Things confirmed so far from all this red carpet stuff
  • Tarjei Sandvik Moe has 0 chill and loves to tease us
  • Pretty sure Henrik believes in soulmates and that Tarjei is his acting soulmate (the NATURAL connection man!!)
  • Tarjei probably takes pics of him and Henrik shooting makeout/bed scenes and sends them to Lea like “hope you don’t mind if I borrow him for a bit”
  • They’re mature and aren’t annoyingly ‘no homo’ about their roles
  •  Henrik is charming af
  • Our soulmate is the interviewer
  • They’re both good kissers and think it’s fun to show up and just do that for a scene in s4
  • everyone is just at that award show for them (lets face it it’s true)
  • apparently they get egged on at parties to make out (and they do it too)
  • they deserve the world

anonymous asked:

yukine is so important, can u maybe make a post about him too? (as u said there are ppl who legit dislike him and its so confusing to me because he is such a great character)

ABSOLUTELY! Lemme grab ma glasses for this one. (POST CONTAINS SPOILERS)

[Why Hiyori is hella important] & [Body proportions in Noragami]

Okay, so for some odd, unjustified reason people keep hating on Yukine. And I never really understood where that hate came from, so let’s take a closer look at our little snowflake, shall we?

I think we can structure this entire post in pre-ablution and post-ablution this will allow us to chronologically analyse the shit out of this innocent sunflower.

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Tinariwen - Afours Afours