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False Hope That Time Gives

Version 1/ Version 2/ Version 3

Characters: Jungkook & the reader


Genre: Angsty AF

Posted: Dec 24, 2016

The girl sat in her hospital bed, the sun beaming in the large window behind her, shining bright through the white linen curtains as she sat sketching out a random face that haunted her. Jungkook stood in the doorway, waiting with a new bouquet of flowers and a timer set for 7 minutes. He started it as his unsure feet walked toward the beautiful, broken girl.

His presence ad suddenly registered when he stood next to chair adjacent from her bed. “Oh Hello!” She smiled, happy to see another face in the plain room. He gave her a grin, “Hi…” his voice frail. Her smile never left as she asked, “Who are you?”. That question. That one god forsaken question, Jungkook dreaded with all of his body fell out of the lip of the love of his life, but he beared it and stated, “I’m Jungkook,” he sat in the chair and set the flowers on her bedside. “I-I’m your boyfriend,” he looked into her darling, confused eyes. “I-I have a boyfriend?” she tilted her head.

6 minutes

Jungkook gave her smile, “Of course you do silly, how could you forget?” he teased knowing full story of how she ended up in this building. He remembers everything…

“You don’t get it…” she  mumbled angrily in the passenger seat of the car. They were on their way back home from their 5  year anniversary dinner,and she was hoping that he would finally, finally, propose but instead she was greeted with the news of another 10 month tour, and still, no ring. “I don’t know why you keep bringing this up! I told you I’m not ready!” Jungkook gritted his teeth, trying to stay calm as he kept his eyes on the wet road. It had been raining all week.

“It’s been 5 years, JUNGKOOK!” she finally exploded. “How are you not fucking ready?!” “BECAUSE I’M FUCKING NOT! I DON’T WANT TO MARRY YOU-” “JUNGKOOK!” he never got to finish his statement, as the moment he turned his head to yell, was the same moment the light turned red. His eyes were blinded by the light oncoming truck on his girlfriend’s side. The last thing he saw that night were her terrified eyes that would forever be carved in his memory.  If only, she could have kept hers.

It was all his fault and Jungkook knew it, he felt it everyday, lived it every second.

4 minutes

“What’s wrong?” she asked, stopping herself from telling him a story she has already told before to acknowledge him falling tears. He quickly wiped them with the sleeve of his hoodie. “No-Nothing, don’t worry. It’s nothing,” he reassured her. Once they were all gone he gave her his best smile. “What were you saying? About the dress?” he asked to get her mind off of his tears. “Oh, yeah! It was so perfect! I thought ‘One day I will wear something that beautiful to my wedding’”. Jungkook was fully prepared to buy that dress and every one around it, if this had not happen when she was 8. He listened silently, and waited for her to ask. “But, you’re my boyfriend right?! What are we like?!” she asked excitedly. “Do we live together? And-And do we have matching clothes? Oh, do you carry me everywhere and come to my soccer games?”

She didn’t play soccer anymore.

She set aside her sketch book to fully turn toward him, sitting with her shins touching him knees. Before he had a chance to answer, a sudden blush covered her face. She looked over to the flowers as she shyly asked. “Do-Do we kiss a lot?”

2 minutes

“Yeah, we do,” was all he said as he smiled up to her, eyeing the long scar that followed her hairline by the temple and curved back to her ear.  “We were really happy and I carried you everywhere.” She crinkled her nose “You did?”. He nodded and continued. “There was this one time we watched a really scary movie in our living room and you were too scared to walk to our room, so you made me carry you, and you didn’t let go for the rest of the night…” he trailed off. His eyes falling as he remembered. “There was another time where we had just bought our house, to finally get out of that small apartment. We ate ramen and milk for weeks to pay for the down payment,” he smiled looking at her tiny toes. “EEWWWW! I hate ramen!” she said in disgust, making Jungkook laugh. “I know.” He said.

Memories of them danced in his head, as he spoke more of them. The pain he held since the night of the crash twirled along with them. He hoped that maybe, just maybe, after the doctors told him of her memory lost, that he could still be by her side. He could help her remember him, them, their relationship that they built together, the years it took them to build it.

1 Minute

Even if he couldn’t get her to remember, he hoped they could start over again. THat this  time, he wouldn’t make all of the stupid mistakes he did before. He knew better this time. This time he would propose to her. They would get married, and have the most amazing honeymoon, to all of the places she wanted. They would have kids and raise them to be amazing like their mother, They would retire early because they could. They would be together until they were too old to move. And then they would die in each other’s arms.

30 Seconds

But that was all…

“J-jungkook?” a sudden wave of confusion covered her face, making he stopped speaking. THen her beautiful eyes widened in recognition. “JUNGKOOK?!” “Yes,” he said in a small voice. Her arms wrapped around him. “JUNGKOOK!” she cried. “I remember! I remember you! The house! The RAMEN, Jungkook, I do!!”. Tears leaked out of his eye uncontrollably. He stayed there, wanting, needing for time to stop so he could stay like this forever. So he could stay known to the one he loved to most…  

But the timer went off. 7 minutes were up. That was it. He felt she slowly remove herself from his grip, and stare deeply into his unwilling eyes. “Who are you?” That question. That one god forsaken question, Jungkook dreaded with all of his body fell out of the lips of the love of his life, once again. A sob escaped him, racking his chest, but he bared it, and looked back up to her and said. “I’m Jungkook,” his voice almost failing him. He intertwined their fingers to show their matching wedding bands. “I’m your husband.”

That was all false hope.


Sooooo, tell me if you liked it or no, and we’ll go from there. Oh, and tell me if there are any mistakes!!