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since it’s september soon (:-(() what do you guys hope to see in episode 37?

Song for Leelah
Emma Bordelon (turtleswithtophats)
Song for Leelah

“The person who refuses to love doesn’t know the first thing about God because God is love.” -1 John 4:8

That is by far one of my favorite verses in the Bible because I absolutely refuse to believe that the God that I know and love condemned a beautiful girl like Leelah Alcorn to hell. I did a lot of reading on what happened to her and my heart just broke and I got so angry. I cannot believe her parents treated her the way they did or that they used my loving God as an excuse for their transphobia. The thing I hated the most was that they told her “God doesn’t make mistakes” to try and make her act like who they thought she should be instead of reassuring her that she was exactly who she needed to be. I thought about that sentence a lot and wrote this song for Leelah and for any other trans teen who feels like God hates them. It’s written from God’s perspective to let her know that even though her earthly parents were cruel and hypocritical, He never stopped loving her and made her exactly who she was supposed to be. He doesn’t make mistakes. She was beautiful. I think so and I know He does too.

I can’t pretend to know what she went through. I was blessed with wonderful parents who act like Christians. All I can do is hope that my song is something someone needs to hear. I am so sorry Leelah.


anonymous asked:

What got you to love twenty one pilots so much? How did you get into them?

i’ve always said that the thing that got me into them is that they screamed what I was too afraid to even whisper. Their music has gotten me through much and without it I don’t want to think about where I’d be.