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Hey! I want to get into photography and I thought i'd start at learning about cameras and terms such as DSLR and snapshot and depth of field. I am trying to find an organized way to learn so that I can be a better photographer. Any tips? How did you start? Are you teaching yourself or are you in a college program? Thanks!

I started to put it simply with google and youtube. They were my best teachers. I’m self taught but I do attend uni which in truth still has me teaching myself. I didn’t learn in a systematic way.

I’ve always had cameras around me so there was never really a starting point. I took a camera every day to  school and would take photographs of my friends so I think thats where it really started to develop. The number one tip I have is shoot,shoot and shoot some more! 

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I’m just going to comment on everything of your today. I love The Format! Swans live version is my favorite song of theirs. Snails, First Single, if work permits, and Matches (acoustic).

haha yay they’re brill! Well actually I only started listening a few days ago but I’ve had Dog Problems on repeat for hours. It’s hard to decide whether Format or fun. are better! 

Ooh is the live version different from the studio version?

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For your idea about making a positive video or every some submission, i think it is a bad idea. I mean, people who write the submission just want to feel that they are not alone. I mean, I just want to know that someone feels the same way I do, not that someone things I shouldn't feel that way because they think otherwise (especially if it is not sincere).

Well it would be sincere, and I would respond to ones that I relate to, so that way it just gives a voice to say you’re not alone.

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Thanks for the response. and totally! I love taking pictures, i'm always snapping pictures on my phone or any camera around. But those don't have manually adjustable features. If you don't mind me asking more questions and sorry if these have been asked before. Who are some of your favorite photographers? Also, do you believe you have a signature style and if you do, how did you develop it?

You’re welcome honey! 

I shot on a point and shoot for ages you can still learn alot on them like how to play with light. That is basically what photography is so dont feel away about that. I say it all the time gear isn’t everything. Some of my photographs on my blog are shot with my point and shoot and I doubt people can tell the difference.

My favourite photographers are Rosie hardy, Lara Jade and Tim Walker. Although I have loads more.

I feel like I do have a style but its still developing and changing everyday…I’m obsessed with film and the colours you get from shooting in it so I would like to think my style is reminiscent of that… maybe? I duno lol 

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Haha. Except I don’t see that as something to be sad about.

oh right they were a Jewish sect in Ancient times when everybody fucked with them, so normal life wasn’t very happy for them. But most of the Jews believed in an Afterlife where they’d be treated well but the Sadducees didn’t ;D (I think that’s what is meant by it!!(maybe not tho might just begin and end on that pun))