I’m pleased to let everyone know that Unwind is moving closer to production! Constantin Films has slated the film for production in April 2016, with Roger Avary directing. The script, written by Roger and Gala Avary, is being fine-tuned, and the opening teaser is currently being filmed to be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and American Film Market (AFM). The casting process for the main characters has just begun (more on casting to come). 

Everyone is extremely enthusiastic, and I can truly say it was worth the wait!

E eu sou aquele cara que não liga de volta. Que deixa a garota no famoso “vaco”, e que não presta atenção nas conversas. Sou o cara insensível, confesso. Mas me dê uma chande. A vida me deixou assim, e pensei que nunca amaria novamente, mas olha só: estou aqui. Eu estou aqui, com o peito e coração aberto. Me deixa te amar, devagarinho e de mansinho. Eu sei que no fim serei mais um patético que ama. E eu quero, com todas certezas que um dia foram dúvidas, que se for para morrer de amor, que eu morra de amor por você.
—  Amar, ferir, morrer.

Today I was featured in @hamiltonspectator. It’s such an exciting time for the local flower scene in Ontario. I’d like to thank @kathyrenwald for picking up the story of @dkprinzing expansion in to Canada. This spring and summer AFM will be all about old fashioned heirloom varieties. You can read more at the link in profile.

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it appears i am all out of fucks to give. let me just check the afm (automated fucks machine) and– oh! it seems the machine is also out of fucks to give! my entire fucks account is barren! let me try to apply for a fucks loan– wait! the bank is also completely out of fucks to give! it appears we have entered into a fucks recession. everyone is out of fucks. there is literally not a single fuck to be had.

Things have been full over here with booking weddings and spring/summer freelance work. I’ll be helping out with a friends farm, learning from some well respected Ontario designers and creating hauntingly beautiful layouts for brides who have booked AFM for this summer.
Even though there’s snow on the ground, all I can see is flowers!

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L O O K I N G  _  G L A S S

Pride/Solas aka Fen’Harel the Dread Wolf… – aesthetic

Without really thinking about it, she picks up one of the rolls of bread, and launches it at his face.

He jumps in surprise as it smacks into him. Then he treats her to a baffled look.

“You have made up your mind about the Children of Stone and you have not even met them,” she says, disgusted. Reaching over, she chucks another roll of bread at him.

“Why are you pelting me with food?” he asks.

“Because you deserve to be pelted with something,” she replies. “You cannot make these judgements second-hand.” She throws another piece of bread. “You have had a body for two hundred years, you should be intelligent enough to know that!” On the fourth piece of bread, he starts looking less shocked and confused than annoyed.

She slips into common.

“I can’t even believe how ridiculous this is! Do you have any idea what killing the Titans will do? No, of course you don’t, because none of you can bother to see past the edge of your own noses, and you are apparently a baby leading armies. It’s just like I thought! Tevinter and Orlais and all that insane stupidity, just with more magic and spirits and ridiculous emotional electric storms and who even needs those? Do I seem unemotional to you?”

He stands up around about the time she runs out of bread, and she ends up flinging the contents of the stew pot over him and then storming out.

Petty revenge for his inexperience and carelessness and a world burned to ash.


Sera would probably approve, at least.

      –looking glass, chapter 2: second verse, same as the first 

[definitely the funniest sequence in the story]

finally, got around to pride from @feynites |LOOKING GLASS|– he was more difficult than i first thought. and since the solas we all know and love still appears i thought to make this aesthetic parallel from pride to solas.

for other Looking Glass aesthetics:  curiosity | haninan | hildur |

haninan x ireth + june: 1 (x) 2 (x)

Jessica Plummer Joins Cast Of ‘How To Talk To Girls At Parties’ Opposite Nicole Kidman – AFM

EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Plummer has joined the cast of John Cameron Mitchell’s How To Talk To Girls At Parties, opposite Ruth Wilson, Nicole Kidman, Elle Fanning and Matt Lucas.

Indie distrib A24 is releasing the picture domestically, which is based on a short story by Neil Gaiman and also stars Alex Sharp — a recent Tony award winner for The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time. Gaiman is exec-producing. Producers are Howard Gertler (Mitchell’s Shortbus) and Iain Canning and Emile Sherman (Macbeth).

The story follows a shy teenage punk rocker Enn in 1970s suburban London, and his two closest friends. One night they all sneak into a party where they meet a group of intensely attractive, otherworldly girls; at first they think they’re from a cult, but eventually come to realize the girls are literally from another world—outer space. The leaders of this alien colony have a nefarious plan in mind, but that doesn’t stop Enn from falling madly in love with Zan, one of the colony’s key members. Their burgeoning romance sets in motion a series of increasingly sensational events that will lead to the ultimate showdown of punks versus aliens, and test the bonds of friendship, family, and true love.

Hanway is handling sales. Plummer is an up-and-coming British actress and singer, who was once a member of popular group Neon Jungle. She is repped by the Identity Agency Group in the UK.

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