* “I’m not athletic and get nervous real easily so instead of participating in gym, I keep scores. While your team switched places in volley ball you whisper to me to sneak your team a couple points and I’m too awkward to realize it was a joke and you have to stop me” au

* “You’re the top student in chemistry, but you often get lazy on homework and I’m failing, but when the teacher says I was the only one to have a perfect score on a test, we all get a taste of your petty side” au

* “I blank out during a test, but you mistake it for me not knowing the answer so you whisper the answers to me. I thought I was hearing things, but I hover my pencil over the letter you suggested and you whispered ‘yes that one’ damn I’m gonna ace this” au

* “We have an assignment to write a bunch of poems in English class and I got too into it, so you gawk at my four page poems making me uber uncomfortable” au

* “I know jack shit about this subject, but I’m well versed in random 80’s pop culture, so when our nostalgic teacher tries to make references so we can understand the material, I’m the only one who gets them and you think it’s because I failed the subject so many times that I lived through the references” au

* “I have my head leaning on my fist and crack my knuckles against my chin, but you can’t figure out where the noise is coming from and I have to hide my laughter.” au

* “I started daydreaming and forgot to pull out my work, so the teacher asks me about it and I panic saying it’s already finished. You and your friends start getting loud, so the teacher points to me and says to follow my example and don’t you give me that look” au

* “You teach me phrases in sign language, so when you start talking during a lecture, I sign to you to stop talking because I didn’t want to be caught talking and somehow I’m still the one who got in trouble” au

* “You start off singing 'let it go’ really quietly and progressively get louder until you’re standing and doing the moves and- wait, now you’re sassily walking out the door and is the teACHER SERIOUSLY JUST GONNA LET YOU LEAVE?” au

* “Another fight broke out and a rumor started that it was over buttpads and you keep reminding people. It’s my third class of the day and I SWEAR TO GOD IF I HEAR THE WORD 'BUTTPAD’ ONE MORE TIME” au

* “You just waltz into the band room where me and all my friends hang out in the morning and offer to read a fanfiction you wrote about two of the teachers” au

* “I misspoke and accidentally said something that sounded like a pimp name so I shouted 'if anyone is in need of a pimp name, I just came up with one’ and without missing a beat, you said 'your offer intrigues me’” au

* “I stuttered over my words and accidentally said something really bad and you were the only person who I could convince to punch me and now you feel really bad, it’s okay, my bruises heal quickly, I had it coming, here’s three dollars” au

* “I have nothing to do until play practice which is hours later, so I hide in a storage closet and you’re the one to find me while searching for your tuba” au

* “You think you’re some fancy salesman, selling useless car parts and junk from the streets, but hey I guess the jokes on me, I bought an antique, broken street light glass off you for fifty cents and now I have to carry it around all day, using it as a paper weight” au

* “We share the same birthday and I sit directly behind you in class and one of your friends says 'happy birthday’ to you and now every. single. person is now wishing you a happy birthday, including the TEACHER and not a soul says it to me I MEAN SERIOUSLY THEY ANNOUNCED BOTH OUR BIRTHDAYS ON THE LOUD SPEAKER THIS MORNING” au

* “The teacher is speaking with someone and we hear them point out that we’re the only two people with curly hair in the class and you turn to me and say 'there can only be one’” au

* “We both have a cold and have to sniffle frequently, and we accidentally got the whole class sniffling as a joke and- hey buddy, you started it” au

* “I’m quiet in chorus but when we have a concert with my favorite song as a piece, I make myself HEARD and after the concert you compliment me and say I should sing louder more often and dammit, I shouldn’t fall in love with everyone who’s nice to me” au


* “You’re the lead in the school musical and I work backstage, but it’s my first time and I’m nervous so I call a friend, but you take my phone from me and start saying ridiculous (but hilarious) things to them like its nothing and… hm, I’m not so nervous anymore” au

* “You’re vocally homophobic, but only to impress your conservative friends because you’re scared they’ll leave you, but when we were in kindergarten, I had a crush on you and we kissed on the playground, and I recently came out as trans, so I just have this blackmail on you that you kissed a boy, just try me fucko” au

drabble series; big bird

part ten; pg; early msr, maybe season 2? post abduction; Our duo are on a journey to see a huge fucking bird.

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight, part nine


Something does happen in the middle of all the nothing. It’s slow and it’s invisible and you might not notice it until it’s too late, like a bad, bad sunburn. You are receiving the moral of the story before you receive the payoff. Disgusting. How damnably puritan.

Mulder and Scully receive another visitor.

“You think we should kill it?” is the first thing that comes out of Dylan Greere’s mouth, and everyone hears him before they see him. Do not make sudden movements or announcements around people with guns who might assume you’ve come to peck their eyes out. Mulder and Scully take their hands off of their holsters and will their bodies to calm down.

Mulder studies Dylan Greere, the hunch in his stick-bug frame and the unfortunate texture of his face. Dylan Greere is thirteen years old and would not mind killing something, especially, especially if it’s the big bird.

“Do you think we should kill it?” Mulder asks. His own answer is a resounding no. Mulder wants it safe, wants it studied, wants a t-shirt with its likeness and bragging rights on his message board.

“Hell yes,” Dylan says. “I saw it. I saw it carry away a whole man, just like that.” He smacks his hands together and a moment later he shudders. He’s been having weird dreams lately. Only some of them involve the big, big bird.

“What did it look like?” Mulder whips his notepad out like he whips out his gun and tears up pages featuring doodles of killer crows and grackles.

Dylan blushes and falls silent. The pinkness makes his pimples less obvious but his emotional frailty all too clear. “Dylan?” Scully pushes gently, slipping off the sunglasses to soften her face. “What have you seen?”

“Well…” he starts out slowly, averting their curious gazes. Shania stares at him too. She has a rock in her hand that she’s coated with dirt and mud. Dylan sucks. Why’d he have to come out? “It's… big.”

Mulder and Scully look at him plainly. He rushes out, embarrassed: “And it’s yellow, okay? It’s a goddamned big bird and it’s yellow and has huge eyes and it eats dudes whole.”


Oh, Dylan.

“Haha!” Shania breaks into uncontrollable giggles, dropping her rock to the ground and following it gracelessly. She rolls around, clutching her tummy and screaming out, “That’s Big Bird, you idiot! That’s the bird on TV! You’re afraid of Big Bird!”

“Shut the hell up, fatass,” Dylan roars, climbing over the agents to pick up Shania’s dropped missile. He holds it over her head and goes to launch but Mulder grabs him by the wrist, wrestles him around.

“Can’t be picking on little girls, kid. That’s not cool.” He grabs the rock and tosses it in the pond. The sound is not satisfying. Plunk.

“I’m telling you it’s yellow,” Dylan huffs. “And I’m going to kill it.” And he sits down in the grass and glares mightily at the sky.

Something, indeed, has happened. There are now four lost souls, searching blindly in the heavens. Others take notice. Others take chances. This is when Sandwood Trailer Park begins to take interest in its very own big, big bird.


For: @iwillnotshineyourshoe

Imagine: Being forced to share a room with Eric.

“I’m horribly sorry for the inconvenience, but we only have three extra rooms available for your stay here in our faction.” Johanna, the leader of Amity, tells your small group of Dauntless. You, alongside, Tris, Four, Zeke, Shauna, and the worst of the worst, Eric, were sent out to Amity due to a factionless attack. You arrived this morning, and would be staying until tomorrow evening. As Johanna said this, Tris shyly smiled at Four, who smiled right back, while Shauna winked at Zeke and Zeke playfully elbowed her in the side. You look back and forth between the couples and realization struck you, three rooms, six people, and you and Eric were the only ones left. Oh no, oh hell fucking no.

“Johanna, are you sure there isn’t a single other room?” You say abruptly, and everyone turns to you.

“Were you listening?” Eric asks sarcastically. Aside from Four, you were one of Eric’s least favourite people, so he was not excited to share a room with you, even if it was for a day. However, do to strict orders from Max; Eric was forced to agree to whatever Johanna said without argument.

You roll your eyes at him and turn back to Johanna, with a pleading look in your eyes, “Sorry sweetheart, I barely managed to arrange for the rooms you already have, there’s nothing I can do. So now, you can go set your stuff down, before doing your patrolling.”

With this, said Johanna left. Tris walks up to you, and whispers, “Sorry Y/N, I’d share a room with you, but I’m sure, if Eric and Four are put in a room together, one of them will die, and we can’t have that happening, especially not in Amity.”

You sigh, and look towards Zeke and Shauna, hoping for some sympathy, but the two of them are already making their way towards one of the rooms. Ugh, fuck.

Eric’s already in the room as you walk in, you notice a pillow and blanket placed on the ground, “Aww have you finally decided to be a gentleman Eric?”

He lets out a low laugh, “Sorry muffin, but I thought, that we’d get some things sorted out.”

You cringe at the nickname he calls you, you don’t really know how the nickname came about, however it was mostly because he had seen you as a weakling during initiation. You narrow your eyes at him, and he continues pointing at the bed, “This is mine, I’m a leader, and there is no way in hell that I’m sleeping next to you. So I decided to set this up for you.”

He gestures towards the crumpled up blanket and pillow on the ground. You scoff, “Seriously Eric, it’s only a few hours, can you not be a little bit considerate for one day?”

“Ha. As you said sweetheart, it’s only a few hours, I’m sure you can get through one night on the ground.”

You groan internally, place your backpack and few other belongings aside, and leave the room.

You meet the others outside and you get ready for your patrol.

Soon, night falls, and after joining the Amity for dinner, you make your way back to the room. Eric is already there, he stands without a shirt, and you can’t help but gasp at the sight. Your cheeks go bright red as he hears you and turns around smirking, “You like what you see muffin?”

“Don’t call me that!” You say curtly, still unable to take your eyes off him. With one last smirk, he puts a loose t-shirt on, prepared for bed. Now, it was your turn.

“Aren’t you gonna change?” He asks slyly, you narrow your eyes at him, before pulling out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt from your backpack. Eric carefully watches you.

“Eric! Either leave the room or turn around, I need to change!” He chuckles.

“You’re acting as if I’ve never seen a girl without clothes on.”

“Eric!” You say, your voice getting higher, “Seriously, turn around!”

“Alright, alright, I’ll turn around,” He turns his back towards you, and starts tapping on his phone.

You begin stripping out of your patrol clothes, and changing into your shorts and shirt. Once you’re done, you turn to face Eric, and see that he’s already watching you.

“Eric!” You squeal, “I told you to turn around!”

“Yeah, but you never said that I couldn’t turn back around,” He says. You give him the finger and he narrows his eyes at you, all signs of playfulness are gone, “Don’t forget who I am.”

You shake your head slowly, and begin fixing your blanket and pillow on the hard floor. You see no point in arguing with him, because it just won’t work. Eric settles into the bed, and you turn the lights off before trying to get comfortable on the ground. The next 15-20 minutes are spent rolling around on the floor trying to find the position that would hurt the least, nothing seems to be working.

“Can you stop moving around?! Some of us are trying to fucking sleep!” Eric growls from the bed.

“Well maybe some of us are being forced to sleep on a hard-ass floor,” You hiss back at him. Though you can’t see him, you can sense that he’s rolling his eyes.

You finally get into a semi-comfortable position. You’re finally about to fall asleep when you see it, a giant-ass spider crawling towards you. You have very few fears, but spiders topped most of them. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

It was coming at you, fast. You jumped up as fast as you could and let out a little scream. Eric quickly got up in bed, startled.

“What’s wrong?!” He’s instantly by your side and for once you see something other than anger or amusement on his face, he almost looks worried, “What is it Y/N?”

Wow, did he actually call me by my name?! Your cheeks go red as you point at the spider, he squints to look where you’re pointing, “Are you fucking kidding me?!”

“Can you just get rid of it,” You complain, he walk over and picks it up, he pretend to throw it at you and you scream, “ERIC!”

He groans and chucks it out the window, “You seriously disrupted my sleep because of a spider?”

“Says the guy who’s afraid of birds!” His jaw drops.

“How do you know that?!” He hisses.

“Don’t think I didn’t see during our patrol today,” You say raising your eyebrows.

“Bitch,” He mutters under his breath, and you roll your eyes, “Alright, listen, will you shut the fuck up if I let you sleep in the bed?”

“Yes. Yes I will Eric.”

“Fine get in,” He says, laying down on one side and lifting the blanket for you. You lie down next to Eric, “Goodnight muffin.”

You give him the finger, before turning around and falling asleep.

Part 2 and Part 3

A/N: I actually really enjoyed writing this, so I hope you like it!

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