Hey guys,

A while back I sent some workbooks, reading books and lots of toys to an orphanage in Kenya which my amazing friend is volunteering at. As you can see from the photo below, they got the package!

Something simple like a toy can completely change their childhood and life experiences. Please remember that these children have nothing but a place to sleep and food in their bellies, thanks to the amazing volunteers. And they are the lucky ones. 

Educational supplies, such as workbooks, reading books, paper and pencils, can help ensure that they have a better future, and can reach their full potential. 

I’m gunna level with you guys, I sent a hell of a load of stuff, two boxes full, and it cost me around £40 ($66). But you can send as little or as much as you’d like, whether it’s a few notebooks and some pencils, or a few old toys you have lying around the house.

On top of that, if anyone is interested in actually volunteering or doing anything else to help the orphanage, this is the website which organises the placements:

(soon to be revamped) or contact me directly.

My friend Danielle, was at university with me, and I can honestly say she is one of the most intelligent, hard working people I have ever met. She has a heart of gold and she quit her job at a top advertising agency in a big city to change this orphanage and the children’s lives forever. She has plans to start a business with the woman who runs the orphanage and fund volunteer placements, get grants etc. Her exact words on where the placements will be:

‘There’s orphanages, aids organisations, deaf schools, hospitals, wildlife, disabled schools, disabled adults projects. There’s all sorts really and they all need help..’

So please, if you don’t feel like donating or volunteering, please don’t scroll past this. This is deserves more notes than a picture of a cute puppy, or a hot guy. Tumblr is a powerful social network, and I need everyone’s help. 


 Do something worthwhile today :)