While Oshun’s children can be the sweetest people on Earth, they can also behave in a very ugly fashion. They are known to hold grudges and avenge themselves in often vicious ways. You will find many a priest who will proclaim the children of Oshun as the masters of gossip, witchcraft and deceit. This behaviour, no matter how horrible it may seem, is also the mark of Oshun. Her children often have had to fight hard to get where they are, overcoming many obstacles, but also pushing a great deal of negativity below the surface. It is sometimes easier in the short term to deny pain or hold tight to prejudice in order to get by. Oshun’s children cannot understand why others do not think the way they do. They assume that everyone should like what they like or abominate that which they find distasteful (or that which may hit too close to home). Often their stubbornness and narrow mindedness is the only thing that has kept them going. To paraphrase Vera Donovan in Stephen King’s Delores Claiborne: “Sometimes you have to be a high riding bitch to survive.”
—  Shloma Rosenberg Afolabí Awoyoyomí (iba'ye layen t'onu) writing on the children of Oshun, the Orisha I am a priestess of.