afp community bulletin board

because she asked...

….at the ninja gig.

i said yes and don’t go back on my word. it’s the amanda fucking palmer community bulletin board.

may her boldness be rewarded with compassion.

p.s. the florida ninja gig, which this sprouted from but 3 hours ago, was absolutely fucking amazing. pictures to follow.

From: Starr Alicia Riovo (@Starr_Alicia)

Date: March 17, 2013, 4:28:39 PM EDT


Today at your  NINJA-GIG I asked you a bold question that was dear to my heart. “I made a huge mistake and I need your help to apologize to my best friend. Can you help me?” You said, “Yes.”

When you said to tweet you and go on your tumblr well I couldn’t explain myself in 140 characters so here is my letter in hopes he gets it. 

I am here to apologize to my best friend who I met when I was 13. (we are 22 now) His name is Tyler Hamilton or also known as @legsandboots or If there is anyone he would listen to it would be you because he loved you at such an early age.  We would sit in classes, walk in the hallways, or eat lunch and sing Coin Operated Boy together. It was a perfect friendship I’d say until I messed up and didn’t try to fix the problem but instead I ran away and pretend it never happened. I fucked up and got too drunk and said and did things that were wrong in the summer or 2012. I betrayed his trust, hurt his feelings, and left his life just like how he welcomed me into his. - fast. It wasn’t until December, almost 6 months after our fight that he messaged me and told me how he felt. I responded saying I would sit and talk if he wanted to but I never heard from him again. 

He’s an amazing friend and I hope that he see’s me asking a total stranger for help that I’m serious about trying to mend our friendship. I asked this very personal question in front of a 200+ crowd with only one friend by my side helping me not to chicken out. 

So what I ask is to please grab his attention for me and pass on my message. As you said today in front of all of us- You’ve made so many mistakes in your life. This is one of mine that I refuse to not fix. I miss my best friend. 


That crazy girl in the cross shirt that everyone will forever know.


That friend who fucked up and is trying to fix her mistake.

but simply,